Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas with Boxhead and The Eggnog

When many people reach a certain age, they don't like Christmas anymore. Some people never liked Christmas.

I love Christmas. Always have. Christmas is my crush. I think about planning for Christmas throughout most of the year.  I said THINK ABOUT PLANNING. I don't actually plan. I don't even prepare early. Please don't confuse me for an organised person. But I still think about it. I PIN Christmas stuff. All year long!  I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to my ideal Christmasness.

I search on eBay for vintage Christmas baubles and birds. Yep. Birds are exploding their little feathery carcasses all over my Christmas tree.

Here's one.

My cute little glass owl with a rather unfortunately placed clip.
And another:

And now one in pink...

And some that are allowed out of the cage all year round but with a Christmas tree thrown in...

The retro TV Table in my front entry with it's usual assortment of birds plus Christmas...

Every year I joyfully, almost orgasmically leap into Kris Kringle's arms, smooch all over his big gorgeous face and declare, "Baby, I'm back!"

I love decorating a tree. I love putting a few little Xmas type bits around, nothing too ridiculous.
Except a pink moose.

Every Saturday night BFF The Blonde Bombshell comes over for movie night.  We call it Hooked on Crochet night. Or Saturday Night at the movies with The Red Haired Amazona, Blonde Bombshell and their yarn.

We watch movies and crochet. At the same time. People seem amazed when we tell them we watch movies and crochet. You Crochet queens will understand, right? It's perfectly normal for this to happen.

Then the people who do occasionally join us express surprise when the movie starts and out come the hooks and yarn. They say, "Oh! You really do both crochet and watch movies at the same time! Gee willickers!" Mostly people with penises are surprised. They aren't up with this multitasking business.

So the month of December is given over to Christmas movies.

Last Saturday we cosied up on the couch with our crochet and fully soaked up Bing Crosby goodness with the most awesome Holiday Inn.

Now this is an absolutely adorable movie but pretty racist (Bing does black face) and Bing & Fred do treat the starlet Marjorie Reynolds like she's the last snag on the barbie.

But the minute Bing starts singing White Christmas, I get all dewey eyed and longfully look out the window for traces of snow. Which is stupid because this is Australia and it was 29 degrees (celcius) outside. Because it's summer. Sad face.

The only thing we were sadly missing is The Eggnog.

Here's a little glass I prepared last year...

The Eggnog with a dollop of Double Cream and a few splodges of The Brandy...
I don't make Eggnog because it's easier to buy it and The Blonde Bombshell loves The Eggnog but hates the idea of drinking anything with real-life raw egg.  However none of the supermarkets seem to be selling it yet which is ridiculous since they've been selling Christmas since August.

Speaking of summer, the weather has been so typically Melbourne: Oh wow, little Stevie on the Today Show says Melbourne's supposed to be 23 today. Aaaand it's sunny, now it's cloudy, now there's a thunderstorm, and it's sunny again. Aaaaand now it's windy and freezing, and now it's sunny.

Some Tigerella Tomatoes

So I had the opportunity to enjoy a 5 minute bit of sun and pick some flowers....

Which I then added to a vase of some gorgeous flowers from the florist...

This Saturday night the Blonde Bombshell and I will be joined by some fellas, so gorgeous, romantic, racist 1940s-50s movies will be replaced by another type of Christmas movie of a sort more enjoyable to people with penises. 

Die Hard. 

We will be watching Die Hard. Yes it is a Xmas movie.  People without penises will also enjoy this movie as it stars BoxHead. And in his youth BoxHead was a cutie.  And I will be doing my very best to ensure there will be The Eggnog.

Yippy ki-yay.....

The Red Haired Amazona

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