Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rainy Autumn days

Did you have a nice Easter break?

We had a lovely time at home. Sonofagun No. 2's bedroom had a massive cleanout and new shelves.  His room had previously looked like a moshpit of toddlers vomitted a toy factory all over it. We gave away some of his toys and old clothes to goodwill and threw away so much junk.  What a difference it made! 

Saturday Night Hooked on Crochet saw the Blonde Bombshell and I indulge in a 1948 classic called Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy.

The garden also had a much needed tidy up and I was able to plant some daffodil and jonquil bulbs.

As the evenings have cooled and daylight savings ended, we have started lighting our little outdoor stove to toast marshmallows and celebrate our inner pyromania by tossing in so many pieces of wood that the metal glowed hot enough to toast our marshmallows from the outside!

Gardeny autumness. Even Violet the Guinea Pig is cosying up!

Now it's raining and miserable outside.  What a wonderful excuse to curl up together on the couch with popcorn and crochet and have a Hobbit trilogy marathon!

Placemat No.3 in the background, PM No. 4 on the hook...

I'm working on my 4th placemat. I'm not sure about the colours of this one.  I had found colour inspiration from a picture on Pinterest of beautiful orange and coral ranunculus and some thing that looks like either white Crepe Myrtle or Stock.

Sourced from http://blog.mydiab.com/in-details-5-steps-to-bring-spring-indoors/

  But its starting to look more like a crochet celebration of a plate of nachos with guacamole! 

Last night the Blonde Bombshell and I took off to our local cinema to watch a movie she had already seen and loved so much she wanted to watch it twice!  

It's called A Little Chaos with Kate Winslet, the delectable Alan Rickman and some scrummy Belgian dude called Matthias Schoennaerts. 

Kate Winslet can't see the forest for the glass thingos hanging in the trees.....

Do you love a bit of romance, 17th century French stuff and gardening?  Then this may be the movie for you!  
For the Blonde Bombshells movie review check out her blog here. 
She's also got a link to the trailer to watch.

Apart from the beautiful scenery, and gardens and Alan Rickman as King Louis the many numbered, my favourite thing about this movie is that Kate Winslet is a REAL woman with a case of the mild crow's feet and looks like she eats regular meals. And beautifully so. It's incredibly refreshing not to spend 2 hours staring at the flawless skin of an 18 year old stick figure.  I kept thinking, " oh. my. god. She's like, 40 something! Like me! So I can totally relate to waking up looking as haggard as that and therefore totally get into the idea of hooking up with that handsome slightly younger sexy Belgian Landscape architect!"

How did you spend your Easter?


The Red Haired Amazona

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