Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Rainbow Lorikeets, Rainbow Scoodies

After I dropped Sonofagun No.2 at school this morning, I went in search of some autumn colour.

Autumn in the Imperial City is magical.  The city is full of deciduous plantings and is awash with all the oranges, reds and yellows at this time of year.  

By Lake Burley Griffin foreshore in Canberra
Image c/o National Geographic Traveller

Melbourne has loads of evergreens so finding autumn colour is a bit harder. I live in the west, perhaps there are more over on the east side of the city.

Despite the miserable rainy weather, I went for a quick local walk looking for autumn colour. Whilst I didn't find much deciduous colour, there were some other nice finds.

I know what you're all thinking.  Gee Willickers thats a bad photo of a tree! 
I do apologise. This was hastily taken out the car window. It was the only deciduous colourful tree I found in my journey this morning!  And I was using my Samsung S5 Jimbo who isn't as good as taking photos as Kevin my actual camera. I accidentally left Kevin at home.

There are some beautiful roses and beautiful photos of roses. This isn't exactly one of them. BUT it smelt amazing! Growing near the path in someones front yard. I inhaled it!

Dark clouds are looming and shortly afterwards the rain came down.

My! What a beautiful morning over the local oil refinery.  I wish I could have found one of the local fisherman with his catch of the day, our very own rare breed of 3 eyed fish, but sadly the rain kept them away.

I love these old Melaleucas.  A perfect climbing tree!

As I was driving home, it started pouring with the most icy rain. I spied this beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet drinking the nectar from the Eucalyptus blossums. 

The blurry spots are rain drops on the car windscreen. I was too worried that despite the rain, if I got out of the car, he'd fly away!

And finally in my own front yard the Bird of Paradise are flowering. Aren't the colours amazing?

So it's lunchtime and I'll let you in on a little secret. This small, local, seemingly insignificant, dingy little takeaway shop hidden down a back street in my suburb makes the most amazing fish and chips you've ever tasted. I've stopped here for a piece of grilled fish (not sure how many eyes they had) and chips to take home for lunch

So I've had a few misadventures with my rainbow hoodie.  It was too big.  There is actually a 14 year old hidden in the photo below!

So I've frogged back the entire scarf part, plus 8 rows of the hood, so red is now the front row.  I think this will make a huge difference.  It took HOURS!  

But I continue to persevere!  I'll start fresh again on the scarf. I might make it longer than the previous one.  I'm not sure yet. All the other hoodie scarf patterns I've found all have the scarf part as an infinity scarf. But the design brief is for a free hanging scarf down each side. I might incorporate either little pockets into each scarf end, or a button so each of the ends can be buttoned together to form an infinity scarf.  

I've gone so far off the original pattern.  The only similarity is the rainbowness!  I might have to write up my pattern!

By the way I found one website that says hoodie scarves are actually called Scoodies!

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. So I read this yesterday and was laughing at your photos and then my phone wouldn't let me comment ... grrrrr. I do love your sense of humour! Then I thought - wow - I really fancy fish and chips now - but the UK version would be massively covered in batter and greasy...... so I had an apple instead!

    1. Oh Vick! I was totes going for the battered fish, but health nut Emma was coming over and we were just sharing a piece between us so I had to get the grilled! But I pigged out on a pile of hot chips slathered in tomato sauce. But having grilled fish instead of battered makes it healthy, yeah?