Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday Morning Pancakes & Crochet

After spending the last few weeks preoccupied with designing wrist cuffs (a few more patterns to come my sweets!) I wanted to switch off my brain for a little while. Put myself in someone elses creative hands! 

So I've been happily working away on Lucy's Granny Stripe blanket. It's now at that lovely foldy stage. I think I'm up to 42 rows? And more to work on tonight!

color list granny stripe
I copied Lucy's list of colours from her blog and matched them up with I already had in my stash. Only needed to buy a couple of extra colours. 

crochet granny afghan

granny stripe blanket

The Sonofaguns and I had pancakes for breakfast this morning.  Nothing too Masterchefish. Just one of those Shake a pancake thingos. With a selection of yummy toppings like Sovereign Hill Lemon Butter, Lingonberry Jam and Honey.

And while I soaked up those wonderful, hideous calories, I read through some of my crochet magazines.  It was soooooo glorious!

Saturday morning.

Pancakes slathered in butter and jams.

A mug of coffee.  And then another mug of coffee!

A stack of crochet magazines.

And nowhere else I had to be except right there, at that table with all those marvelous things!

Sonofagun No. 2 drew Minecraft/ Middle Earth inspired maps.

And I found a Star Stitch tutorial in a copy of Crochet Magazine.  So I decided to try out this pretty stitch I've seen so much of.

pancake crochet

And started making it into a biggish coffee mug coaster.

star stitch pattern

cotton coffee mat

And then found another crochet magazine with some cute crochet embroidery, so stitched on a simple flower.

crochet coaster

cotton crochet drink coaster

What do you think?

embroidered crochet coaster

How was your Saturday morning?

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. Hello Louise ... I stumbled across your blog from a comment you left on Teresa's and have enjoyed reading some of your posts. Its also great to find a fellow Aussie. Your coaster looks lovely and the star stitch very interesting. I'm going to have to google (or YouTube) how to do it. I've been a bit slack with my blog posts lately - although I do have a reasonable excuse !!! Hip replacement a few weeks ago. Anyway, I'll be adding your blog to my list of blogs I follow so hopefully we can become cyber friends. xox

    1. Hello Dorothy! It's so lovely to meet you. Are you from what I call The Imperial City? (Canberra). I thought I may have seen that in your profile? I lived there most of my life and while I now live in Melbourne I still think of myself as Canberran.
      I found the Star Stitch tutorial in a copy of Crochet Magazine from the UK which was in my local neewsagent (cost a fortune). And whilst I used it as a guide, I found certain parts confusing so ended up following a Youtube video. The techniques and stitches in the video were a little bit different than in the magazine but made more sense. It's such a complicated little stitch, you can't really pick it up from a written description. I think they needed more pictures!
      I've found your lovely blog so we're cyber friends for sure now!

  2. Pancakes are at their best when dripping with yummy toppings :)
    I love the combination of minecraft and middle earth, I have a (nearly) 6 year old sproglet grandson and I adore looking at drawings by an active imagination :)
    Jan x

    1. Hi Jan! I love the drawings that kids this age come up with. Sonofagun No2 often starts drawing things he likes from movies. He stood in front of his drawing board the other day whilst watching the Garfield movie drawing little scenes from it which made him laugh! Love the word 'sproglet' btw! Might have to insert that into my lexicon!

  3. Cute! Love the little Flower addition!
    Personally, I can't "read" pattern instructions to save my Hook! GOOD pics and diagrams are better for me. Or else, I just make-up my own! ;-} Actually, what I have been doing of late - with that OVER-PAYING "smart"phone of mine - is take pics of those little hanging-on-the-store-shelf STITCH-SAMPLERS that some times come with a line of more commercial type yarns... Now and then, they have a few that aren't just straight-forward plain stitching. -- Been yet, go looking for OLD pattern books at thrift shops or yard-sales.
    Meanwhile, start teaching your little Artist how to embroider and doodle with threads... He can make a Mine"craft" SAMPLER!

  4. oh. BTW, the "FLASH-BY LADY" was actually one of the store clerks. After seeing her in the shot, I couldn't resist doing a Caption!

  5. Beautiful Granny Square blanket! I'm looking forward to making a traditional Granny Square blanket! I was even looking at and pinning color palette combination from Pinterest to get some ideas on the colors that I'll like to use. I like so many! LOL Sounds like you had a morning that I would just love. Was the star stitch easy enough? I have it pinned, but haven't tried it.

  6. Such a pretty stitch, it's almost too good to be a coaster. Love the colours of the stripe blanket too.

  7. Beautiful coaster. I have that EXACT yarn. I know it's not super rare or anything but it always amazes me how someone over the other side of the globe can have the same yarn! Astounding!