Monday, 27 July 2015

Monday morning Catch Up

Good morning lovelies!
I've been a bit quiet on the blog front lately as my hands and brain have busy busy with crochet designing. 
I've been working on a couple of ideas and projects. 
I'm still trying to write and photograph a new wrist cuff tutorial. It's a lot of work with all the photographing, writing, editing and watermarking all the pictures!

I also have been experimenting with cross stitching on crochet! 
I love the results but still have to perfect my cross stitch technique.  I used to cross stitch when I was alot younger so am a bit rusty.
What do you think?

Cross stitch crochet

After completing my latest granny stripe blanket, I couldn't help but pile my collection up for a photo...

Granny square blankets

And here's a gratuitous 'mid tutorial pic'. 
Not very exciting but hopefully a teaser.

The Sonofaguns have been very patient with their preoccupied Mothership.
We were very proud when little Sonofagun No.2 came home with his first certificate last week.
In school assembly, he was presented with the Principals Award for Maths. He has apparently excelled in learning double digits numbers! (He is only 6!)
He came home and proudly showed his certificate to his big brother...

Sonofagun No.2 : "Hey look what I got today!"
Sonofagun No.1: "Cool! What's that for?"
Sonofagun No.2 replies with his missing 2 front teeth : " Coz I'm awesome at Maffs!"
Sonofagun No.1: "Cool. What's10 x 1?"
Sonofagun No.2 : " 3"


  1. Introduce your Math-Munchkin to the "$"-sign, the rest will fall into place...
    Actually, that Cross-Stitching came out quite nicely. I've never tried it on crochet myself either.
    BTW, love your chair! ...hey..wait... there's SPACE around, and under, and ON your chair for your lovely Blankies to plop upon... AND, not a photo-bombing Dust-Bunny in sight!! ;-}

    1. I swept just prior to taking this photo as there was a whole family of Dust Bunnies under there!

    2. oohh...Poor little Fuzzies!
      -- MY "family" has their own account on ""! And a "R-Factor" - ["insolation-rating" - I'm in the basement, remember] - I also imagine that if they were DNA-tested, they'd be "related" to my COTTON-yarn Blankets! That yarn gives off a lot of FLUFF!
      BTW, still have #SpaceEnvy!

  2. Love all those blankest together they look fantastic.

  3. A great shot of all your lovely blankets together.
    I think the cross stitch on top of the crochet works pretty well and could be used for a whole host of images x

  4. A great shot of all your lovely blankets together.
    I think the cross stitch on top of the crochet works pretty well and could be used for a whole host of images x

  5. Love love the blankets! I can't make blankets because I don't finish them. I've currently got 2 unfinished ones and I'm considering starting another :)

  6. The blankets look so lovely, it would be rude not to take a photo of them!
    The cross stitch on crochet looks like a really fun idea, thanks.

  7. I love the colour you're using for your teaser, I can't wait to see what it will be.

  8. Look at those blankets! Now, what are you going to do with all of them? for you? Family? I'm anxious to make another blanket, but I haven't finished the first one yet! LOL

  9. I too love the pile of crochet blankets... I really must learn to crochet!!!

  10. Wow - those blankets make me want to make more..... but those ends..... I really can't face them! Lucy from Attic 24 said in Simply crochet this month sew in as you go.....think I'm going to have too!