Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How to Invisible Decrease in Crochet

Have you ever come across this in a pattern: invdec?

It means "invisible decrease".  It's a clever way of decreasing in a row that's a little less noticeable than when you single crochet 2 together (also known as "sc2tog") to decrease.

I've whipped up a quick little video tutorial that shows you how to do this stitch.

I've also got a few photos below if you can't be stuffed watching the vid.

Step 1:

To start your invisible decrease, first insert your hook into the FRONT LOOP ONLY of the next stitch.  Now you'll have 2 loops on the hook.

Step 2:

Then also insert your hook into the FRONT LOOP ONLY of the NEXT stitch along.

The original loop, plus the 2 front loops on the hook as seen from the front.

The view from the top of the front loops from 2 stitches on the hook.

Step 3:

Yarn over.  Then pull through the 2 front loops leaving 2 loops left on the hook.

Yarn over....
Then pull through both of those 2 front loops.

Step 4:

Yarn over, then pull through the remaining loops. And you've done it!
Then yarn over again and pull through the remaining 2 loops on the hook.
And you've done it!

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