Monday, 30 November 2015

Feather Babies, Crochet WIPs & a Magnificient View

On Melbourne Cup Day, just a couple of days before I published my Stevie Bird pattern, I lost my best buddy. 

Axel the crap bombing, grumpy, chocolate powder licking Axis of Evil flew the coop.
It was my fault. I put his cage outside to hang under the lemon tree as it was such a beautiful sunny day but didn't even notice I had left his door open. How could I be so dumb? Unbelievable! 
He actually stayed in there for a good couple of hours until I went outside to hang out some washing. I saw him in there. Said my normal cheery, "hello gorgeous!" to my yellow feathered friend (still not seeing the open cage door) and made a mental note to pick him some grass seed once I'd finish hanging my parachutes (bras and undies) on the line.
Then I heard a flutter and looked down to the horrific realisation Axel was OUTSIDE ON THE GRASS!

I took a tentative quiet step towards him saying "Axel buddy!" hoping he'd hop on my finger.
Instead he took one cocky-assed look at me.

I know what he said. We had been together long enough.

His beady black eyes and arrogant head tilt said as clear as day: 

"See ya biatches! I'm gettin' the flock outta here! "

And off he flew up into the air, down the driveway, then swooped off into the big blue yonder.
I looked in all the street trees, talked to neighbours, called all the vets in a 20km radius and left his cage outside for weeks. Weeks! 

But knew he wouldnt be back. It was a sad day in the Amazona household.
I missed budgie chirps and whenever I saw the cage would automatically go to say some cheery greeting or whistle to the empty space.

So yesterday I started cleaning out his cage to store away in the garage. 
I realised I didn't want to do that so I went to the pet shop.
And adopted a new featherbaby.

I'm in love with him already.
I let Sonofagun No.2 name him. I vetoed 'bingbong', 'cutie', 'stinky' and 'Bouche Dag'.

Then he decided on Sunny. And even though control freak Mama Amazona had a few preferable choices in her head (Davo, Gary, Hank), she thought Sunny was cute.

On his very first day he has already eaten some grass seed from my hand, and briefly sat on my finger!

On the crochet side of life, I am experimenting!

I guess you may be able to tell this is an Axel inspired piece of work.

I started it last week after being inspired by popart style pictures and the neon yarns in my cabinet.

I'm not sure if it's going to work but I'm thinking of designing a collection of 3 different sized cushion and bolster covers.

I have also been making a little Yoda from my latest Star Wars Crochet book that I purchased the other week...

And I've also almost finished a cloche hat in an interesting variegated cotton yarn...

I also joined the Bear for his work Xmas party.
It was held in Melbournes highest building, the Eureka Tower on the very top floor at Eureka89.

Eureka Tower. Look all the way up to the tippy top. We were up there!
There are Golden Bees outside the entrance
 Not sure why but they look gorgeous.

The view was magnificent. 
Looking down on Flinders St Station, Federation Square and the Yarra River
The wait and bar staff were very friendly and there was loads of yummy canapes, fresh oysters and wine. Mmmm wine.
The view west over Docklands towards Williamstown.
Sorry about the glarey pic. It's hard to get a decent photo through glass.
The view on the east side down to all the biggies: The Arts Centre, Myer Music Bowl, Rod Laver Tennis Centre, AAMI Park and the MCG

Same general direction 2 hours later.
Me and Bear. Looking swish.

In a swishy bar...
And after the festivities, we took a short walk around Southbank and took swishy photos. My man looks super swell in a vest...

How has your week been?  



  1. I was so sad to read about your dear Axel but then happy about you getting another little fellow. You did well to have him on your finger the first day. Wow, the colours in your hat are amazing! I admire anyone who can work out a pattern from a picture. Will look forward to seeing more progress pics. It will be a lovely memory of your Axel. Oh, nearly forgot, those pictures from the top of that building are awesome. Is that Melbourne's tallest building? Have a good week. xox

    1. Thank you Dorothy. That's so sweet. Apparently it is. It's pretty dang high! On the 88th floor is the Eureka Skydeck where you stand in this box and the whole thing slides out so you are basically dangling out of the building. To make it more fun for those who are afraid of heights, theres a glass floor! Hugs to you xox

  2. Awesome VIEW! -- BTW, is it just me, or does that Sunset look an awful lot like the beginnings of a glowy "mushroom"..? #justsaying

    Anyhoo, nice to see that you "clean-up" well! ;-D -- I think the last time I got all "swished" up, I was probably your *age*! ...a long time ago, on a continent, far, far away...

    speaking of... your Yoda rocks!

    1. Ha! Thanks! You cleaned up pretty well in that photo of you scooping snow. Or were you *cleaning up well*?!
      The yoda is pretty cute. Ive really got to finish him now!

  3. aww poor lost budgie, hope he meets a flock of new friends. Liking Sunny what a cute name (I've just finished a knitted blue budgie by coincidence!) Not sure you could get me up that tall building I would need an air mask haha Looks a great night out.

  4. Sorry about Axel but whilst sunny will not replace he is a perfect addition to your fur family.
    Tall building, yikes! not for me I would spend all my time at the back of the room against a solid wall.

  5. What a pity. Maybe Axel is having a nice time somewhere. Love the inspired cushion.... and the crochet hat ... and Yoda!

  6. I'm sure Axel has met up with all the local yocals and is having lots of fun. Sunny reminds me of the budgie I had as a child. We called him Charlie (the same name as my Dad) a few years down the line lots of people had a bit of a shock when we told them that 'Charlie' has passed away.... they were even more shocked when we told them that we buried him in the garden. Haaha x
    What a fantastic building the Eureka Tower is, I love those bees.

  7. I was so sad when you told me about Axel.... but so happy you've got a new friend - although I like BingBong too as a name! Still loving your cushion, and the view from those buildings - stunning!

  8. What a hard way to learn to double check the door before putting the cage outside. I'm afraid to put my budgie out unless I can sit with him because cats sit on our water heater a few feet away. Sunny sounds like a friendly sort if he is sitting on your hand so soon. It was your Stevie pattern that brought me to your blog a few months back and I'm tickled to find another budgie lover! Can't wait to see your finished Axel cushion cover!!

  9. new feather friend looks cute! loving the views and the yoda! xx