Friday, 6 November 2015

Peonies, Parties & Fleetwood Mac

It's been a fun, busy time in the Amazona Queendom.

Sonofagun No.1 turned the grand old age of 15 and we held a Glow in the Dark party on Halloween night to celebrate.

We set up marquees and loads of comfy chairs and beanbags for teenaged, angsty lounging.

I purchased a long UV (blacklight) light which was set up in the marquee.

There was a Neon Facepaint station where the Pimply Ones tried to be all like,

"you know, cool and pretend like it was kinda dumb but let's humour Sonofaguns Old Lady so she stops nagging us....

...And maybe I kinda do want the Star Wars poster she's offering as a 'wackiest makeup' prize.  And maybe it's actually fun but every time the oldies come near, we'll stop grinning like idiots and do our best 'head hanging' Joey Ramone impression (or that's what we would do if we ever heard of the Ramones or any of that daggy old persons music)."

It wasn't long though till guys and girls were spraying each others hair with neon hairspray, making each other look like Intergalactic neon tribal warriors and actually laughing and having fun as their faces glowed under the blacklight, playing with sparklers and toasting marshmallows.

Later in the week my sister the Blonde Amazona, The Blonde Bombshell & I went out into the rainy Melbourne night...

yarra river melbourne

To see one of my all time favourite bands play at Rod Laver Arena: Fleetwood Mac!

rod laver arena
I last saw them in Sydney when I was a wee lass of 17 in 1990.
I have all their albums going right back to the late 1960s.
Yes, even the old blues albums from the Peter Green era!

It was an amazing concert. They had the same energy as they did 25 years ago! 

I can't believe I'm old enough to say I last saw them 25 years ago.

I sang my lungs out to every song. Except some new Lindsay Buckingham tune I hadn't heard. I took the opportunity at that point to nick out to pick up some merch!

fleetwood mac rhiannon

Isn't that background scene amazing!  Some were images, but there was a lot of movie type shots of girls swimming in golden White Witchy/ James Bond liquid, flying over Scottish moors, ancient trees etc.

When I saw them in 1990, I bought the Tour Book and a tshirt.

I loved that Tshirt so much, I wore it all the time.

I know everyone says that about some favourite item of clothing. But I was their biggest fan.  And I actually wore it ALL THE TIME.

I wore it to school. I slept in it. Then showered, put it back on and wore it to school again. I wore it on the weekends. To BBQs. To band practice. To the shops. Everywhere. All the places. All of the time.

The Mothership and the Blonde Amazona were having a laugh about it a few months ago.

"Remember that old holey Fleetwood Mac tshirt she used to wear?" they said.
"She used to wear it ALL OF THE TIME!" they laughed.
"Holy Daffodils and Jonquils! that thing was a rag!" they howled.
And then I said,  "I still have it."
"You what?"
And I went to my box of special memories...

fleetwood mac concert guide

They weren't kidding when they laughed at me wearing a holey tshirt. I wore it until I realized if I didn't stop wearing it, it would crumble to dust!

And now I have a new one!

It's a lovely soft dark grey cotton, but one of those unflattering crew necks. I'd really love to give it a V or scoop neck, but I'm a bit too scared to cut into it, and am not confident enough that my sewing machine has a suitable stitch for tshirt material.
If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be very grateful.

fleetwood mac on with the show

So today the Sonofaguns are both sick at home, on the couch under cosy blankets watching Harry Potter.
This morning after taking them to see Dr Leprecaun, I walked past the florist and spied these...
Amazing to see, but not my cup of tea.
Then I noticed they have Peonies! My favouritest flower in the Universe. 
I always look forward to when a few bunches appear in some florists each December, so to see these a few weeks early was a real treat.
These were $15 a bunch so I chose a bunch of the soft pink as they seemed to have the least developed flowers.  After having a lovely chat with the florist, she offered them to me for $10. So naturally I then decided to get one of each!
Aren't they divine?

peonies australia
peony roses
peony rose

After spending the last few weeks working on the pattern for Stevie Bird, I wanted to free my mind a bit so have started making this sweet fox I found in a copy of Simply Crochet magazine Issue 35...

amigurumi fox

I hope you have had a fun/ peaceful/ productive/ relaxing week!

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. I love FM, DH has all the records (original pressings in vinyl) this shows our age saw them in the late 70's brilliant.

    Those peonies are beautiful must admit I too have a soft spot for this flower.

    1. It's just unfortunate the peonies don't last very long as a cut flower!
      I would have loved to have seen FM in the 70s!

  2. 1990... Personally, I was more of a SciFi Convention goer back then. I never really was into the "concert" scene. Way too many screamy people... Although, I did see a "STONES" Member at the hotel of one of the conventions once! The con Organizer almost peed himself when he saw him!

    1. Im a sci fi geek too! But have never been to a convention. I dont mind an occasional concert. Ive been to 2 this year but thats rare. Before this year, the last concert I went to was a low key performance of Arlo Guthrie in the 90s!

  3. looking forward to seeing how fox turns out :) x

    1. Hes all finished now! Ive posted a picture of him on my Facebook page but will do a catch up blog post soon...

  4. Wow, Fleetwood Mac is the Hubster's favorite of all favorites. The stage looks amazing. We seen them a few years ago, brilliant :) The Intergalactic neon tribal warriors must of looked a hoot. :)

    1. They were hilarious. Modern versions of 60s flower children making daisy chains: fast forward to 2015 with the modern hippies painting each other neon!