Monday, 3 October 2016

Pom- pommiest Icicle Stitch Scarf - Finished Project

A few weeks ago I purchased this beautiful Moda Vera Bouvardia yarn which was on sale.

It looked just delicious so I bought 2 balls without much idea of what I wanted to make. I did contemplate knitting with it to showcase the amazing colour changes, but found this pattern which I had pinned in Pinterest ages ago for an Icicle Stitch scarf. The Icicle Stitch is also known as the Larksfoot Stitch.
Icicle Stitch
Little Treasures has a pattern on this stitch which is probably showcased better when you are using plain colours, alternating with every row, but I wanted to give it a go.
Moda Vera Bouvardia Scarf

It was so satisfying to watch the colour changes. Surprising actually! The yarn looked icy and electric when it was in a yarn ball. Then came out quite different with the darker colours coming through much more strongly in the finished scarf.

Icicle Stitch Scarf

With the first ball, I pulled the end out from the centre and started crocheting out the colours, then when that ball was finished, I realized the 2nd balls colours matched by starting from the end on the outside.

This was fun as I was able to see the emerging colours from the outside inwards!

Moda Vera Bouvardia Spotlight

The scarf used up exactly both balls. But I still needed to finish off the ends. I am not a big fan of tassels so decided to make pompoms.

I had no Moda Vera left, so I searched my acrylic yarn collection and found some soft pink, mid pink and orange to make the pompoms.

crochet scarf icicle stitch

I finished just in time for an overnight trip to Phillip Island which can get quite cold at night. And it kept me super warm when Sonofagun No.2 and I braved the cold wind to see the Penguin Parade!

Larksfoot stitch

If you'd like to give this stitch/ scarf a go, check out the free tutorial on Little Treasures website. With clear instructions and lots of photos, it is super easy and quick to make!


  1. I love this scarf! Think I might need to get working on one as it was a tad chilly in the UK this morning!

  2. Lovely Scarf it was chilly this morning we had a frost.

  3. Those icicles turned out great!