Friday, 11 August 2017

Desperately Seeking Spring

Winter has it's own beauty.
Like fog on the lake.

Dew drops on sedge

Frosty cobwebs on the Tangled Lignum.

Sun burning through the fog.

This is my favourite.

The hot pink tips of a leucodendron bring some warmth.

Yes, yes it looks very mystical and romantic but bloody hell, I'm sick of being cold.

I am utterly hankering for some signs of Spring, warmth and SUN!!

And later that afternoon I found some signs that Spring isn't too far away.

At Sonofagun No.2s school!

Broadbeans in the school vegie garden.  A wintery vegetable but fresh growth screams Spring.

Cornflowers, oh yes!

And while they always live at the local train station, the Rainbow Lorikeets screeching and flapping around the palms feel summery. Even though on this next morning when I took this photo, it was about 10 degrees celcius.

I have been loving my new cotton mitts.

I started making a new pair in pinks and apricots. But wasn't a huge fan of the colourways.

So for the tutorial I am writing, I started a new pair in peacock inspired colours.  Purple, teal, dark blue, pinks, silver...

Photography is always best in a well lit sunny room, but this is not common lately.  However I am hoping to have the tutorial finished soon.

Just before the Northern Hemisphere autumn!  I was thinking of taking a pair with me when I fly up to that side of the planet in just 4 weeks time, but I think it may still be a little warm.
The Google tells me the temperature should be around the early 20s (celcius). Just warm enough to enjoy being out with out being too hot.

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. Your winter photos are nice.. but warn me of my upcoming cold season. I'm happy for you that your Spring is coming.. all those pretty flowers coming on for you! Love your wrist warmers.. so colorful! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Damn..... that means Autumn and winter on its way to me... but a good excuse for thick chunky yarn in my new favourite mustard colour!

  3. Overhere it's supposed to be summer but the past week it has been raining and it's also 10 °C! I hope spring will come soon to you and summer will come back soon to us :-)
    Love your wristwarmers, very good choice, those peacockcolours!

    1. Thanks Sigrid. Sounds like you haven't had much of a summer :(

  4. Yes, it's cold here in Victoria isn't it? Friends in UK haven't had much of a summer so far, so if you are heading that way, maybe you'll boost the temperatures for them. We were there in September last year & it was mostly lovely & warm, though with a few cold spells as well. I've just found your blog & had a wee look & noticed the gums & lorikeets, so knew you were somewhere in Oz. Have a lovely weekend & take care.

    1. I wish I was headed to the UK so I could visit Yarndale in the Yorkshire Dales! Maybe another time.
      We've had a yucky winter here in Melbourne. I'm very much looking forward to warmer temps. Thanks for visiting Susan!