Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Babies, Birds & Chuck Norris

There's been a sad lack of crochet- centric posts from me lately.
I actually have been crocheting non-stop but some things I couldn't show you as they were gifts, and some things have been works in progress which I didn't feel were worth a whole post.

The first thing I've recently finished was a gift.

Every Saturday morning I take Sonofagun No.2 to swimming lessons. I sit and knit socks.

He was initially in a class with 2 brothers. I made friends with their lovely mum.  They had immigrated from Pakistan a couple of years earlier.

She is such a lovely, warm lady. And although she may be about 10 years younger than me, has a habit of calling me 'Dear' as if she was my granny. 

We would often chat about our kids, their schools, and she would share her delicious recipes for biryani and curries with me.

The first time she invited Sonofagun No.2 and I over to her home for a playdate, she cooked this amazing spread of food including biryani, chicken curry, homemade naan, and spicy rolls.  So much effort and I even had a pot of warm vermicelli kheer to take home for the Bear. Kheer can be made with rice or vermicelli and is a milky dessert pudding with the flavours of cardamom and ginger. 

She also spoke of her desire to have another baby. So I was absolutely thrilled when she told me earlier this year that she was expecting a baby!

He decided to arrive 5 weeks early in late October. Luckily I did not leave anything to the last minute (like I normally do) and had already finished this cot blanket for him.

It was a simple design. One row of double crochet stitches, then one granny stripe row.

I had ordered some Stylecraft Special DK from the Woolwarehouse in the UK and used some of these colours with some DK colours from one of our local stores Spotlight.

101 rows in total. 

It has a basic border of 2 rows of single crochet, then row of fan stitch with 5 double crochet stitches per fan.

Another project I have been working on which I occasionally mentioned is birds.

I had an idea in my head. Bright and colourful. Mini parrots.

 I started off with a basic design, but was never satisfied with the result.
So I'd make another.

 I tried using a bigger yarn. Scheepjes Catona.
 But I wasn't happy with it. Too chunky.
 I really like this little pink one, but wanted something a bit sturdier.
 I also really liked this one, but wanted a different body shape.

 They're made from thin crochet cottons. Some using Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Bites, and various other crochet cottons.
You should see my notebook. Full of edits, re-edits and re-re-edits! Then there's the multiple rewrites in different coloured pens with titles such as 'Prototype No.15'.Now I think I'm finally happy with the design.

 They have a fat little parrot beak. So I've started referring to them as 'Amazona Parrots'.

 Multi-coloured wings and tail feathers.
 And I sewed on a small alligator clip. Perfect for the Christmas tree maybe?
 I kind of adore them!

I need to finally pull my finger out and write up this pattern which I am going to sell in my Etsy store along with the Pearly Hummingbird pattern.  
Aren't they sweet? I just love them! 

Even though this post has been all about the crochet, I want to show off our newest family member...

May I introduce Chuck Norris...

He's a 6 or 7 year old Pug x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

And he's so freaking adorable!

We adopted him from a family who are moving and sadly cannot take him with them. He is the happiest little dog! He was already called 'Chucky' but we've modified his name a little bit.

He loves cuddles, isn't yappy or slobbery but seems to be rather over-enthusiastic about the guinea pigs. We've had to put up a small fence around their hutch as he has trampled all the herbs around it as he attempts to 'play' with them.

So far his attempt at making friends with our cat Bijoux have been unsuccessful. She's not really a dog person.

The Red Haired Amazona