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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sunshine Lollipops Blanket- How I made this thing!

This isn't a pattern post.  Nor is it a tutorial. This post will simply explain how I made this blanket. Then if you want to make one, you can too. But it's very informal. If you have any further questions or want extra info, please feel free to message me through my Facebook page  or email me at
When I'm going on holidays, I spend quite sometime deciding what yarn and projects to take. Then my choices are packed super carefully.

Back in December we went to stay in Mollymook with the parental units for Christmas and this is what I took along.

A bag of cottons to play with in the car when I wasn't doing the driving, and a basket for other projects to be packed in the boot.

I chose a nice deep blue merino (just in case), some pompoms to finish off the Winterlude Keyhole Scarflet (underneath), my hook case, and a selection of colourful acrylics. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the acrylics but I loved looking at those colours together!

After spending an hour or so choosing and packing yarns, I selected my clothes and threw them into a suitcase which took less than 10 minutes. Because #priorities

Once we had arrived and settled in, I decided I fancied making lots of colourful circles with the acrylics. I took my project to the beach.

I made lots of circles during daytime games of Monopoly, and after the kids were tucked in bed, during games of Cards Against Humanity. Have you ever played that game? Not for the faint of heart or prudish minded!

BTW the little nail clippers on the table are not for personal grooming. There is always a pair in my hook case from my last plane trip for cutting yarn when you can't carry scissors!

I set up a crochet corner in this comfy place on the Motherships back verandah.

Once we had returned home after a lovely 2 weeks away, I started turning my circles into squares.

Would you like to know how to make these circley square grannies?

I used a selection of colours in DK acrylic.
A 4mm crochet hook.
I also had a pair of scissors and a darning needle for sewing and trimming ends.

I use US crochet terms.

First I started with a magic circle, chained 3 (counts as 1st DC), then 11dc in the circle.

Once all 12 dcs (including the beginning ch3) are complete, slip stitch to the top of the beg Ch3 and pull that centre thread in the middle of the magic circle nice and tight!

For round 2: Ch3 (counts as 1st dc), dc in same st, then 2dc in each stitch around.
Once you've crocheted 24 dc (including 1st Ch3), slip stitch to top of beg Ch3.

For round 3: Ch3 (counts as 1st dc), dc in same stitch, dc in next stitch then work in pattern (2dc, dc) all the way around. This should give 36 dcs (inc beginning Ch3). Slip stitch to top of beginning Ch3 and finish off.

Join your next colour.

In the stitch where you joined in your new colour, Ch1, then sc in same st. Then hdc, hdc, dc, in next stitch: (tr, ch3, tr)...

For the next 3 sides in each stitch:
dc, hdc, hdc, sc, sc, hdc, hdc, dc, in next st (tr, ch3, tr)

In the last part: dc, hdc, hdc, sc, then join with a slip stitch to the beginning st. Finish off!.

Join the last colour, ch1, sc in the same stitch and in each stitch around. Finish off.

And sew in your ends.

Here are all the little finished squares laid out on a white sheet. There are 9 rows of 13 squares. Or 13 rows of 9 squares! 

It now looked nothing like what I initially imagined. But I started to love my blanket for it's new character.

After they were all sewn together, I crocheted 7 rounds of single crochet.

5 of the 7 rounds...

Then I decided to go a bit wild!  I wanted to create a tulip border similar to what I used in my Happy Flower Mandala.

I crocheted 1 round in green as follows:

Ch3, dc in same st, Ch2, 2dc in same st as 1st 2 dc. Sk 3 st, *{(2dc, 2ch, 2dc, sk 3 stitches) to the first corner. In the corner stitch (2dc, 3dc, 2dc)}. Continue from * on each side.and corners. Join with a slip stitch to top of beginning Ch3. Finish off.

In the next round, to complete the flower tops I made little popcorns. They are kind of in 4dc clusters made like this:
Starting in any ch2 space...

For the first popcorn:

Ch 3, yarn over, insert hook into the Ch2 space, YO, pull up the loop, YO, pull through 2 loops. There will still be 2 loops left on the hook. YO, insert yarn into the same Ch2 sp, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops. There will now be 3 loops left on the hook. YO, insert hook into the same Ch2 sp, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops. There will be 4 loops left on the hook. YO, pull through all 4 remaining loops.

Then chain 4, skip all the stitches to the next Ch2 space, then crochet the next popcorn:

4DC Popcorn:
YO, insert hook into next Ch2 sp, YO, pull up the loop, YO, pull through 2 loops. There will still be 2 loops left on the hook. YO, insert yarn into the same Ch2 sp, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops. There will now be 3 loops left on the hook. YO, insert hook into the same Ch2 sp, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through 2 loops. There will be 4 loops left on the hook. YO, insert hook into same sp, YO, pull up a loop, YO pull through 2 loops. There will be 5 loops left on the hook. YO, pull through all 5 remaining loops.
To continue all you need to do is follow the sequence (Ch4, 4dc popcorn) in each Ch2 space around.

The next round simply single crochets all around including in the top of each popcorn, followed by another round of single crochet.
Then 2 rounds of granny stripe.  I did one in green and one in orange.
Because I was sewing in my threads as I went, and the blanket was simply hanging around the loungeroom, it started being used!

After just sticking to orange, light pink, dark pink and green in the border, I decided to do a few rounds with the yellow and purple.
This was a bad decision.

For some reason whenever I looked at it, the colours made me feel gloopy. I threw the blanket in a project bag for weeks and didn't look at it!

SO I frogged back to the last orange granny stripe round, crocheted a round of single crochet in hot pink, then found this wonderful border pattern.

It is by Dragana from the crochet blog Dada's Place.

She has a pattern for this lovely edging. I had tried several different styles but found this on Pinterest and realized it was exactly what I wanted. If you would like to crochet this edging onto one of your projects, you can find her pattern here.

I then pinned the whole blanket out on some camping mats which I bought solely for blocking, not for camping!

Bijoux gave it her feline tick of approval.

And to wet it, I sprayed with the garden hose on 'mist'.

It was a beautiful warm breezy day so the blanket dried super fast.

And is now inside and being used.

All stacked up with my other blankets!

Some of the lovely ladies who follow my Facebook page gave me some gorgeous name ideas. Like Tutti Fruity (nice one Kim!), Summer Splash (thanks Christine!), Scrumptious Fruit Medley (thanks Kae!), Shades of COmfort (thanks Nancy!), Running Round in Circles (good one Debra!) and Sunny fruit salad (xox Vicki!). 
I've decided to call it Sunshine Lollipops because it reminds me of summer and lollies!


I love making super bright blankets because when we use them in winter when it's cold and dreary, they brighten up your day!

Thanks for visiting!

The Red Haired Amazona

Friday, 13 January 2017

Christmas in Mollymook 2016

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas in your part of the world.

Here in Kangarooland it has been warm and sunny. Just how we like our Christmasses!.

This year we made the trek up to the Motherships for Christmas to a little slice of heaven that I have told you about before called Mollymook.

The most important part of the pre-trip preparations involved the long and arduous decision making process of What Yarn To Take.
I had a basket for Things To Crochet While Away, and a smaller bag of yarn which was for Things To Crochet In the Car.

After a long 10 hour drive, we arrived at our destination. I may have shown you this before, but this is my favourite view of Mollymook Beach that signals our arrival. Isn't it amazing?

After settling in at the Mothership and Fatherdoms castle, we all wandered down to the local dog walking beach Narrawallee Beach.  

We park our cars in a little car park, then walk a short way through this glorious bushland.  Would you like to take a walk with us?

This is Sister Amazonas' Furbaby Phil Collins bringing me the frisbee again for the millionth time. He loves it so much, we're more than happy to oblige.  And in case you're wondering, he hasn't quite mastered the drums yet.

Do you have these in your part of the world? Here we call them Christmas Beetles.

I have spent alot of time crocheting in this place on the back deck.  

On Christmas Eve Sonofagun No.2 wanted to leave a little something for Santa and the reindeer. Lucky Santa was left a small fruit mince pie, a small bottle of Chivas Regal and a carrot for the reindeer. 
Santa is a bit of a pisspot.

Fortunately the Sonofaguns didn't wake us TOO EARLY. SOG1 kept SOG2 preoccupied playing PS3 for a little while.

Sister Amazona made a delicious punch.

It was made from Dry Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Tropical juice, with chopped strawberries and ripped mint leaves.

I made my World's Famous Trifle. The one on the left is the boozy one, and the one on the right is the non- alcoholic one.

This is me on Christmas Eve making the trifles. I must admit the boozy trifle is VERY boozy. I don't tip in a little teaspoons' worth of Sherry. Possibly it might be a fair estimate that maybe almost half the bottle ends up in there. But that's what's SOOOOO damn good about it! Especially the next day when all the sherry has soaked through the cakey bit to the bottom. Manna!
There's absolutely no such thing as a non- boozy trifle unless it's for Aunty Martha Stewart who is very good and doesn't partake, or for young'uns.
Having said that, I'm an Aussie child of the 70s who was allowed to eat the same boozy trifle as the adults, and I turned out alright? (Notice how I finished that sentence with a question mark)

 The Motherships Christmas Table.

So I've mentioned my Auntie Martha Stewart many times over the years. She taught me how to crochet when I was pregnant with Sonofagun No.1.
Would you like to meet her?
Tah-dah! Foxy Auntie Martha Stewart (aka Auntie Jane) with some crochet and a cup of tea.

After a day of too much food and alcohol, we all sat in a food stupor and watched a classic Christmas movie Die Hard 2.

Obviously taken when an ad was on.

We have played inappropriate card games...

Most days we went for long beach walks...

Wandered around local shops with nice things...

And funny things.

And pretty things.


I finally acquired my very first pair of thongs.  I don't really like thongs. I hate having chunky things between my toes. In much the same way with underwear 'thongs': I don't chunky things between my butt cheeks either.

But I needed something to wear for walking to the beach.  Mothership bought these pretty ones for me for $5. They matched my toenails so I'm happy to wear them.  I felt a little bit more Australian all of a sudden. 

After I took my Thong/ Orange Toenail photo, I felt something wriggling under the hem of my dress and this little gecko jumped out. I must admit I kind of squealed like a Choir Boy in a half hearted way. I didn't think it was a spider, so it was more of a fright reaction. 

Once I realised it was just this little guy, I caught him to show off to Sonofagun No.2.

He then slowly made his way up my arm....

And into my hair.

He was quite happy up there, but whenever he wriggled around, it felt like I had mega nits, so asked the Mothership to come and get him.

He was then released safely into the garden.

Whilst there was lots of beach walking and rock exploring, we only had one occasion when we packed up all of the things to hang out at the beach. I'm not really a fan of sitting at the beach, getting sunburnt, sand in my swimmers, getting eaten by sharks etc, but the Bear wanted to 'hang out at the beach' so I was happy to oblige.

Sonofagun NO.2 floated around on his giant blow up ice block for a while. An old lady wandered over to him because she thought he had fallen asleep.

This was my main beach activity from the entrance of our little beach tent. If you're wondering why there was a lot of rocks around, we were at a sheltered little cove called The Bogeyhole.


So we enjoyed the Fatherdom and Motherships beautiful garden.


Watched fireworks on New Years Eve over Ulladulla Harbour.

After the fireworks, we left the Sonofaguns with the Grandparentals and went to the neighbouring village of Milton for a few quiet ales at a lovely little bar called Harvest. There was live music and funny, drunk locals.

And I crocheted circles

Lots of circles.

Which has continued now at home...

And the circles are becoming squares.

I'm still enjoying the summer holidays with the Sonofaguns. I think these circles will become a blanket but it may take some time.

Thanks for reading! I hope you had a wonderful Summer/ Winter Chrissy & New Year break.
Thanks for hanging out with me last year. Cheers to a very yarny 2017!!


The Red Haired Amazona