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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Amazona Parrot

You all know I am obsessed with birds. I just adore them, don't you? 

Quite a few months ago I started creating a little bird.
First he looked like this...

 His beak is kind of knobbly and he was small and sweet but not quite what I wanted.
 So I tried using a 4ply cotton, but he was kind of clunky.

 Over lots of cups of tea...
 This adorable creature emerged...
 But he still wasn't quite right.

Then this one popped off my hook. Better! But for months I played around with body shapes.
 I was probably being too fussy but I didn't like any of these bodies. They didn't feel 'birdlike'.
 My little Willow TV tray table became a bird production line...
Chuck was getting feed up with me. I must admit I probably wasn't giving him enough attention (nevermind there are 4 other people in the house he was ignoring) 
 And finally I made this one...
 He was perfect!
But Chuck was trying to take matters into his own paws by stealing my workspace!

But at last I'm happy with the result!


I'd like to introduce you to my newest addition:

This is a crochet pattern for a sweet little Amazona Parrot.

The body is made in the amigurumi style with the wings and tails feathers crocheted separately, then stitched on.

Amazona Parrot is approximately 20 cm from the top of her head to the tip of her tail and is made using five different colours. 

The little parrots have been cheekily perching in my blackberry bush!

The preferred yarn is Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat or any other compatible 2ply crochet cotton and a 2mm crochet hook.
You will also need a darning needle, scissors, thread for sewing the pieces together, a little clip (if you'd like to make it into a clip on), 6mm safety eyes, and polyfill stuffing.

As you can see from the photos, you can choose whatever Amazona Parrots colourways for your own colour choices you want. He can be monotone, tonal or you can make ones like mine: little feathery rainbow explosions!

You can attach a ribbon and hang her from wherever (she makes a perfect Christmas decoration!!), stick a skewer up her butt and plant her in a pot or vase with some flowers or sew an alligator clip below her tail and clip her onto ALL OF THE THINGS!
So does this mean you'll take me to the park now??

You want to make one, don't you! 

The pattern is available for digital download in my Etsy and Ravelry stores for the wee price of USD$5 (exclusive of any sales tax, GST or VAT that applies in your country).


Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Babies, Birds & Chuck Norris

There's been a sad lack of crochet- centric posts from me lately.
I actually have been crocheting non-stop but some things I couldn't show you as they were gifts, and some things have been works in progress which I didn't feel were worth a whole post.

The first thing I've recently finished was a gift.

Every Saturday morning I take Sonofagun No.2 to swimming lessons. I sit and knit socks.

He was initially in a class with 2 brothers. I made friends with their lovely mum.  They had immigrated from Pakistan a couple of years earlier.

She is such a lovely, warm lady. And although she may be about 10 years younger than me, has a habit of calling me 'Dear' as if she was my granny. 

We would often chat about our kids, their schools, and she would share her delicious recipes for biryani and curries with me.

The first time she invited Sonofagun No.2 and I over to her home for a playdate, she cooked this amazing spread of food including biryani, chicken curry, homemade naan, and spicy rolls.  So much effort and I even had a pot of warm vermicelli kheer to take home for the Bear. Kheer can be made with rice or vermicelli and is a milky dessert pudding with the flavours of cardamom and ginger. 

She also spoke of her desire to have another baby. So I was absolutely thrilled when she told me earlier this year that she was expecting a baby!

He decided to arrive 5 weeks early in late October. Luckily I did not leave anything to the last minute (like I normally do) and had already finished this cot blanket for him.

It was a simple design. One row of double crochet stitches, then one granny stripe row.

I had ordered some Stylecraft Special DK from the Woolwarehouse in the UK and used some of these colours with some DK colours from one of our local stores Spotlight.

101 rows in total. 

It has a basic border of 2 rows of single crochet, then row of fan stitch with 5 double crochet stitches per fan.

Another project I have been working on which I occasionally mentioned is birds.

I had an idea in my head. Bright and colourful. Mini parrots.

 I started off with a basic design, but was never satisfied with the result.
So I'd make another.

 I tried using a bigger yarn. Scheepjes Catona.
 But I wasn't happy with it. Too chunky.
 I really like this little pink one, but wanted something a bit sturdier.
 I also really liked this one, but wanted a different body shape.

 They're made from thin crochet cottons. Some using Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Bites, and various other crochet cottons.
You should see my notebook. Full of edits, re-edits and re-re-edits! Then there's the multiple rewrites in different coloured pens with titles such as 'Prototype No.15'.Now I think I'm finally happy with the design.

 They have a fat little parrot beak. So I've started referring to them as 'Amazona Parrots'.

 Multi-coloured wings and tail feathers.
 And I sewed on a small alligator clip. Perfect for the Christmas tree maybe?
 I kind of adore them!

I need to finally pull my finger out and write up this pattern which I am going to sell in my Etsy store along with the Pearly Hummingbird pattern.  
Aren't they sweet? I just love them! 

Even though this post has been all about the crochet, I want to show off our newest family member...

May I introduce Chuck Norris...

He's a 6 or 7 year old Pug x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

And he's so freaking adorable!

We adopted him from a family who are moving and sadly cannot take him with them. He is the happiest little dog! He was already called 'Chucky' but we've modified his name a little bit.

He loves cuddles, isn't yappy or slobbery but seems to be rather over-enthusiastic about the guinea pigs. We've had to put up a small fence around their hutch as he has trampled all the herbs around it as he attempts to 'play' with them.

So far his attempt at making friends with our cat Bijoux have been unsuccessful. She's not really a dog person.

The Red Haired Amazona

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Blossoms, Vegies, Yarn.

We have some blossom action happening in my garden at the moment. The Peach that I'm going to espalier has 6 or 7 little blossoms. I still haven't had the heart to give it a first proper espalier- prune because of these sweet little pink flowers.
The Apricot tree is now about 3 years old and has lots more blossoms than last year. And they smell faintly apricoty!
And below this lovely white thing is a Mariposa Plum. I gave it a vase- like hair cut a month ago. Now it's exploding!
I haven't seen many bees around to help pollinate the blossoms. 

They gotta have the flower sex to make the fruit, right?

So I decided to go around with a cotton tip and do it myself, but I felt like I was being inappropriate with the poor little flowers so I decided to leave it to the bees.

The Cumquat (aka the world's most useless fruit tree) has 4 cumquats. I dont eat marmalade so can't use it for that. They're too bitter to eat straight. Any suggestions?
I have a batch of different tomato varieties waiting until the soil warms. Black and red ones, pear shaped ones, yellow ones.
A couple of weeks ago, I bought these cute, yummy capsicums from the supermarket. They're sweet and delicious! 
I kept the seeds, dried them on the windowsill, and planted them in some toilet rolls from my bathroom (the empty rolls from the kids toilet always seem to have wee splashes INSIDE them. How the heck does that happen???). When they sprout and are big enough I can stick the whole thing in the ground as the rolls are cardboard.
The spinach continues to grow unmolested by snails and slugs thanks to copious amounts of crushed egg shells, coffee grounds and a teensy bit of snail bait.
The shallots are doing well too.
I am totally in love with the bulbs that have sprung up.
And now for your veiwing pleasure, some unadulterated flower porn...

I can't show you my front yard. It's just an abomination. It kills my soul to look at it! 
It's mostly gravel. There is an attempt at garden beds which I planted things into last spring, but the soil is so clayish and the wind blows through making everything look withered and sad.
The Bear promised me the first weekend in October for a landscaping blitz to buy fresh soil, remove the gravel, set down proper garden beds etc. So I dusted off my rusty landscape design skills, poured myself a nice, long gin & elderflower cocktail and drew this little sketch.
I do have a general idea of what is going to be planted in, but haven't written them down in a key yet. I'm thinking the pink tree shapes will be flowering cherries. The big tree thing on the left is a Jacaranda which is a little ambitious as it's a small yard. A sweet osmanthus hedge along the front, an assortment of marguerites and pelargoniums (which are already there) and some other small trees such as crepe myrtles and something evergreen, and a nice bit of grass. 
Maybe a random assortment of hellebores and other perennials throughout.
The idea is that it will be like a garden room. Not completely closed off to the street, but a little bit private. What do you think? I'm open to suggestions!

So the yarn. I have three projects on the go at the moment!

This is my 'watching movies/ bingeing on Netflix' project:

A friend of mine is expecting a baby. She's a lovely lady who I met at Sonofagun No.2s swimming class. She and her family moved here from Pakistan and she doesn't have many friends here yet. She already has two gorgeous boys and every Saturday morning we chat about how our kids are going at school, she tells me how to make her delicious curries and I tell her that she needs to give her hubby a kick up the ass so he helps a bit more (because I'm an opinionated lady who likes to tell other women to give their husbands a kick up the ass because my fella is so awesome and I want their fellas to be awesome too but I really should shut up and mind my own business.)
So I'm making a cot blanket for her little one who is due in November.
I finished a pair of socks that I started in JANUARY. Yes, I know. Very poor form. But it was put aside a few times. The yarn is a nice, cosy sock yarn called Schachenmayr Regia which I bought at Morris & Sons in the city. I'm still using the Winwick Mum Sockalong tutorial to make my socks. Christines' tutorial is so easy to follow!
This is my train commute project:
Another pair of socks! Although I'm a little frustrated because I keep stuffing up one sock by dropping 1 stitch, then noticing the dropped stitch 5 rows later and having to frog it back. Twice so far.  Frogging knitting is the worst! 
This yarn is called Opal 'Colors In Love'.
And this is my Wednesday project:  My little bird pattern.
I'm continuing to work on my new little birds but I'm still not happy with the body shape.
This little one was 'prototype No.3'.
I love the colours but not the beak or the body. I'm trying to make him more parrot like!
Because it's Spring, I decided to Spring clean. And because #priorities I started with the yarn shelves.
The blue buckets are filled with neatly rolled remnant balls and craft supplies. All my cottons are in that wooden case I showed you a couple of weeks ago.
Don't they look pretty and neat? Then I decided that Spring Cleaning the rest of the house was too much effort. The yarn is tidy but the rest of the house is a dogs breakfast. 
And can you believe that exactly one year ago today I was jetting off to New York? I watch a tv show with Sonofagun No.1 called Person of Interest which was filmed all over New York. 

I annoy him by saying, "I've been there!" at least 3 times each episode. Although secretly between you and me, I think out of the 27 episodes we've watched so far, I had only been to 2 of the places shown. It's a mothers prerogative to mildly irritate her teenagers several times a day as payback for years of their annoying questions (are we there yet? what's for dinner? why are your boobs sooo much fatter than Harrys mums?), farts, dirty socks left everywhere, and pee on the toilet floor.
So that's the catch up! Thanks for stopping by. I'm soooo happy Spring is finally here!

The Red Haired Amazona