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Monday, 12 December 2016

Musings from the 9.14 to Southern Cross

After being absent for a whole month, I wanted to pop my head in and say HI!

It's Summer in Straya!

It's been rather frustrating for me that all the end of year busy-ness has kept me away from my little bloggy space here in the Interwebs.

I've still been able to crochet daily, but I've been limited in time for designing and writing. Hopefully the upcoming summer holidays will give that back to me because I've really missed hanging out with you guys! I've been so desperate to blog, I'm currently writing this up on my little phone on the train to Southern Cross Station on my way to work!

I'm on the train. Bloggin' and stuff...
I have finally finished a delicious scarflet pattern I have been working on. That was created using some yummy Debbie Bliss cashmerino which was lovingly hand dyed and posted to me by Vicki from the blog Off The Hook in the UK.

I then became quite excited by the idea of these scarflets and made a slightly different variation using Moda Vera Shiver. This is a super soft, chunky acrylic yarn.

I have the idea of releasing the pattern with the 2 versions. One for cashmerino style yarns and one for chunky yarns. So stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

I also took some time to make a variation of my Stevie Bird pattern.

What do you think of this little Cockatoo?

I love him! I'd like to try making other Aussie birds too!

If you follow along on Spacey Facey, you'd know I love Xmas and Xmas movies! I have some goodies planned for my Saturday night Movies & Crochet.

We started off last weekend with one our favourite Xmas classics Die Hard! 

Once I had a glass of Egg Nog in hand, Die Hard on the tv and the lights twinkling on the Xmas tree I had that delicious, cosy Christmassy feeling!

And our old friend Rocko the Elf has arrived again this year. He always makes his debut like this:

The following day, we woke up and he continued the superhero theme.

Aren't these little masks adorable?  They were designed by Simple Made Pretty. You can download them for free after you subscribe to their site. They are designed to print so each mask perfectly fits your Elfs face. The eyeholes are even in the right place.

Our Christmas tree is up.

I wanted to go with a pink and gold theme this year. But I have so many cute little ornaments that are not pink and gold, and I absolutely HAVE TO put up that once again my tree is a mishmash of things.

Like these adorable little mushrooms I bought online a couple of years ago...

I recently discovered that we don't have to travel all the way to Phillip Island for Sonofagun No.2s penguin fix.

A couple of weeks ago it was Bears work Xmas party. It was held at a lovely restaurant called Little Blue on the St Kilda pier.

We got all dressed up and I spent a great deal of time ironing my hair and twisting it into lovely waves. I felt a bit glam!

We caught trains and trams to St Kilda, then had to walk along a very long pier to the little restaurant at the end. 

Unfortunately piers and bays are kind of windy. My hair did this....

Definitely NOT glam!         btw Where's Wally?
After taking refuge in the restaurant and grabbing a medicinal glass of bubbly, we realised on the otherside of the restaurant through some rather largish small windows, we could see a small crowd gathering around the rocks. We watched and were able to see some Australian Little Penguins emerge from the bay. 

One of the Wait Staff told us it was a nightly tourist attraction, so the Bear and I decided to take Sonofofagun No.2 and his Bear cub along the following weekend.

Now we were on the otherside of the glass!

Sonofagun No.2 waits for penguins....
These penguins certainly weren't shy!

They swim in just after sunset every night.

Many waddle their way up into the breakwater boulders to their nests but quite a few perch on top of the rocks to preen and perve at the two legged visitors.

So that's just a little recap from the train...

 If I don't get the chance to pop in again before Christmas, stay tuned for the end of the year when I do my Year of Saturday Night Movies & Crochet wrap up!


The Red Haired Amazona

Friday, 30 September 2016

A Day at the Royal Melbourne Show

We are reaching the end of a nice little 2 week break for the Spring School Holidays.

Normally during school holidays we don't do a lot. No, we do ALOT of nothing but vegging out watching movies and saying we're going to do stuff, then actually doing nothing.

These holidays we actually did some stuff. And I've enjoyed every day I spent with my crazy boys.
In the first week I took a deep breath, dipped deep into my meager savings and took the boys to the Royal Melbourne Show.

When we lived in Canberra, I never got around to taking Sonofagun No.1 to the Canberra Show, and now No.2 is old enough I thought it would be fun to check one out.

Now you know how a day out at these things go... It's long, crowded, shit weather, and you spend all of the dollars on crap while the kids whinge and you wish you never even bothered to battle crowds, fairy floss, outrageously priced rides and showbags.

I decided that was not going to happen.
I went a little crazy and made the choice to go on a week day when light rain was forecast. Crazy right? Not so crazy! 

I figured the crowds may be less. I also set a budget limit, pre-purchased our entry and ride passes online for the better discounts, and told the boys we would pace ourselves and enjoy the day.

The threat of rain and being a weekday meant the crowds were minimal. The best part was that it didn't rain all day! It was even a little sunny!

Here's the thing about Ferris Wheels. They look pretty and the idea of them is fun and romantic...
...but when you're stuck up inside one as it goes higher and higher, all I can think is, "I am in a nasty cage of death which is going to dislodge and I will fall in this death cage with my beloved children where we will all die a painful, horrific death all twisted and mangled in the metal. The kids thought it was 'fun'. Sickos.
We met some gorgeous pooches in the Dog Show area. Meet Penny the Boston Terrier!

I was a teensy bit star-struck as I found the Masterchef Building within the showgrounds which is used in the TV show Masterchef Australia which Sonofagun No.2 and I love watching every year.  There were lots of delicious foods in here...

How awesome to see the clock which the cameras focus on when judge Matt Preston counts down from and to the left, the gantry that some of the contestants watch the cooking competitions from.

After a day of Ferris Wheels, Showbags and ALL OF THE JUNK FOOD, the boys let me wander around the Art, Craft & Cookery Pavillion. So many wonderful entries! I took a stack of photos, more because I was cruising through at a quick pace and wanted to look at them again later. Would you like to see some?

There were lots of yarn bombed farm animals....


I loved looking at the entries in the different Crochet Competition Divisions...

Crochet sculpture
I loved this entry of little pottery type crocheted vases.

crochet blankets sophies choice
There were quite a few entries of sampler blankets and even two Sophies Choice blankets. Here's one on the left which won 2nd place.

Crochet competition
This beautiful Crocheted Parasol was the 1st Prize Winning entry in the Open section. It was created and designed by Josephine Sciaccitano. Beautiful!
Crochet Sampler Blanket
This was one of my favourites! A sampler blanket which won Best in Show in the Junior section. The young girl named it 'Homework Procrastination'. Darling, as you grow and crochet, you'll realize that there is nothing more enjoyable than crocheting instead of most other things!!!
More from the Junior Section... Aren't the kids who crocheted these entries super clever???

You know I love goats. I used to live on a farm with goats. But their eyes look so bloody evil. Goats are cute. Goats eyes make them look like devil spawn. It's one of those confusing crazy Mother Nature things....
No one thought I was strange for posing with a Granny Square covered cow. No one at all.

This big, beautiful amigurumi Hippo won 1st prize in the State Award.

 And just in case you were wondering, yes I did check out non- crochet stuff! Would you like to see some?

These were some of the entries in the Junior Ceramics. I absolutely adored all of these!
It's so hard to photograph through glass. ALL THE DELICIOUSNESS! Preserves. Yummmy!
 Alright people. Prepare yourselves.... Check out the CAKES!!!!

This magnificient cake won 1st prize.

Decorated Alice Cake
There is so much detail, it's like porcelain!

I couldn't see the sign for this gorgeous cake but it seemed to celebrate Totoro and Studio Gibli movies. If you haven't seen it, I thoroughly recommend My Neighbour Totoro.

Not a cake, back to the yarnbombed animals: A Felted Pig! (Sounds like the name of a hipster bar in Brunswick...)

So I spent waaaaay too much money and we ate lots of food that was probably not very good for us, but despite braving the cage of death, it was a fun day!

After seeing all the wonderful entries in the Crochet competition, I'm thinking of entering something in next year. Have you ever entered anything in a show? I'd love to hear your experiences or tips!

The Red Haired Amazona