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Friday, 11 August 2017

Desperately Seeking Spring

Winter has it's own beauty.
Like fog on the lake.

Dew drops on sedge

Frosty cobwebs on the Tangled Lignum.

Sun burning through the fog.

This is my favourite.

The hot pink tips of a leucodendron bring some warmth.

Yes, yes it looks very mystical and romantic but bloody hell, I'm sick of being cold.

I am utterly hankering for some signs of Spring, warmth and SUN!!

And later that afternoon I found some signs that Spring isn't too far away.

At Sonofagun No.2s school!

Broadbeans in the school vegie garden.  A wintery vegetable but fresh growth screams Spring.

Cornflowers, oh yes!

And while they always live at the local train station, the Rainbow Lorikeets screeching and flapping around the palms feel summery. Even though on this next morning when I took this photo, it was about 10 degrees celcius.

I have been loving my new cotton mitts.

I started making a new pair in pinks and apricots. But wasn't a huge fan of the colourways.

So for the tutorial I am writing, I started a new pair in peacock inspired colours.  Purple, teal, dark blue, pinks, silver...

Photography is always best in a well lit sunny room, but this is not common lately.  However I am hoping to have the tutorial finished soon.

Just before the Northern Hemisphere autumn!  I was thinking of taking a pair with me when I fly up to that side of the planet in just 4 weeks time, but I think it may still be a little warm.
The Google tells me the temperature should be around the early 20s (celcius). Just warm enough to enjoy being out with out being too hot.

The Red Haired Amazona

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Beating the Winter Can'tBeStuffeds with Crochet

I haven't really been posting as often lately. I haven't exactly got the winter blues, more the Winter Uninspireds.

The Winter Boreds.

The Winter Can'tBeStuffeds.

Not with crochet. But with Doing Other Stuff.

Like excursions and day trips.  

Melbourne winters aren't that challenging. Yes it's a bit cold. Sometimes really frickin cold. But I grew up in Canberra which is bitterly icy freeze your nuts off cold.  Especially at night when it gets down to minus 7 celcius.  So Melbourne ain't that bad. But it's just unpleasantly windy, rainy, cloudy and glum. And I don't really want to leave the house that much. 

Which has been awesome from a crochet perspective!

I've finished a Rainbow Scoodie.

scarf hoodie scoodie

And 3 different sets of wrist cuffs including writing up and publishing the pattern for one of them.

Crochet wristlet
I'm still experimenting with this wrist cuff. I think the shell cuff part should probably be horizontal striped instead of vertical. What do you think?

I was also sorely, sorely tempted to purchase an Attic24 pack from Wool Warehouse in Pommie Land to make a granny stripe blanket.  


2 reasons. Firstly I looked at my mishmash of yarn and wanted to make something to use it up.  Like thousands of Crochet Queens, I love Lucy and always wanted to make a Granny Stripe Blanket. 

Secondly because I worked out that it's just as cheap to buy one of these packs (including postage) as it is to buy the same amount of DK but another brand from retailer Lincraft here in Australia! Crazy isn't it?

But after sorting through my stash, I realised I had the same of most colours, and similar shades of others. The compulsive shopper in me itched to jump online and order. Fulfil that glorious endorphine rush of waiting for that big package to arrive in the post with the thrilling Royal Mail sticker. Opening it and soaking up all those gorgeous bronze bands of Stylecraft DK that I've seen online.

BUUUUTTTT the sensible Amazona (who rarely makes appearances) popped her head up and said "No. Not yet sweet Red Haired Amazona. USE WHAT YOU HAVE!!!"

I only needed to buy 3 extra colours.  I had small balls left of them but they wouldn't have completed a whole stripe. I found them at my local Big W. 

So I've put my designer brain to rest for a little while and am enjoying row after row of mindless granny stripes. So delicious and satisfying!

rainbow crochet
25 rows of delicious Granny stripes with only 1 colour substitution. I couldn't find Aspen green so used a grey instead. No, they aren't rug stains, just lens smudges. OK they are rug stains.  :(

I've promised myself that special thing that all Yarn Crafters promise themselves.  Not to buy anymore yarn until I use what I have....  Are you laughing with me? We both know it's sort of a white lie, don't we? 

crochet meme

As I mentioned before, we haven't really had any excursions out for a little while. We've had a bad run of illness and injury here in the Amazona household. 
At the moment Sonofagun No.2 has a persistent cough which has kept him home on and off for a couple of weeks. I'm exercising Mothers Discretion and have kept him at home since last Thursday to try and help him shake it.  

But in a week* we are fleeing Melbourne's Wintery Lurve for some Northern Exposure.

(*I originally just wrote "In a few of weeks", then wrote the rest of the post. Happened to glance at the date today and realised it's in just 1 week! Crap! haven't found anyone to look after the bird or packed, or booked a rental car or anything!  Is there anyone in the area who is willing to Bird sit for 1 week in exchange for a couple of balls of yarn?)

5 days in Coffs Harbour.  

I had hoped it would be warmer than here. It is 15 hours drive north from Melbourne (we're flying thank goodness!). The Weather man is telling me it's only 19 degrees there today but thats a good 5 degrees warmer than here and it is beachside and lush and green and it will be lovely to have a change of scenery.  And of course I'll share holiday snaps with you! 

I'll probably pop instant snaps on my Facebook page. Now which crochet project should I take with me?  

My Granny Stripe Blanket? Or a small project like wrist cuffs?  
The Red Haired Amazona