Saturday, 11 July 2015

Beware the Antarctic Vortex!!!

Hello Possums!

Just popping in for a quick hello!

It's a dreary week we have ahead. 

A big icy blast is hitting Kangaroo Land this week from the south. The news peeps are calling it The Antarctic Vortex! When I heard that on tv last night I laughed and laughed! 

It won't be anywhere near as bad as the Polar Vortex which hit the US last year. But they do love to over exaggerate, don't they? 

If one of my favourite fellow bloggers Auntie Shan in Canada reads that the Antarctic Vortex will see Melbourne shivering in temperatures as low as 10c, she will also laugh and laugh!  

So it will be a little bit extra cold and unpleasant in Melbourne. 

This afternoon I have been cosied up inside watching Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith with Sonofagun No.2, slurping down huge cups of tea and playing with yarn.

organic cotton yarn

Last week the Mothership gave me the beautiful yarns that she bought for me whilst holidaying in Italy.

2 balls of delicious Bio-bimbo cotton and a selection of Lana Gatto merino.

Italian merino

I still haven't figured out what I'm going to make with them. But how gorgeous and exotic!

Axel the genderless budgie is happily tweeting everytime he/she hears R2D2 in the movie from his/her perch atop Juicy Moosey.

flocked deer

Actually he's more of a deer than a moose. Whoops. 

I'm more than 2/3 through my Granny Stripe afghan.

attic 24 afghan

I am absolutely loving my new Knitpro crochet hook. So easy on the hands! 

I also indulged in another super expensive imported craft magazine this morning!


Cup's almost empty. Must be time for another!  This is one of those gorgeous cups I bought in Port Macquarie at World Par- Tea

Peacock Tea Mug

On the WIP front, I have finally finished backing and adding the finishing touches to my Intarsia scarf. Just in time for the Antarctic Vortex!!

Antarctic Vortex knit scarf

How's your weekend going?
The Red Haired Amazona


  1. I always assumed Axel was green - a boy - what a surprise I've just had! Loving the blanket!

    1. Ha! He/she sort of acts like a boy but his/ her cere above his/ her beak never changed colour as he/she became an adult so we cant tell and i didnt want to impose a gender on him/her but don't want to refer to him/her as 'it' like an object such as a coffee cup!

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, it's always so great to have new visitors :) I love your bio-bimbo yarn, what a fab name apart from anything else :) Your scarf is fab, so detailed, and I love the backing but more especially the pom-poms :)

    1. Hi Jill. So lovely to meet you! I always love meeting like-minded crochet souls :) I'm really glad you popped over for a visit!

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! - seriously. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    -- geez, my basement room averages around 15C during the Winter! - [It's 20C down in here at the moment and 35C upstairs!]
    Unless there's a "MINUS"-SIGN involved *AND* SNOW, I'd worry more about the "vortex" part rather than the "cold"! - [afterall, it is "SHARK WEEK" up here... #SHARKNADO]

    1. Ha! I knew you'd get a good laugh out of that!
      BTW loved that movie #sharknado #qualitymovieviewing ;)

    2. To be honest, I've never actually watched the Movie, but my Mom has and quite enjoyed the stupidness of it! ;-}

    3. BTW, come to think of it, I've also experienced some of that Antarctic "breeziness"... Was in NZ about 25 years ago, in JUNE! Got as far south as Christchurch. Was about 6C then... And rained for the most part - [hate cold rain!]. The "funny" part, when I got home to Ottawa, it was a coolish Summer and only about 15C to 20C at best until later in the season! - The 3 days in Honolulu during my return were the only real "summer" [30C+] days that I got that year!
      oh, and I did the COOK STRAIT FERRY-crossing in drizzly weather too! - 4 hours of wretched seasickness the whole way! - I peeked out a porthole once... 30-ft waves at least it looked like...
      Good times... Good Times... ;-D

  4. Ooh that wool is beautiful, the variegated pink is just perfect. You made me laugh about the cold weather but all those beautiful knitted items will keep you cosy.

    1. The pink is my favourite too! Im cosied on the couch tonight under one of my crocheted blankets but not too cold because the ducted heating is cranked up!

  5. You can snuggle up with your lovely new yarns and keep nice and cosy. I love your intarsia scarf.

  6. I'm almost wishing it was winter here!

  7. Aren't granny stripe blankets just gorgeous? I love mine! xx

    1. I'm surprised how quick it's working up. And I'm a teensy bit obsessed with these gorgeous stripes!