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Laila Persian Crocheted Lantern- NEW PATTERN

In Arabic 'Laila' means 'night'. When I stayed in Lombok in 1999/2000 my Indonesian friends called me 'Laila' as they knew I loved the Eric Clapton song. It was their way of gentle joking and welcoming me into their family.  I've been working on this lantern for way too long. I started it initially back in January while on holiday to Mollymook. I took a bag of assorted cottons in a bag and started making these up on the table on the back deck. It took a little bit to get the measurements right to fit the metal hoop. This was my first finished lantern. It was cute and colourful. But I decided I had to up my tassel game. Go hard or go home. I also created a little holder for a battery operated tealight to go inside and hang low. This gives maximum effect for the light casting out through the holes in the granny squares. And voila! I have made 2 different sizes.  The written pattern is for the pink and green lantern on the left below, but I have also included f

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