Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Scoodie Scoodie Gumdrops


free scoodie pattern

Goodie! It's a Scoodie!

Whilst I may be modelling this bright little Scoodie and I'm a full blown adult sized person, it's actually for a 10 year old. 

crochet scoodie

It's a fairly simply design which was inspired by a Rainbow Hoodie posted by Marken of the Hat & I.  There are some key changes though. 

Most of the Scoodie patterns I found had the scarf as an infinity scarf style which is joined in a loop to the hood. I have made it so each scarf end hangs freely.  I also have used a lighter yarn (just double knit) which requires more rows etc.  I felt this was lighter than the worsted weight as the Little Mermaid who is going to wear it is currently in Queensland (although now she is moving to much colder climes apparently!)

And smaller yarn means smaller hooks and more stitches!
The mama of the Little Mermaid didn't want any pom poms, but you could pop one on the peak of the hood, or hanging from the scarf ends.

One tip. You'll notice I do my beginning chains with a 4mm hook, then switch to a 3.5mm hook.  This is prevent the beginning chain looking too tight (which you might notice in the first photo up top).
I now always use this hot tip:

easy granny stripe

Yarn: Double Knit in your favourite colours
A 4mm hook and 3.5mm hook
Darning Needle


To make the hood, I chained a length which is long enough to start from one shoulder, over the head to the other shoulder.  

I haven't mentioned colour changes in the pattern so you can change colours every row like I did, use only a few colours or make the whole piece in just one colour!

scarf hoodie crochet
So bright, my eyes, my eyes are burning!!!

With 4mm hook Chain 100.  This should give an ultimate hood length from one shoulder, over the head to the other shoulder of 58cm.

Switch to 3.5mm hook

Row 1: DC in the 3rd chain from the hook. DC in each chain across. Ch 4 & turn.

Row 2: 3 DC in the space between the 3rd & 4th DCs of the previous row. (Then skip 3 DCs , 3 DCs between the next 3rd & 4th DC posts.) Until the end then ending with 1 DC in the top of the last DC (which was the beginning ch 3) of the previous row. Ch 3 & turn.

*After creating all those granny clusters by crocheting 3DCs in the gaps between the 3rd and fourth DCs of the previous row,  the last granny cluster should leave 2 DCs in row one left (made up of 1DC and the beginning ch 3 of row 1). Your final single DC of row is made in the top of that ch 3.*

Row 3- 28: DC in the next gap closest to the chain 3 which should give the effect of having 2 DCs, then in each gap between each cluster of 3DCs of the previous row, crochet 3 DCs.
Continue in granny stripes.
At the end of 28 rows, finish off.

Fold in half and stitch the beginning chain sides together.

Now your folded piece should be approximately 29cm long.
Hood finished!  Weave in any ends to save too much weaving work later. 


This scarf is 166cm long all the way around.

Starting with your 4mm hook:

Ch 89, then slip stitch to the front bottom left corner, then SC around the base of the hood with 2 SCs in each DC post.
When you have SC'd around to the front bottom right hand side, start chaining again: Ch 89. Then Ch 3 & turn.

Switch down to your 3.5mm hook:

Row 1: DC in the 4th ch from the hook. DC in the same ch.
Skip 2 ch, 3 DC in the next ch, skip 2 ch, 3DC in the next ch. Continue in this pattern across all the chains and SCs to the very end. Then Ch 3, turn.

Row 2- 11 : continue in Granny Stripe, changing colours at the end of each row.
Then finish off.

Add your edging colour of choice. Join to any corner and sc around the entire scarf and hood.

crochet scoodie pattern

To finish off the scarf ends I crocheted cute little bunting flags as follows:
In each SC across: Ch 1 , HDC, DC, Ch 3 then sl st into 1st Ch, DC, HDC, SC, HDC, DC, Ch 3 then sl st into 1st Ch, DC, HDC, SC, HDC, DC, Ch 3 then sl st into 1st Ch, DC, HDC, SC, HDC, DC, Ch 3 then sl st into 1st Ch, DC, HDC, SC.

You could also make some cute little pom poms for the scarf ends.

free scoodie pattern

I'm soaking up the gorgeous colour before this gets popped in an Express Post bag for Bananabender land!

scoodie scoodie gumdrops

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ailments Autumn!

I've decided to declare that it's Ailments Autumn.

First Sonofagun No.2 was sick with a cold virus (he's much better now, k thx).

Then I was sick with the same thing. (I'm much better now, k thx ).

Then I was hobbling around with an infected blister on my right foot (still going, k thx).

Then yesterday as I was only very mildly limping across the road to catch a tram, I pushed off a bit too quickly on my other leg and felt an unpleasant and painful pop in my calf.

The tram driver who had seen me coming initially gave a nod as if to say, "Sure luv, I'll wait for you!"  

But as soon as he saw me stumble, cry out and start hopping, he sort of shrugged, gave a ting of his little bell and took off.  Which meant I then had to very painfully limp up to Southern Cross Station on foot.

I was in a hurry you see.

I was late leaving work and had only 6 minutes to make the train.  We had tickets to see Spandau Ballet at Rod Laver Arena and I had to be home quickly to pick up Sonofagun No.2 from after school care, race home to bath and help feed both Sonofaguns, then get dressed before the babysitter arrived.

I made the train, just.
I sat there trying not to be a Big Girls Blouse and kept slowly wiggling my foot gently up and down so the muscle didn't freeze whilst texting the Blonde Bombshell and the Bear about the unfolding dilemma....  how the Jimmy Fallon would I handle walking around, and up and down the stairs at a stadium?

By the time I finally made it home, I collapsed in a painful heap and realised that I wouldn't be able to go.  

Babysitter was cancelled. And we quickly found a friend who was not only available to go along with my ticket at 10 minutes notice, but is a massive Spandau Ballet fan and was absolutely Pee His Pants excited.  Apparently he knew the words to all the songs and sang along unashamedly like a 10 year old at a One Direction concert.  That made me feel really happy!  I am not a fan, not not a fan of the group so whilst it would have been nice to go, I wasn't devastated and I was just very pleased the ticket went to someone who enjoyed their brains out.

So my lovely Dr Leprecaun (who by the way, tells me in his adorable lilting Irish brogue that HE doesn't have an accent, I have the accent! Isn't he cute?) told me this morning that it may be a torn calf muscle and I get to have an ultrasound tomorrow. My first ever that won't end with the statement "It looks like you're expecting a boy..."

I always look on the bright side. I get to camp my luscious derriere on the couch this afternoon and watch Malificent on Netflix and do something with yarn.  Gosh I love injuries!

So there's an old project calling me.  A WIP left over from last winter.  Something special. 
Something DIFFERENT to my usual crochet projects.

I'm coming out of the closet and exploring my bistitchuality.  Yes Bistitchuality.  It's when, you know, you can do BOTH.

Crochet AND Knitting!  

Last night I finished my crocheted Scoodie.  Today I'm going to try and finish my Knitted scarf which I started last winter.  I feel so brazen! 

So the scarf in question.  I taught myself to knit on Youtube the winter before last.  I knitted a block of something random.  I practised knitting and purling in that block. I then tried throwing in a few different colours because I grew bored doing row after row of the same thing.  After maybe 50 rows, I decided to move on.

I made an Intarsia scarf.  It was kind of groovy with crappy tension.

I do apologise for the blurry photo. 

Anywho it's as thick as a python and too warm for Melbourne winters.

So last winter I started making a smaller narrower scarf.

Here it is! 

I know. It has bonking Reindeer. Sorry about that. They just cracked me up when I saw them on the Interwebs.

Now I have to finish it.

Being Intarsia there's a mess of threads on the back.  I'm trying to decide whether I sew on a strip of polar fleece, sew it together longways to form a tube, or knit a plain coloured backing and sew that on. 
What do you think?
If any of you are Intarsia knitting Geniuses, I would love to hear what you recommend!

I have heard of a type of double knitting style as well where you sew two sides of knitting at the same time on the 2 needles. I'm thinking about finding out more about that as well.

So I have finally finished my Rainbow Scoodie for my friends Little Mermaid in Queensland.


I was inspired by a pattern I found on Ravelry by Marken of the Hat & I but ended up making it quite differently.
The other pattern uses worsted weight wool with a 6mm hook. 
I used DK and a 3.5mm hook, therefore had loads more stitches etc

The differences are in the size, number of stitches, type of yarn, size of hook and edging. In addition I changed the design of the scarf. The original pattern crochets up the scarf in an infinity style. I have done it (as requested by the Little Mermaids mum) so the two scarf ends hang independently.  And also Little Mermaids mum didn't want any pompoms.

No, I am NOT a mermaid.  I have almost drowned on 3 separate occasions. Nor am I little.

I'm thinking of making another with Pockets on the ends of each scarf to keep little hands warm and possibly writing it up.  I just want to make another to test it!  You have no idea how much fudging around I did with this one. Plus the beginning chain (which is sewn up at the back to make the hood) is too tight and warped a little. I'd correct that with my new favourite crochet tip which you may or may not be aware of:

Don't forget my lovelies to come over and visit my Facebook page.  I totes love chatting with peeps on there and I love it even more when you show off your finished glorious creations!  

My favourite day is Handmade Monday!

The Red Haired Amazona

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ice Cream & Pirates Aye

I've been a big sook about the miserable Autumn weather.  No, don't deny it, don't try and make me feel better, I know I've been a whinge.  I've whinged about the weather, I've whinged about the crappy autumn colour.  I've also whinged about politics but mostly to the family. I wouldn't put you poor sods through that. Political whingers are boring.

But Saturday was a vast improvement.  Politics didn't change, but the weather did!

It was gorgeous and warm.  

Sonofagun No.2 had a birthday celebration to attend.  It was bouncing fun at a trampoline fun park, followed by lunch in the lovely south west suburb of Williamstown.

Williamstown is a lovely old suburb with a maritime history back to the early to mid 19th Century.  In the last 10 years or so it has had a facelift and become a popular tourist spot, but doesn't get too overrun. There's pubs, hotels, ice creameries, cafes and in permanent residence at Gem Pier is a restored World War 2 mine sweeper, the HMAS Castlemaine.  For a small fee you can go aboard and check out all the historical bits and have a chat to the volunteers.  I took the Sonofaguns aboard a year or two back and started talking to this distinguished older gentleman who looked a bit like Bob Hope.  Not only was he a volunteer who assisted with the upkeep, but he told me he actually worked on the vessel during the war!  

After flattering him a little (86? You don't look a day over 65!), he took us on an impromptu tour around the ship and let Sonofagun No.2 ring the ship's bell on the hour!

One of our favourite things to do after popping down for lunch or coffees, is to drive around the suburb perving at all the beautiful old houses. Some restored, so not, some art deco style, some over a hundred years old. They're flippin expensive and probably haunted. That's what I tell myself when I feel sad that I don't live in one.

Commonwealth Reserve was just waiting for us parentals to take our kids screaming through the park, but there was serious business to attend to first.

Ice cream ain't no laughing matter.  After stuffing ourselves on pizzas for lunch, I sadly declined but Sonofagun No.2 and his friends had the best time choosing just the right cone (plain waffle cone, choc dipped waffle cone, choc dipped with sprinkles waffle cone etc and that's JUST the cone)

We had lunched at La Porchetta which is a pizzeria in one of the old original hotels.  The stained glass windows around the front door were amazing!

I had been here before but never noticed them!  

Ice creams in hand, we walked over to the park to find it was overrun with.... pirates!

The replica tall ship 'The Enterprize' was docked.  The Enterprize is a replica of the original ship which brought the first white settlers to Port Phillip Bay in 135 from Hobart.

The Enterprize was docked opposite the HMAS Castlemaine and there were pirates, and wenches and people dressed up as piratey wenches and people dressed up to look like they were from the olden days without quite knowing what they were supposed to be, but hey, slap a bandanna on and who'll notice?

Captain Jack Sparrow was suitably Sparrowish without appearing completely plastered, and even cracked a few jokes about illegally importing puppies!

Then one of the poor sailor lads was accused of stealing chocolate. There was some sword fightery on the Enterprize where we all cheered and booed at the chocolate stealing blaggard and his accuser in equal measure.

Up until this point, the crowd was all keen to see if he'd really do it! It's bloody freezing and possibly polluted. Blech.  His reaction at hitting the water was more authentic than most of the acting up to this point.

Thar she blows! (or something like that)...

A round thing that holds ropes but looks cool.

You know they're genuine pirates and ye olden days people when a real life person dressed as a random olden days person is playing piratey sounding ditties on a piano accordion!
Isn't it beautiful though!

Thar she be, The Enterprize in all her glory.

It was clear and sunny enough to appreciate the view of the HMAS Castlemaine against the backdrop of the Melbourne CBD.

This is another fun thing to do.  These cute little river ferries travel from Williamstown, up the Yarra River into the city to dock near Flinders Street Station.  

The SSS Steve Irwin, a Sea Shepherd vessel was docked, no doubt having a very well earned break after saving Antarctic whales from the evil Japanese whaling ships.

Now that's one hell of a skull & crossbones!

How was your weekend?

The Red Haired Amazona

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Rainbow Lorikeets, Rainbow Scoodies

After I dropped Sonofagun No.2 at school this morning, I went in search of some autumn colour.

Autumn in the Imperial City is magical.  The city is full of deciduous plantings and is awash with all the oranges, reds and yellows at this time of year.  

By Lake Burley Griffin foreshore in Canberra
Image c/o National Geographic Traveller

Melbourne has loads of evergreens so finding autumn colour is a bit harder. I live in the west, perhaps there are more over on the east side of the city.

Despite the miserable rainy weather, I went for a quick local walk looking for autumn colour. Whilst I didn't find much deciduous colour, there were some other nice finds.

I know what you're all thinking.  Gee Willickers thats a bad photo of a tree! 
I do apologise. This was hastily taken out the car window. It was the only deciduous colourful tree I found in my journey this morning!  And I was using my Samsung S5 Jimbo who isn't as good as taking photos as Kevin my actual camera. I accidentally left Kevin at home.

There are some beautiful roses and beautiful photos of roses. This isn't exactly one of them. BUT it smelt amazing! Growing near the path in someones front yard. I inhaled it!

Dark clouds are looming and shortly afterwards the rain came down.

My! What a beautiful morning over the local oil refinery.  I wish I could have found one of the local fisherman with his catch of the day, our very own rare breed of 3 eyed fish, but sadly the rain kept them away.

I love these old Melaleucas.  A perfect climbing tree!

As I was driving home, it started pouring with the most icy rain. I spied this beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet drinking the nectar from the Eucalyptus blossums. 

The blurry spots are rain drops on the car windscreen. I was too worried that despite the rain, if I got out of the car, he'd fly away!

And finally in my own front yard the Bird of Paradise are flowering. Aren't the colours amazing?

So it's lunchtime and I'll let you in on a little secret. This small, local, seemingly insignificant, dingy little takeaway shop hidden down a back street in my suburb makes the most amazing fish and chips you've ever tasted. I've stopped here for a piece of grilled fish (not sure how many eyes they had) and chips to take home for lunch

So I've had a few misadventures with my rainbow hoodie.  It was too big.  There is actually a 14 year old hidden in the photo below!

So I've frogged back the entire scarf part, plus 8 rows of the hood, so red is now the front row.  I think this will make a huge difference.  It took HOURS!  

But I continue to persevere!  I'll start fresh again on the scarf. I might make it longer than the previous one.  I'm not sure yet. All the other hoodie scarf patterns I've found all have the scarf part as an infinity scarf. But the design brief is for a free hanging scarf down each side. I might incorporate either little pockets into each scarf end, or a button so each of the ends can be buttoned together to form an infinity scarf.  

I've gone so far off the original pattern.  The only similarity is the rainbowness!  I might have to write up my pattern!

By the way I found one website that says hoodie scarves are actually called Scoodies!

The Red Haired Amazona

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hat Frenzy!

Have you ever noticed that when you've REALLY got THINGS that need to be done and deadlines to do them by, that life makes it just that little bit more tricky?

Don't worry. I'm not one of those FML people. I tend to take such things good naturedly and with a bit of humour after the fact. Whilst it's happening, I just put my head down and focus on the endgame.

The last 2 weeks I've been trying to complete 2 Cloche Hats for my friends adorable little girls who both shared a birthday party yesterday. 

I had put aside my current project of the Rainbow Hoodie while I finished the hats.  I had actually started them a couple of months ago to be ready as birthday gifts, then picked up the hoodie and then with 2 weeks to go realised that hoodie must wait, and once again worked on the Cloche hats.

And when the heat is on, when the DEADLINE looms, when the PRESSURE BUILDS,
what happens?

Sonofagun No.2 gets sick with the dreaded lurgy.

And then I get sick with the dreaded lurgy. 


No reason! Just because!

But truth will out.  Nope, wrong adage. Manners maketh man.  No, not that one either....

Onwards and upwards!

That'll do.

I soldiered on (with Codral of course....  Aussies will know what I'm talking about).  Drugs and copious cups of tea and honey and All of The Things helped me suck it up and perservere!

For those of you who've made these, you'll know the hat part is pretty quick and easy. The time consuming part is the decorating.  But this is also what I really enjoy.

I found a very pretty leaf pattern on Lakeview Cottage Kids.  The pattern includes a little leaf stem, however I left it out as it wasn't necessary for the hats.

I expanded on a flower idea originally designed by me ol' mate Vicki from Off The Hook for her wavy flower.

I added an extra row of flowery-ness inside to create a fat Can-can dress effect.

And as you can see from the picture above, I also LOOOOOOOOVE crocheting green viney twirls all over the hats.  It's so addictive!

I also found the most adorable and super fast little swirly rosebud pattern thanks to the Pinterest aka 'Where did the last 5 hours of my life go?'

The pattern can be found on the Pink Milk blog site.  They are not only super fast, but super easy to whip up!

Sonofagun No. 2 is such a great sport.  He happily modelled the finished product so I could show it off to you guys!

They are a little bit big for him as you be able to see from the fact the top looks a bit saggy, but they'll fit and last ages for the new owners.  

This sweet little Cloche hat can be found in it's original format in Russian here (and poorly translated english).

BUT for the English language written pattern, you can go here!!! 

AND don't forget that Vicki and I have also created a series of video tutorials for this sweet little hat as well.....

Now back to that hoodie!

My favourite day is Monday because I get to check out all the lovely blogs of craft minx's who join in Handmade Monday! Click on the big square thing below to visit and be inspired!

The Red Haired Amazona