Monday, 15 June 2020

Iso- Granny Square Project & Iso- lovin' staying at home!

I don't love the reason why we've been in Iso. It brings out the hypochondriac in me. Seriously. I went several weeks constantly checking my temperature. I had to buy a bulk pack of batteries for my digital thermometer. I also bought one of those little oximeters as I heard they are a good way of monitoring your oxygen levels if you do get the Covid and need to know when to go to the ER.
I think this makes me one of those Covidiots?

On the plus side we need an oximeter for Sonofagun No.1 who has asthma so it wasn't a total waste of $25.

To calm myself down I picked up yarn and hook.

And started making a pile of grannies. I had a hankering to make something with granny squares. So I have started to make a vest.

Crazy? Hell yeah!
I grabbed a selection of cottons and spun them into cakes.

I drew up a basic idea of what how I think it might look.
One of my dearest friends saw this photo and said she was going to show her sons whenever they asked why they still need to do maths at school.

 I decided I wanted a large granny square for the back piece. The Bear says it looks like one of the logos members of biker gangs have sewn on the back of their leather jackets. 
Except this is a crochet gang emblem. We're a bunch of wicked hookers!
 My granny square piles grew...
I think this would be a gorgeous Christmas wreath!
 I like seeing yarn befores and afters...

Now I sewed the squares together. At this stage I thought I may have to crochet more grannies than I'd planned. 

I've been really, really good at sewing in ends after each and every round.

And this is where I'm up to.
3 pieces made. Left and right front pieces and the back piece.
I pinned them together and tried it on. I need to do another row down the inside of each front piece as well as another row to go along the bottom edge. 
I'll also crochet a batch of triangles to curve out those arm pit and chest angles. 
What do you think so far?

What have you been making while in Iso? 

The Red Haired Amazona