Thursday, 29 July 2021

I love Paris... er, Melbourne in the Springtime

We are emerging from a brief lockdown and our numbers here are wonderfully low. I believe we only had 8 cases today in Victoria. However NSW is copping a bit of a hit with 239 cases today and it climbs every day. 
It's nowhere near as high as number in other countries so we are super lucky, but we don't want to have them climb any higher. 
This week after a windy, dreary winter we are seeing signs of Spring.
Just a few short months ago I planted an assortment of peachy tulips, light blue muscari, pink violets and sweet peas in a wooden crate. And yesterday I was surprised with this...
They're lovely, aren't they?
I had a pot of hyacinths which have almost finished. But there's one delicious pink one left. Its perfume fills the pergola.

Chuck was trying to get into every single photo. When I relented and tried to take a photo of him, he'd get shy and put his head down. Some crazy hand waving got him to look up for a moment.
I found this pretty double violet at a hardware shop a few weeks ago. I have trouble with rampaging violets in my garden. But I planted them all so it's totally self inflicted.
I had lots of left over little leaves and flowers from my Jardin d’été pot plant cosies. So I thought I'd try making myself a shoulder bag and covering it with them. Maybe embroidering some flowers as well. 

8Track loves to jump up whenever I'm taking photos and he steals my yarn balls. However he was asleep so I thought, "Yes! I can do this without interruption!"

I took one photo...
And that's as far as I got.
The bag isn't finished yet. Still lots of little things to sew on. And maybe I'll make a few more. For the bag I didn't follow a pattern. I simply crocheted a bag type shape. I also intend to line it with some pretty material and add a zipper.
Over the past few years I've been drawn more and more to french stuff. Must be all the verres de vin I drink!  🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷😁

Maybe it's because our background has a healthy smattering of French and Irish in it! 

I have been a huge fan of French artist Nathalie Lete for the past few years. I had a calendar of her artwork from a few years ago. I've cut out some and stuck them up on the wall in our study. I just loves the colours and images. When I'm stuck for inspiration sometimes I look at these pictures and pull out a handful of cottons in similar colours and start randomly crocheting placemats, bags, and they inspired my pot cosies!

So I decided about 6 weeks ago to learn French. Part of the reason is for a form of brain training as well as a love of the culture.  I am already fairly conversational in Indonesian language. The funny thing is when I am trying to practice the french, Indonesian words keep trying to fill the space when I don't know the french words. 

"Mari kita ke supermarche s'il vous plait?"

"Je voudrais nasi goreng, terima kasih." I dunno about you but they just kind of sound nice together!

After following her free videos on youtube, I decided to sign up to a 3 month online course with Learn French with Alexa.  She is very easy to follow and entertaining. I figured that if I'm going to throw money at something, I'm going to commit to it for at least that time. 

I also supplement my learning by watching french movies and tv shows on netflix and listening to french rock bands on spotify. Yes I use english subtitles for the shows, but try and pick out what I can. They talk so bloody fast and run their words together! But that's what we Aussies do as well so I won't complain.

My parents have visited France a couple of times. One day I hope to visit myself. If nothing else than to eat all the fromage and drink all the champagne!!  

Have you got any language learning tips for me? I'd appreciate all the help I can get!

 Au revoir dan sampai jumpa lagi!!


Red Haired Amazona

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Jardin D'été Pot Cosies- Foxtail, Morning Glory & Clematis

They're more than a little bit fabulous!
I have just finished designing and writing up the patterns for not 1, not 2, but 3 different pot cosies...

The first one is inspired by beautiful foxtail catkin flowers. And have some fat Hoya type leaves sloshing around the bottom of them.

I had bought some indoor plants recently from a hardware shop.
They were sweet little potted plants which were sitting in a white ceramic pot.
I thought they looked fresh and Scandi. But you know me. I get bored with plain.

So I grabbed some cottons and got busy.
I didn't stop at just one type.
I was also inspired by all the delicate Morning Glory flowers that were twining around my garden.
They are so lovely I wanted to see them curling around these little cosies.
I fell in love with the art deco style flowers that flew off my hook.
I just kept crocheting all these pretty little circles.

On my back fence I had also planted a luscious Clematis. I've always been in awe of them.
They're like huge garden stars. I crocheted a selection of different colours and for the last pot cosy, I adorned it with 3 flowers on short stems. Each flower is equidistantly placed around the pot.

There's also a scattering of little sweet gold french knots. I always thought french knots were these mystically tricky embroidery things. But they're actually super easy once you practice a few.
So do you prefer plain white ceramic pots? 
Or something a bit more fun?
I should give them a collection type name. The word ' botanica' came to mind but it's been horrendously overused in marketing.
I've actually been trying to learn French for the past 6 weeks. I practice everyday but learning a language using Youtube, podcasts and books isn't easy. However I came up with the name Jardin D'été which is french for 'Summer Garden.

As usual my sons' cat 8Track the feisty little demon was ridiculously curious about EVERYTHING and kept walking into my little photo sets...
It was frustrating and funny at the same time.

All three patterns will be available in my Etsy shop for US$3 each. So cheap! Or you can purchase all 3 in one downloadable kit for US$7. 

Which one will you make? Or will you make all three? 

Bisou bisou! 

aux cheveux roux