Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Lockdown, lanterns and horny security guards

 We're currently in Stage 4 lockdown.

Just as we thought we almost had this thing licked, a security guard working at a hotel in the Melbourne CBD where people were staying to quarantine after returning from overseas decided it was an ok idea to bonk one of them. 

And caught covid. Then passed it on to his work colleagues, family, friends. You know the drill.

I mean I'm usually as happy as the next person for a bit of a shag, but even at my horniest I'd make pretty damn sure the other person wasn't potentially carrying the 21st century version of the plague. 

A classic Covidiot.

On the plus side we're at the tail end of a delightfully mild winter. There's only 3 weeks left until Spring but the violets, daphne and hyacinths fill the air out in the back yard with perfume.

It's almost glorious enough for me to forget about the stupid, horny security guard who spread a virus around into every corner of the city. Most especially into my corner. 

Oh yes. My postcode is now known as a 'hotspot'. Doesn't that sound exciting boys and girls!

I just LOVE wearing a mask everywhere and fearing for mine and my families health.

8 Track the kitten has become a dominant force in the house.

He's super adorable BUT he thinks jumping up onto the kitchen bench is the most marvelous idea. He also has a nasty habit of teasing Bijoux and Chuck. We are trying to discourage him with a spray bottle of water everytime he does something he shouldn't.

At his most atrocious he can end up becoming soaking wet.
And then he gives us these beautiful blue eyed looks.
We've had quite a few days that were as warm as 15- 17c. I wheeled the tomatoes out for some direct sunlight on the weekend. I was also hoping to attract some bugs in to pollinate the tomato flowers. Stick their little proboscis' in to dab around some pollen. Perhaps I should track down that security guard. 
The guinea pig ladies have a brand new hutch. There's a big square piece of glass on top as it was supposed to rain later and we haven't fashioned a proper covering yet.
It's a sign of the times when a girl has to crochet a basket to hold the family face mask collection!

Under Stage 4 we are allowed to leave our homes for a maximum of 1 hour each day to exercise within a 5km distance from our home.
The Bear and I took Chuck for a lovely walk on Sunday. The wattle are starting to flower. 
One of my favourite bloggers Teresa Kasner made mention in one of her recent posts of a beautiful crocheted lamp pattern she had found online. I followed the link from her blog and was so inspired by the designer Elealinda's lamps that I bought the pattern (which can be found here!)

Here is a picture from the Elealinda Etsy page. Aren't they absolutely beautiful?

I think I could have figured it out from the photos but i really wanted to support the designer. We put days, weeks and months into designing things. Sometimes just paying for the pattern, even if you think you can work it out is a way of telling that clever person that you love what they do and find them inspiring!

I picked a bunch of 4ply cottons from my collection.

I had a couple of metal hoops i purchased in summer for macrame. They were bigger than what was stated in the pattern but i cracked out the trusty google calculator to alter the stitch count...

I cracked on with it.

And by the next day, (which was actually this arvo) I had finished.
I have a ridiculous amount of beads.
It was so quick and easy to make!
I'm going to jump online and order some more hoops. 
I was taking this photo below when Bijoux made a rare appearance for a drink from the fish bowl.

The lantern is wider than the ones pictured in the pattern as the hoops are alot wider. I did insert a few rows with no increase or decreases. I think I could have made more but I realised that once you know how the pattern works, you can adjust to make a range of different sizes!

All these little side projects have taken me away from finishing my Granny Square vest. I really should get back to that. So close to finishing it. But I've also started a blanket. And some placemats. And a new cushion cover....
How many WIPs have you got on the go?

Red Haired Amazona