Monday, 12 March 2018

Back on the crochet wagon: Bolster Cushion Cover Reveal

I have been having a little clean out of my bedroom as we have bought some new lovely bedroom furniture.There was a large, useful but unattractive blanket box at the end of the bed which I opened for the first time since I moved in.  I wanted to take it out of the room but it was filled with random items which really could have been stored elsewhere.  I threw away some things, but there was also a couple of cushion inserts. 
I always feel bad throwing these things away as they are still fat & puffy.  I have had them hidden in the blanket box, and before that in the top of the cupboard for YEARS!!  I kept telling myself that one day I would crochet new covers for them. 

One is for a tubular bolster.  I didn't take a photo beforehand as it was kind of scruffy looking.
I grabbed my box of cotton oddballs and first crocheted 2 circular ends.

This is a nice, neat tray of cotton balls that I chose....

I didn't use a pattern.  I made it up as I went along.

If you look towards the bottom of the photo, you will see what my cotton oddballs really look like... a mess in a box!

Starting with one circle end, I just crocheted evenly around.
There was very little planning involved. I decided the colour and stitch for each round after I finished the last.

Each round wasn't very big so the cover grew quickly. Every few rounds, I'd try it on to make sure it was still the right width. Some stitches blew out the width a little so I had to occasionally adjust my stitch count.

Soon I was nearly at the top!

And finally I was finished!  I sewed on the remaining circular end. Then finished with a simple round of single stitch in gold.

I did try a few different edges including pompom stitch but in the end I preferred this simple edge.

What do you think?

I still have one remaining cushion insert which is another thin, long cushion but not in this tubular style.  I'm itching to get started on that one!

I've realised that I really love this random, bright sampler style work. My Twinkle Star Hand Mitts are a similar style. 

I'm kind of in love with it! 


The Red Haired Amazona