Thursday, 9 July 2020

A Quick July Catch Up.

Bijoux and Chuck Norris.
I'm not gonna lie. There's no real love here. But there is tolerance. A peaceful cohabitation.

We've thrown a spanner in the works.
Sonofagun No.1 asked to adopt a kitten.
And after some negotiations we agreed.
And he named him 8 Track.
He's absolutely adorable! 

 Sonofagun No.2 made a blanket fort for him this morning. 8 Track was in KittyKat heaven!
Chuck is quite cool with our newest addition. 8 Track tries to attack his tail, eat his food and jump scares him but Chuck is happy to have a new friend. 
Bijoux is not on this couch because she has the shits with us. So she hides in Sonofagun No.2s room. But she'll come around.
My granny square vest is almost finished. It took a while to sew together because I kept getting distracted with kitten. All I need to do is a border.
 Our winter has been very mild. And small delights are popping up in the garden.

We're growing tomatoes in a huge planter box on wheels in the pergola. The soil temperature is usually over 15c and the tomato plants are growing quickly and starting to flower. We thought it would be fun to try growing tomatoes in winter.

 I hope you have all been keeping safe, healthy and happy. 

Red Haired Amazona