About me

Who am I?

I should be vacuuming or washing dishes. Instead I'll have crochet hook in hand working on my latest project or wandering in the garden picking flowers. Or 'helping' my 6 year old get through the next stage of Harry Potter Lego edition on the Playstation.
Then I'll trawl through craft and cosy home blogs or Pinterest and get the guilts because I still haven't cleaned up and the house is a mess (Then I'll do it like a frenzied panda). 

I'm the Mother of Dragons. Or rather of 2 equally crazy funny Sonofaguns.
I started blogging in November 2014 to share the crochet ideas that sprout inside my noggin like homegrown carrots and the funny and lovely stuff that happens in life.
Last years carrots.... 'nuf said...

Since I started, I have loved meeting all you wonderful, interesting peeps in the world of interwebs who send me emails or comment on my posts.

I intend on blogging about crochet stuff.
But i can't guarantee I'll stick to just that. I will also tell you about cool, funny, crazy or random adventures and things.

I also can't guarantee my grammar will be perfect.
And in a fit of exuberance I may say something ridiculous.  This may happen alot actually.


So welcome to my blog Red Haired Amazona!  Feel free to pop in a comment or question, don't be shy!  And so everyone can have a fun time, trolls will be kicked back under the bridge by the billy goats gruff!

If you wish to share a photo of your latest project (like the cloche hat) or drop me a line, you can email to balibelibear@gmail.com


Louise the Red Haired Amazona

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