Saturday, 8 May 2021

Holidays, Autumn & a Sad Farewell

I've been kind of preoccupied.

Not with anything exciting. Just life, you know?

Chuck and I have been walking most days. We both needed to lose some weight. I have. 

He hasn't. The fat little Dim Sim hasn't shifted a gram even though he is on a diet and exercise regime. I've lost 9 kilos (I'm not photo ready yet).

I feel pretty good but have a little ways to go yet. 

We stop and look at beautiful local bird life.

And enjoy looking at all the parks and gardens on our journey.

Australia is powering along. Hardly any Covid cases. A few pop up every now and then from hotel quarantine, but we are now able to travel interstate and have a 'travel bubble' with our lovely neighbours across the ditch in New Zealand.
So we finally took a little trip over Easter. Would you like to see some holiday snaps?
Yes! We were able to spend a lovely week with the Parental Units in the Mollymook Beach/ Ulladulla area.

Mollymook Beach. I walked it.
One of these little bastards bit me. But they're so pretty!

He gave it the old 'Rex Hunt' and threw it back in.

It was such a lovely week away. It was just enough and not enough all at the same time. We felt like we were running around trying to spend time with family and see all the things in a short space of time. But I kind of really missed this guy.
I think he missed us. He's not a very huggy cat. But he likes to make his presence known

I am working on some sweet little crocheted pot plant cosies.
I have a small selection of these little white pots which look a bit BLAH.
I don't like BLAH so I thought I would jazz them up a little. What do you think so far?
I actually started writing this blog post about 2 days or so ago. Since then I have received some rather sad news. One of my Blogland friends Teresa Kasner has suddenly passed away this morning. 

We have followed each other for perhaps around 5 or 6 years after finding each other through a mutual love of the Attic 24 crochet blog. 
She was a lovely, warm and inspiring lady who lived with her husband Dayle, kids and grandkids in Oregon USA. She posted very regularly about her trips, crochet, her beautiful garden, Dayles delicious cooking, her jadeite collection and kept us all informed on whatever she was up to with a wealth of beautiful photos and endless good spirits. She could also decorate a seasonal table better than anyone I've seen.
Photo courtesy of

She always took the time to leave a comment on my posts and signed off "((hugs)), Teresa :-)"
Teresa was so enthusiastic and supportive of her Blogland friends and will be missed by countless of her readers around the world. We're all thinking of you Dayle and all the family during this sad time. ((hugs)) Louise :-)