Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Saturday Night Movies & Crochet 2017 Recap in Pictures!!!

Can you believe it's time for my 3rd annual Saturday Night Crochet & Movies Recap?

If you'd like to read the recap for 2016, it's here, and 2015: it's here!!
If you follow my Facie page, you'd know that most Saturday nights (or Sunday nights), the Blonde Bombshell (aka BFF Emma) and my lovely Bear and I watch movies. And crochet. 

Once I moved house in June, I am now a bit further away from the Blonde Bombshell. This means she isn't able to join us for Saturday Night movies as often anymore.  Which is sadder than a closed yarn shop. But the show must go on!
Now you and I both know that there's nothing more wonderful than curling up on the couch with a bit of tellie, or a movie and picking up yarn and hook. And drinking the tea and eating the munchies.

Sometimes we've had Ring Ins join us.  And without fail they have been all like, "So you really do crochet AND watch movies?!?" like it's the last bastion of crazy multitasking and it's as weird as if we told them AND demonstrated that we read Beowolf underwater AND had our eyeballs tattooed at the same time!
So to wrap up our year in movies, I thought I'd indulge and give a recap of my photo mosaics from Facebook.


I was sewing in the ends on some circles for a blanket while the Bear & I watch this goodie on the Netflix. I quite like Tom Hanks. And this was a goodie. As long as he doesn't call a random piece of sports equipment 'Wilson', I'm happy.🏀

August: Osage County was my choice of veiwing tonight. At this stage I felt forever drowning in a sea of circles, gradually turning them into squares.  Meryl is amazing but she reminded me a little too much of a certain (now deceased) relative to enjoy this movie 100%!

Holy Xmas movie in January Batman!!!
Debbie Reynolds & Neil Patrick Harris in a 'straight to tv' Hallmark Christmas movie. There's no method to our madness. Next we'll be drinking Gin for breakfast and wearing knickerbockers before lunchtime!

An old classic tonight. The classic-est of classics! I only had 3 more granny squares to make on my bright blanket. Then I'll be sitting down for hours trying to sort them in the right order like a giant jigsaw puzzle!


The Bear and I have found a juicy modern classic on Stan. The Hateful Eight! I was playing with a basketful of cottons and trying to make another mandala. 

 You know that thing when you crochet lots of granny squares and you're all like, "Aww these are so cute! I love granny squares!" Then you gotta sew the little buggers together and it takes FOREVER!!!!
So that's what I was doing tonight while watching How To Be Single which is already making me think, "Oh my god, I was totally a 54kg Rebel Wilson in the 90s. I'm soooo glad I'm not there anymore because 20 years, 2 kids & quite a few kilos later and I am just too damn old!" 

You can tell I really don't like this movie. Because in February I wrote:
"Whilst there's nothing wonderful about a movie that tries to convince millions of young women around the world that it's totally ok to fall for an abusive, control freak and that Yes! you totally can change him and you totes are not a victim of emotional abuse because he's totes in love with you (can you hear me dripping with sarcasm?), we are watching the delightfully trashy, psychotic thriller Fiddy Shadez tonight. The Blonde Bombshell is studying for her Irish dancing exams tomorrow and I'm still stitching my granny blanket together!"


Oh Zac! My secret/ not secret young boy crush. I could just crochet and watch him for HOURS! Well, I could crochet for hours. And watch Zac Efron for hours. Or days. Whatever. 

The Bear & I are having family movie night with the boys with popcorn, corn chips & salsa and chocolate watching Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. I just thought of a new spell:

Stoick the Vast, er... Gerard Butler saves the day again! London Has Fallen and so far poor fake Justin Trudeau, fake Angela Merkel and fake Japanese Prime Minister have been blown up or shot. No word on any fake Australian Prime Minister Trumble who hasnt even appeared or blown up (no one would even know who they are unless Trumpy is yelling at them down the phone).

We found this old Ryan Reynolds movie on Stan. It seems to be a little Van Wilder but in a restaurant!


What a fun find on the tele tonight! The Blonde Bombshell is working on another big fluffy blankie and I'm finishing my arm mitts (I ran out of a certain colour for my blanket). 

After a day on the streets of Melbourne chanting about Ginger Pride, we're now cosied on the couch watching The Edge of Tomorrow. I was crocheting a cute little soft blue cardigan I found in a magazine.  I wore this cardigan all through winter. I might make myself one in another colour!!


Hurricane Bianca. I'm perfecting my mandala and The Blonde Bombshell is crocheting a big fluffy pink blanket.

Not a movie tonight because it was semi final 2 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Still crocheting the blue cardigan. Finally onto the 2nd sleeve!


Fifty Shades Darker: Some say it's a romantic, dark chick flick. I call it a movie about domestic violence and stalking. Tomayto/ tomarto!
The Blonde Bombshell is once again working on her big stripey while I play with my favourite cottons!


And it was a family night out at the cinema to see my number 1 favourite superhero on the big screen Wonder Woman!
The crazy pic in top left corner was taken at my 40th birthday next to a poster my mum gave me. And like a true Wonder Crochet Woman I took my crochet to the cinema!

I love this movie! A Wes Anderson classic. If you haven't watched Moonrise Kingdom, in the words of the great man Molly Meldrum: do yourself a favour! 

Have you discovered Designated Survivor on the netflix yet? The Bear and I decided to watch the last episodes of Season 1 on this particular Saturday night. It's so darn good! I'm wearing my cosy new el-cheapo fairisle slippers and crocheting in some crazy bright colours. I thought it was going to be a cushion cover. Sadly it became another neglected WIP... or mandala. I can't remember!

Tonight we were all cosied in watching some yummy Marky Mark badness. The Blonde Bombshell was crocheting some wrist cuffs and I'm still crocheting a shell stitch blanket.  

 It's movie night with our 2 younger Sonofaguns so their choice is Monster Trucks. As long as I have crochet & tea, I'm good with that!

We had a family night out with burgers for dinner, some street Jenga and Spiderman Homecoming at our favourite local cinema. So far one of my favourite of the Marvel movies! And of course i took along my crochet!

On this night we found a random Netflix flix called 30 Minutes or Less.


A little TV guilty pleasure as I had a bit of Netflix binge on Teen Wolf.
It's not the same without Michael J Fox but nothing like a bit of teen angst and werewolves!
I'm crocheting some easy shells rows for my blanket. 

After a day in the garden, the Bear and I were vegged out on the couch in front of the box.
I had a couple of wips on my lap while we settle in for some Shoot Up The Aliens action in Independence Day Resurgence. 👽👾🤖

 "I Have Had It With These Motherf*cking Apes On This Motherf*cking Island!" At least that's what Samuel L. Jackson would want to say in tonights movie Kong Skull Island.
I'm crocheting a little heart.


When the Spring blossoms came out, I was inspired to play with bright colourful cottons.
Tonights movie is an absolute treasure from the land of the long white cloud called Hunt for the Wilderpeople. The same guy who directed Thor Ragnarok. If you'd like to check it out, I've included a link to the preview:

Quirky, funny and visits parts of New Zealand you didn't see in Lord of the Rings!

Just before I jetted off for the U.S.A, I watched this magic movie which is my parents favourite movie to watch together. I know this looks like another random pile of cottons but I was actually packing a little crochet project to take on the plane for my little trip overseas Tuesday. I've packed the passport, Timtams and vegemite!


Last night I picked up 2 delicious balls of rainbow yarn. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it but I have a 3.5mm hook, Pitch Perfect 2 on DVD and who knows what's gonna happen!

The Blonde Bombshell Miss Emma and I are actually binge watching the first 5 episodes of season 3 of Outlander tonight and it's so bloody good Sassenach!!!!!  
A couple of years ago, one of my favourite bloggers Teresa Kasner casually mentioned this TV series in one of her posts (check it here) and gave it a big thumbs up! She also posted a photo of the extremely hunky Jamie Fraser. I showed Miss Emma and we both agreed we need to watch this show ASAP and have been hooked ever since. Thanks Teresa!!!

Family movie night out to our favourite local cinema for Thor: Ragnarok. Earlier in the year I said Spiderman: Homecoming was my favourite Marvel movie. Now THIS is my favourite Marvel movie.
Freaking HILARIOUS! 
I was making some more psychedelic granny squares while watching.


A new superhero movie means family night out!
I took my boys (and my crochet) to see the Justice League. My goodness, Aquaman has had a rather favorable new look!

Were you here last year? And the year before? Then you'll know The Blonde Bombshell and I start our Xmas movie month with all the trimmings: Egg Nog, crochet and our favourite Xmas movie of all time: Die Hard!
Because it isn't Christmas until Hans Gruber falls off the Nakatomi Tower!


I love Elf! The Bear hasn't seen it yet so we've cosied up on the couch with caramel tarts and ice cream and I have a lovely big ball of Scheepjes Whirl to play with.

"PUT DAT COOKIE DOWN!" I love Arnie! And Christmas Arnie is almost as good as Christmas Bruce Willis!

So there it is Lovelies!  A year of Saturday Night (or sometimes Friday, Sunday or Monday) Movies & Crochet!!

Catch up with me on my Facie Page every Saturday and tell me what you're watching/ crocheting!

The Red Haired Amazona