Monday, 20 July 2015

Granny Stripe Blanket in 29 days!

There's nothing so satisfying as sewing in those final threads and cosying up under a newly finished blanket!

After a few months of wrist cuff designing, I wanted to give myself over to someone else's design and do a wee bit of stashbusting. I had SO MUCH YARN.  I needed to use it up to clear the decks a little. 

And what better than to make one of Lucys Granny Stripe blankets!

I did a quick stocktake of my supplies and found that I had all but 3 of the colours which I then picked up from a local department store and I was ready to roll!

It worked up super quickly as my stash disappeared...

Crochet blanket step by step

And I finally completed it last night! In just 29 days!

It's big enough to sit over two laps on the couch. 

So now I have a yummy new blanket to add to my collection. And I've put a significant dent in my yarn basket.

But then I saw something on TV this morning which made me reach for my phone and fire off a text to my bestie The Blonde Bombshell. She was here within an hour.

We jumped in the car and...

Yarn sale

Oh no you didn't! 
Oh yes I did!

Tunisian crochet hook

35 juicy balls of merino and acrylics!
And a Tunisian crochet hook. 

I have a copy of Simply Crochet from a couple of months ago which has a pattern for a lovely cardigan made in Tunisian crochet from merino. New project coming up!

Plus my lovely ManBear has requested a blue & white man blanket of his own. Which I'm starting tonight.

AND the rest are just to replenish the stocks or because they were groovy (neon pink and yellow!)

So much for trying to use up my yarn...

I'm joining some very clever crafters over at Handmade Monday. So pop on over there too!


  1. whew! So glad that you *DID*!! Or, I would've been "disappointed" in you... ;-}
    BTW, YOUR "Stash"... [hahahahaha...] -[sorry, couldn't resist]
    THAT Store shelf-WALL... **MY** STASH!! - [jammed into MANY plastic bins!] - only in 100% wool and cotton. - Think, a big herd of sheep and several acres worth of cotton balls...

    [NOTE-to-the-SCIENCE-COMMUNITY: Hey! GUYS! You *promised* me a TELEPORTER, "soon"! It's been like DECADES!? - And now, I've just MISSED a massive YARN-SALE, in *OZ*..? -- Somebody, get me THE WIZARD! *NOW*!!]

    Anyhoo, LOVELY Job on the Blankie! Keeping your tension uniform on linear pieces like that can be such pain... Well, must get back to my "current" Toque... Some nice aqua... I'll send you a pic later.

    1. You're hilarious!
      Can hardly wait to see what you're working on!
      Btw it might interest you that we've actually had 'real live frost'! The past 2 nights have plunged below 0! And this morning I had to pour a bucket of water over the car windscreen. I couldn't use the hose because the water was frozen in the tap!

    2. ;-D
      [you know, actually used to work with "Rocket-Scientists"! And, Biologists, Chemists, Physicists, and other "WHITE-COAT"-Wannabes...]

      IT's in the E-mail!

      I could've used that bucket of cold water today... BTW, suggest you run your Defroster and while it's going, take a Scraper to the windscreen. - If you don't have any, use an old charge-card... Or whatever that's plastic with an edge that won't scratch the glass...
      You haven't lived until you've had to brush off the windows FASTER than the giant flakes covering every thing up again!

  2. Your blanket really turned out very lovely with all the beautiful, bright colors and the border, too. Congrats on your great yarn buy. It looks like your store carries some nice yarns. I can never find yarn that I like in the big box stores here. So, luckily there is Deramores and Loveknitting. Have a wonderful week :)

    1. Thanks you! This store is like a large department store of craft called Spotlight which is a bunch of chain stores. It tends to have a lot of different things but not much of a good range of yarn though. Although it's great to stock up on the essentials and more craft stuff than you can throw a dead lizard at. Fortunately for me they HAD bought loads of new different yarns for the sale :)

  3. Wow that blanket looks so good (sigh's if only I could crochet). A brilliant way to use up all those bits, love it

    1. I feel that way whenever I look at all the wonderful things YOU'VE sewn during the week: "Sigh, if only I could sew!)

  4. I'm with Carolee, I wish I could crochet because I have serious blanket envy. It's a great way to use up your yarn and that store looks like a great place to restock too!

    1. Thanks Vicky! It's ok but they tend to stock more of the type of yarn I don't like, like the furry and fluffy and pompom type gimmicky yarns. This time they had stocked up on enough of the good stuff though!

  5. Love it! I don't have much of a "stash". Just a few balls. I have been making cell phone cozies and owl keychains with what I have...But I have some "ocean" skeins that I might just work up into a blanket when I've completed my son's red, blue and white rippled one. The border is a great finishing touch!

  6. Love it! Still can't believe you managed it in less than a month! Think my stars been going on a lot longer than that with not much progress.... if only I didn't get so bored!

    Well done - the colours are so great - again - I love the randomness (says the lady with a rainbow in perfect order) - if only I was so brave!

  7. Wow what an amazing yarn sale, there was no way that could be resisted! Crafters always need a yarn stash, there's no such thing as a depleting stash.
    your stripey blanket looks amazing,I love the bright mix of colours.
    I've still not got round to trying tunisian crochet, but I do really like how the stitches look, have you tried it before?
    I look forward to seeing how it turns out xx

  8. It is the first time that I visit your blog and I like it a lot. Your granny blanket looks wonderful, I could immediately start with one for myself (and I have enough yarn in my shelves, as well :-)). But there are two blankets waiting to get finished, I just shouldn't start a third one. Or should I? Your new yarn looks fabulous, it is so exciting buying new yarn, isn't it? Viola

  9. My post this week is also a granny stripe! Love yours!

    I hope you can stop by: