Wednesday, 16 December 2015

December Craziness

Jeepers it's a crazy time! 

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks as I haven't had time to scratch, let alone sit down and write my usual ramblings.  You're all in it too, I'm sure. 

In the last week of November we had to get ready for Bears Xmas party which involved lots of "what the hell am I gonna pour myself into?" type questions and outfit searching.

In the next week I was preparing for Sonofagun No.2s Xmas carols at his school as well as working in my usual 'pay the bills' job.

The following week I was running around finalizing admin for Sonofagun No.1 to start Senior College next year.

I also accompanied Sonofagun No.2s class on a trip to Melbourne Zoo.  That means we've managed to visit all 3 Victoria Zoos this year!

In the Butterfly House I gained a hair accessory...

The kids were delighted when the gorilla decided to rub her bum on the window.
A mumma Pigmy Hippo.
I like to think he was posing just for the camera. He was probably looking at me thinkingwe were two kindred redhead spirits and he'd like to give me a hug in solidarity. Or eat me.
The Zoo is filled with lots of beautiful artwork and sculptures. This elephant is one of many painted elephants created like the Shaun Sheeps in the UK and the Koala Trail in Port Macquarie

And this week is the last week of school for both of them. There's ALL OF THE THINGS coming home. Work portfolios, art portfolios, leftover stationery AND thousands of lost tupperware with science experiment type things growing inside.

We are also gearing up for Sonofagun No.1s graduation dinner tomorrow night.  He wanted to wear a suit. So a few weeks back we headed into uncharted territory: a Mens Suit Hire Shop.

He was measured up. Suited up. And looked spiffy.

I have just returned from the shop to pick up his suit and guess what?

They were burgled 2 days ago. 5 suits were stolen. That's all. No cash. Just 5 suits. And his suit was one of them. I'm inclined to think this may be bullshit and the dude forgot to get the order ready. 

So after I pick the boys up this arvo, we have to go back for a speed fitting, alteration and pick up.

In between all this craziness I have been working on a few crochet projects for Xmas presents. So I can't really post about them until after Xmas.

One thing I can show you (if you haven't seen it on my Facebook page or Instagram) is this sweet little Kawaii Fairy Doll I found in Issue 58 of Mollie Makes magazine and is made from felt.  Some clever lady's design. I saw her in the magazine and thought I had to have me one!

I haven't embroidered in about 20 years so I'm not 100% happy with the eyes but here she is.  I also have a half constructed pink doll which I'm hoping to finish after the crocheting is done.

Whilst the Aussie summer is predicted to be a scorcher this year, so far summer has been lovely.  Look how sunny it is!

Petunias and Parsley
Keijo enjoys the warm sun.

Elf on a shelf has reappeared this year to get up to some mischief.  Here's what he got up to last year.

He only arrived 2 nights ago so stay tuned for further Elf activities!

I'm not going to keep prattling on today I'm afraid. I've got 3 hours until school pick up to take advantage of some quiet crochet time.

Fortunately at the beginning of the year I was clever enough to apply for some extra purchase leave. 5 weeks worth! So every week since January I have had a small amount withheld from my salary which means I'll have a glorious 5 weeks off until the grommits go back to school. 

The Red Haired Amazona

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