Monday, 18 January 2016

Crochet Basics Videos

Howdy Groovers.

I love crochet. It's no secret.

I do it anywhere and everywhere.

I do it while watching movies, tv, I crochet on the train, in the car when I'm waiting to pick up the Grommits from school, in bed, outside, inside, while cooking dinner, and in my breaks at work.

I love crochet because you can make just about anything you want. Anything!

And it's so portable.  I have several projects in little bags for different situations. I usually have a small project for On The Go such as the train or car.
I have my big projects for schlepping about on the couch in front of the tellie.

The other thing I love about crochet is that it's so easy to learn. Anyone can learn it! 

Even you! Especially you. You're here aren't you? You might have breezed in on a weird random Google search and come across this page for random reasons.

Would you believe I get traffic searching for how to pick up a Redhead? Google works in mysterious ways. FYI I have a post from last year about HOW NOT TO PICK UP A REDHEAD.

So I'm afraid you're stuffed if that's why you're here.

But while you're here (you dirty bugger), why not learn how to crochet. Then you can CROCHET yourself a Redhead. Believe me buddy, if you're googling it, it ain't gonna happen.

I have made some little vids for all you peeps who'd like to learn the basics.
My library will be expanding so watch this space!

Chain Stitch Tutorial

Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Double Crochet Tutorial

Treble Crochet Stitch Tutorial

So sit back with a cup of tea and some Tim Tams, or better yet: a crochet hook and yarn!


The Red Haired Amazona

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  1. Oh Louise how you make me laugh! Pleasure to read your blog as always!