Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Electric Axel Neon Budgie Cushion

I finally finished my cushion! I think I'll call it Electric Axel.

It's made using the fairisle style of crochet where the unused yarn is floated along the back until it needs to be brought back into the work. I'm not sure that it was the most correct way to do it. I'm sure some people would work Intarsia style and cut off the threads that would need to be carried for more than 10 stitches, but the thought of sewing in all those ends! Ugh, I'm too lazy for that!

The back is a simple granny square in neon yellow.

I simply drew a picture in a child type way of my gorgeous grumpy Axel the Budgie, and then transposed this onto graph paper. Then simply crocheted according to the graph.

red haired amazona

He's not perfect but I love the bright neons!

I did try to encourage Sunny Jim into the photo shoot with a piece of apple, but after a little bit of training and playtime this morning, he was kind of non-compliant in a typical budgie way.

This blurry photo was the best of a bad lot as he kept trying to fly back to his cage.
So I gave up and let him go back for some private apple munching and rest time.

I'm now working on another cover to fit an old small ikea cushion that's looking a bit tired.

I have used the granny stripe to give a sort of green gingham effect. And with a pop of hot pink somewhere!

You know what I was saying about being too lazy to sew in the ends?

And I'm normally the one who reminds everyone to 'sew in as you go'!!!!!

I calculated that there are just over 200 thread ends to sew in.

Once this one is finished I'm hoping to design another style and publish the patterns together as a pair. What do you think?

Apart from a few blisteringly hot days, it's been a lovely summer.

We've enjoyed lots of fresh strawberry smoothies and summer berries.

I have been able to spend time with Sonofagun No. 2 while he masters riding his bike without training wheels. He is probably past the usual age but he's rarely shown any interest until he saw the neighbours kids out on their bikes last week.

After several scrapes and 6 year old tantys, he is now a 2 wheeled cyclist!

We take regular rides around the block, or even as far as the playground near the local small lake which is very far on a small bike!

When he doesn't feel like riding, that frees me up to ride the lake circuit. A bit too far for him but a nice 15 minute fast ride for me. There's lots of gorgeous little birds along the way such as Blue Fairy Wrens, Swallows, ducks, pelicans, New Holland Honeyeaters, cormorants and wading birds.

Here's one of those New Holland Honeyeaters.

honeyeater melbourne birdwatching

I love the yellow streak on their wings!

I also gave my yarn cabinet a much needed clean out.

It's so satisfying to sort and stack all the different colours, but I was kind of bemused by the fact I didn't realize I had 7 different shades of brown and only 3 different blues!

I found this cute box of matchbook labels which I received as a gift sometime in the last couple of years.

Isn't it adorable?

I can't remember who it was from or when it was given. But I had fun labeling ALL OF THE THINGS!!

Sometimes I didn't even write anything on the labels, but simply stuck them on for decoration!

How has your week been?
The Red Haired Amazona


  1. Love the cushion and especially love those labels. Love your mother

  2. I think you're very clever to have done that Budgie cushion - it looks great. Also love the green and white you're using for the other cushion you're making. Lovely and fresh looking. Those little labels are so cute - I wonder where you could find something like that? For some strange reason I'm thinking Dymocks ???? Enjoy the rest of the week. Its a bit yuk here - last night very bad storm, drizzly all day today on and off. Hope the next few days are better. xox

  3. I love the Axel cushion, that Neon pink is brilliant too!

  4. The cushion with the parrot is so great! I really like the colours and the motif