Monday, 15 February 2016

The Red Haired Amazona doesnt bake. Much.

Life has started to return to it's normal routine now that the Sonofaguns and I have returned to work and school.
Sunny Jim and I spent lots of time together over summer. This is our happy photo

And this is the photo where he just made the cute little chirp that I've learnt means "I luv you. Now I'm going to nip you so hard it leaves a welt."
It feels good to be back. I had grand plans for the holidays of taking the boys on trips out and about and of using my free time to make more crochet tutorial videos, blog posts, create and write up patterns.
I did make a few vids and faffed around with yarn. I even tweaked a few bits and pieces on the blog but nothing MOMENTOUS!
We did make a trip to the Motherships but apart from the occasional movie, that was it. We were all just tired from a busy year and truth be told, I was happy plonking around doing not much, and so were the boys.

The funny thing is, since returning to work, I've made a few new things and started writing up 2 new patterns. Even after posting my Dapper Apple Cosy last week!

I have almost finished my neon gingham cushion cover.
I plan on releasing this pattern in the next couple of weeks in my Etsy and Ravelry shops and including a few different letter combos so you can put a couple of different words on the cushion.

I also felt inspired to make a little Kawaii Amigurumi Cupcake.

I think he's rather sweet!

I played around with trying to do a swirly icing effect but couldn't get it right. But I'm quite happy with a simple top as the cupcake case has a textured effect. It was the perfect excuse to use more beads!

Now I am also getting geared up for Sonofagun No.2s birthday party. He's having a Minecraft party!

I've been inspired by loads of ideas on the Pinterest. I have started painting and spray painting boxes to look like Minecraft bricks to put outside.

I already have collected about 25 boxes with more on the way.

Here's what I managed to do in just a few short hours this afternoon. Unfortunately I ran out of green and red. But they were the cheap $3 cans from the local hardware shop so easy to get some more. The boxes don't look like much yet as they're not finished.
Gratuitous box pic
I wanted the boys to take the Minecraft experience outside. AWAY from screens! So I have plans for a few Minecraft inspired outdoor games.

I also have to bake a cake.

It may be a Minecraft style cake which may involve some weird food thingo called FONDANT.

Apparently it's a thing. I wouldn't know as generally cakes come in pretty boxes from the shops.

Or I could pike out and slather green icing and random black food thingos on a prebought slab of chocolate cake to look like a Creeper.

Because I don't bake. I can cook dinners. And make sandwiches. I am also very adept at making coffee and pouring wine. But I try my best not to bake.

It involves a level of adulting that I'm not very keen on. Like shaving my legs every week. I don't really have to, I probably should because everybody else thinks it's important. TV and the interwebs try and tell me I'd be a more desirable member of the Lady World. But no.

And for those of you who are still sputtering at the thought of any of my lady leg hairs then calm your farm. I am a redhead. Our leg hairs are transparent. They are like glistening invisible webs of nothingness. If I was predisposed to trot down the street in a miniskirt, you could count four or five random ones sticking out at weird angles on my pasty white leg skin which hasn't seen sun since 1998.

So my lovelies, I'll leave you with that wonderous thought!


  1. I'm of the Culinary belief, that if IT can't be eaten raw, straight out of a package, nuked or "phoned" in, IT's *NOT* EDIBLE!! -- Although, I can wield a knife well enough to chop up or spread stuff. Sandwiches, salads... I'm your Girl!
    Apparently, I got the NON-chef gene from Dad's side... And most of the Other XXs got the BETTY-CROCKER one from Mom's! -- But, hey, after I cut up those veggies, I can always whip up some crochet placemats or pot-holders for you! :-D

    BTW, no worries on the "fur", mine keeps that much needed "thermal"-layer working under the longjohns. [the DAY-time windchill was -45C yesterday! I'll glue on extra hair to stay warm if I have too!] The now-grey just adds some sparkle to the day-GLOW background! ;-D

    hmm... I could use some of those boxes...

    1. Oh Auntie Shan. We are so alike. I love the type of cooking that involves a phone!
      I can't believe how cold it's been getting up in your part of the world. That is inconceivable!!! And it's not grey. It's fairy gossamer....

    2. The Hairy-Fairyness also generates a lot of static when I peel off the silk longjohns! ;-D

      Meanwhile, temps are on the mercurial rise... -10C in the middle of the night now. Suppose to go up to 0C by the afternoon..? And, likely the reason why we're scheduled for a major dumpFEST at any time today! :-{ I *NEED* to be out running errands and SHOPPING later, NOT rearranging SNOWBANKS! ggrrrr....
      So far the storm-system is staying to the south, but we could still get clipped... It's the squally little off-edge clouds that are a pain with the on & off snow "showers". -- I'm just waiting to see what EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY will be "gifting" me with later on...

  2. Your posts always make me laugh, thank you cheered me up no end. The leg thing is a pain and must admit in the winter tend to not bother, as always in trousers. When it gets to spring have to get the lawn mower out, usually end up red and scratchy, yukk! Now NL I do cook and cook a lot so maybe a touch of DG with hairy legs, lol

    1. Lawnmower! Hilarious! The secret to my shave-avoidance in summer is maxiskirts and maxi dresses!!

  3. My grandson is a BIG minecraft fan, he had a minecraft party last year and had a fun time. Lots of green lemonade and cupcakes. :) I stopped baking birthday cakes when my children left home. It's so much cheaper to buy one in the supermarket. :) As for razors and legs..... maybe occasionally in the summer but my legs are usually kept well hidden so don't always bother :)

  4. I do hope you will post some photos of the actual party. Looks like it will be fab.

  5. Thanks Louise! As always a real chuckle reading your blog....... Funny how I have time to read yours and comment but when it comes to inspiration to write mine.... I'm stumped (currently!). I did however bake a Minecraft cake..... baking is one things I can do with no effort needed!

  6. Your party plans sound exciting, can't wait to see pictures of what you get up to.

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  8. Love your intro. Like your style/way of saying things. Thank you.

  9. Totally unrelated to your post, I have a quick question about your Russian Cloche hat... The size needle vs the thickness of the yarn has been a nightmare for me. Was it a difficult crochet for you, or am I a sissy? I'm almost to the brim, but it hasn't been an easy thing to stitch up. Thanks, Sara (Crazy Soccer Mom who also can't remember her log in info for blogspot)

    1. Hi Sara! Do you mean it's more fiddly and slower? This is often the case and is a bit annoying. I usually try and make an effort to keep a looser than normal tension. Cheers Louise (crazy crochet queen who can't remember to be an adult half the time!)

  10. Love your parakeet. I've had a few notable ones over the years. I ought to get another one but I like to let them out and we have a dog that would chomp it's head off as quick as you can say.. "NO!". Love your Irish girl suntan.. showed hubby. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)