Thursday, 31 March 2016

My Great Grandmothers Wall Divider

Sunny Jim the budgie is a bit pissed off with me.

I dragged her 850km to mums house again. She didn't mind the first trip. She was safely in the back of my XTrail. She had a view, she hopped around on her perches and chirped to my crazy music. This time we were in Bears SUV. She had a view and music but I think she objected violently to his lame middle of the road music selection and hated the whole trip.

Sunny Jim and RHA in happier times....
But I had a mission and I knew once Sunny Jim was safely perched in her cage on mums back verandah singing to the Bower Birds and lorikeets, she would forgive me.

She didn't. She bit me quite viciously when I tried to pop my hand in the cage with some fresh greens. Then happily sang with all the local coast birds.

Whoever said budgies don't draw blood should come and meet my little feathered vampire.

The mission? For as long as I can remember my Nana kept her super special things in a large wall unit. It has wooden sliding doors at the bottom, randomly placed shelves, some of which are behind sliding glass doors.

It was originally bought in the late 1960s by her mother in law, my Great Grandmother who passed away before I was born.

When Great Granny died in 1970, it passed to my Pops sister who sold it to my grandparents for 40 pounds. 40 pounds! It's so old it precedes Australian decimal currency. Crikey! 

And Nana and my Aunty Horse Whisperer almost put it on for free! FREE?!?

So I put up my hand for it, gave the Bear my best lovey dovey puppy dog eyes, and bless his Beary soul, he offered to hitch the trailer to the car and make the trek up north to collect it.

It was an awesome excuse to spend an extra long Easter weekend up at mums in Mollymook and visit Nana who lives just 5 minutes away from her.

So before the big reveal, I'll share some of the fun we had over the weekend.

There was plenty of shopping at the nearby town of Milton with a quick visit to Nikki Bs. Who are we kidding? I was in there for nearly an hour.

#dogs #milton #redhairedamazona

Wandering up the street, we saw Samson the Clydesdale visiting the local bakery. Apparently he loves their buns.

I then discovered my new favourite shop The Fig Tree Forest where I bought gorgeous feather hair clips and a sumptuous feather hair band made by one of the shop owners Karin as well as a few other cute bits and pieces.

Insert gratuitous feather selfie here...

The super friendly Karin is also a wonderous photographer (check out her Instagram!).

Gorgeous little felt items crafted by Lisa
I bought the last French Pear scented soy candle for mum, then popped in the next day to see if they had any more French Pear candles and then met co- owner Lisa who was more then happy to make one to order.

There was fishing on Burrill Lakes.

Now obviously there was more to this photo, but the way I was posed, I suddenly developed 2 extra chins. After this photo, I gave him the old Rex Hunt, and released him back into the river!

And we bought yummy preserves and jellies at a local Farmers Market at Cupitts Winery.

The best part about visiting Ulladulla/ Mollymook over Easter is the annual Blessing of the Fleet parade on Easter Sunday.

Mother and Sonofagun bonding at the Festival. Fun was had by all. So much bonding.
There were vintage cars on display.
I'm like getting all up in ya grill. I've heard people say that. Not sure what it means.
 And the parade of course!

Movie themed this year.

Lots of rides and games.

If you have a clown phobia (and let's face it, who doesn't), look away now...

#sideshow #clowns #circus #redhairedamazona
I satisfied my inner non-existent highlander with the soul quenching sound of bagpipes.
I loves me some bagpipery. And a fella in a kilt if he looks like this...

And at the end of the day, fireworks.

red haired amazona ulladulla harbour

I managed to get in quite a bit of crochet.

I made 3 little eggs inspired by Ann Egans pattern in Issue 42 of Simply Crochet. I added a bit of dodgy embroidery on the largest egg.

I also finished 3 more bowl cosies. I always try and make multiples of items before publishing a pattern to make sure it works.

crochet cotton

There was plenty of beach action. Here's one of those gratuitous ugly feet/ paws pics...

The next day we had heard about some rock sculptures. I am going to be a big meanie and not tell you where they are. The locals whisper its location only to each other. All these rocks are simply balanced and rightfully they are worried little hooligans will go and kick them over.

Finally on Easter Monday we took the trailer to Nanas and loaded her wall unit on the back of the trailer.  It was wrapped up and strapped up ready for the long trip home the next day.

Nana blew it a kiss goodbye and told me that my Pop would have been very happy that it stayed in the family. {insert little tear here}

The following morning at 6am, we piled ourselves back into the car for the long trip home.

I was super relieved that the Wall Divider survived the trip without even a scratch and is now safely in place with some of my treasures on it.


Things will get rearranged and moved around. A lot probably. I keep looking at it and can't believe that it's here! 

I am definitely seeing some crocheting doilies or mandalas in my near future for those surfaces. What do you think?
The Red Haired Amazona


  1. Great post and the wall unit looks fantastic. Nana and Pop would be so proud.

  2. hmm... Looks like teak..? Is it? whatever, the "style" is very "in" at the moment! I'm glad you've taken "custody" of it. So many great family pieces get "lost" because the Next Generation doesn't want it, and so, never SAVE them for their Children or Grandchildren who DO want them! -- I have so many "goodies" stashed away for the LATER Generations... I'm going to HAVE TO *OUT* live the current Batch, so I can convince who's LEFT that they REALLY *need* to KEEP the "family"-pieces *IN* the Family!! -- That, or, just start a MUSEUM!

    BTW, love the "BATMAN" pic! - Used to be one of my fav shows as a Kid! I actually met ADAM WEST about 15 yrs ago... LOVELY MAN! I think he was mid-70s then..? But, still quite HANDSOME and a CHARMER!

    So, your budgie likes to channel his "inner dinosaur" and use you as a chew-toy? - Get one of those steel-mesh gloves for those hand-in-the-cage moments and let him take a bite out of that! - Then again, he could be handy to have around whenever you're in need of a can-opener! [I'm having a "FLINTSTONES" moment here! ;-} ]

    Anyhoo, good to see you back! - The GLACIER missed you!

    1. Haha! I used to love watching the Flintstones AND the old Batman shows when I was a kid. So exciting to meet Adam West. That would mean he's now in his 80s? I hope you're thawing out up there in Mooseland!! Or did they still roll out a snowplow every morning?? Lovely to hear from you too! Did get an email when I was away but the interwebs at the Motherships is like Dial Up! As antique as the wall unit :)

    2. Hey, "Youngster"! Don't knock DIAL-UP! I was on until a year and a half ago. At least I could get a "connection" on the CAN&STRING! I'm constantly searching for a signal with those stupid LTE and 4G networks! -- Personally, I think that "secret" government communications complex just down the road is sucking up the bandwidths of the surrounding neighbourhoods! - [#SawThatXFilesEp]

      There's still a patch of WHITE atop the front garden, but the GLACIER is gone. Yard-Sale Season should be starting anytime now... IF the temps go back up again! We just had a chilly spell the last couple of days. [-18C windchills] However, it did keep a snow-system to the SOUTH of us, so I'm not complaining!

      BTW, I believe Adam is actually around 90-ish now..? I think he's like STAN LEE, let him do an animated-voiceover and he'll keep on going FOREVER!

  3. I love it that you've taken your budgie on holiday with you!!! I too, have been bitten by a budgie when I worked in the pet shop.... it really hurt!

    I'm looking forward to doilie patterns now!

    1. You might have noticed I've been 'pinning' millions of mandalas today! And started experimenting with one of my own last night, but they're a bit tricky to master in terms of designing!

  4. What a great family heirloom you rescued! Bravo to you! I rescued my grandparents kitchen queen and 5 legged oak farm table with 5 leaves that seats 10. I had both restored and just love them so much. Email me if you want a link to see photos of them. Love your budgie too! I've been bitten by some of mine over the years, the little devils. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. :D Awesome. Thanks Louise! Glad you had such an epic weekend around Milton-Ulladulla... and that you found Lisa and I in The Fig Tree Forest. x

    1. No worries Karin! I'm hoping to come back up in the summer again!

  6. I had a friend with a parrot that had to go on road trips. Would have been too cruel to have left him. I want to go to Mollymock. I was thinking what a great name, and then you say it is also Ulladulla! Cute crafts, vintage vehicles, handsome Scottish man, and nicely balanced rocks. Your weekend had everything.

  7. It's lovely, and your trip looks like it was a lot of fun.

  8. Loved your post and the divider looks fantastic. A vampire budgie? nah don't believe you, lol