Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Lean Green Granny Square Blanket- Finished Project

If you follow me on Spacey Facie, you may have seen a few pics I posted of a very, very bright green blanket.

I think I mentioned it in a post or two previously.

The story goes that Bear, my lovely fella, has Bear cubs of his own and the youngest asked if I could make him his own crocheted blanket.

Last year I made one for Bear in his choice and design (blue & white for Ford racing colours).  It is backed in warm polar fleece and whenever the Bear cub visited his dad, he would curl up under it when watching movies.

The Bear cub specifically asked for one in his favourite colours of lime green and bright yellow.  We went over a few different designs and he chose large granny squares in a 3 x 4 grid.

If you'd like to make one in a similar style, I simply crocheted each square with 19 rounds.

how to crochet granny square blanket
Would you believe I started it in the car on the way to Bendigo?
granny square crochet
Crocheting in Bunny Slippers. Yes, I am THAT person.
I then edged each square in one round of straight double crochet in grey, then one round of bright yellow in single crochet.

Gratuitous Fox Socks Photo

I then stitched the squares together.

The whole piece was then blanket stitched to a large piece of polar fleece to keep it cosy and warm on the back.  I did secure it at each middle point (in the junction of 4 squares) with several strong stitches in the same place to secure the polar fleece and crochet blanket. 

Let me just make a comment here about blanket stitching through polar fleece and a crocheted blanket. It sucks. Big time. My least favourite part of the whole thing. Why did I do it? Oh crap, I dunno. Yes I do. Because the whole blanket is COSIER!!!! But it takes flippin' ages!

Blanket Stitch
Let's be honest: blanket stitching through polar fleece is a bitch...
Then crocheting around the edge of the blanket stitch and last row of single crochet together, I crocheted one round of single crochet in grey around the whole blanket, then 2 rounds of moss stitch.  I love a moss stitch edging.

It goes something like this:

Single crochet, Ch1, skip next stitch, single crochet, Ch 1, sk next stitch etc....
Super dooper easy!

It gives such a neat pretty edging.

And it's all finished!!!  I wrapped it in a little ribbon and gave it to the Bear's cub.  He loves it!
Now the Bear can sit on the couch and watch movies with his cub with their blue & white and green and yellow blankets together. Maybe they could build a blanket fort?  Or Bear & Cub cave?

The specifics:

14 balls of 8 ply acrylic (100gm) in lime green
1 ball of 8 ply acrylic (100gm) in mid grey
1 ball of 8 ply acrylic (100gm) in bright yellow

3.5mm crochet hook

Make 12 granny squares as follows:
19 rounds of green in granny stitch
1 round of double crochet in grey
1 round of single crochet in yellow.

Stitch all squares together in a 3 x 4 grid using the yellow yarn.

Blanket stitch a large piece of polar fleece to fit.  Place a few stitches in the middle parts of the blanket so when you pick it up, the polar fleece doesn't pull away from the granny square blanket too much. Use a matching colour to the 'front' of the blanket so it's not noticeable.

Edge the whole blanket as follows:

1 round single crochet in grey
1 round of moss stitch in green
1 round of moss stitch in yellow.


  1. I love this blanker - very cool.... you coped well with just crocheting in green!

  2. I have a question:

    There is a pretty big space between edge to edge, do you secure this in the middle in any way? Thank you!

    1. Hi Stacy! If you mean between the crochet blanket and the polar fleece, then yes I do. I secure them with a strong couple of stitches at each 4 square junction so the two sides dont pull away from each other