Monday, 17 April 2017

Unicorn Poop Arm Mitts

Do you remember how I was working on another mandala pattern?

And do you remember how I was working on a very bright blanket?
I kind of got distracted.
I have an old pair of mitts which I made many years ago. They were inspired by a pair made by Lucy from Attic 24.  You can check hers out here. Mine were made just like hers.
They have now seen better days. I wore them often during the colder autumn & winter months and I think may be close to retirement.
I decided to make a new pair.  And I went a little bit overboard!
They are kind of like a Sampler Blanket for my arms.
I haven't written a pattern for them, as I didn't write it down as I went along. I am going to make another pair and do a tutorial for them. These are kind of rough. I won't show you the back seam!
I started making them as a rectangular piece. I wasn't sure if I wanted the rows going up and down my arms, or round and round.
Once it was about 10 or 15cm long, I tried it on this way and that and decided round and round looked best!
So I sewed up the seams and continued crocheting it in rounds.
Then I found while on a recent weekend away to Phillip Island, I found a cute little LYS (local yarn shop) which had one ball of silver, and one ball of gold yarn. I snatched them both up!
I often look out for these colours at our big local shop, but they only stock them at Christmas.
It made a relatively ok arm mitt look fabulous!
I would crochet a few rounds, then try it on.
Yesterday they were finished!

There's a mixture of picots, granny stripes,

moss stitching, single crochet,

rows of chains, fans,

star stitch rows, drop double crochet, and sometimes just half double crochet stitches.

 What do you think?

 They do kind of look like gauntlets. Maybe that's a better name than 'arm mitts'?

Not only did I finish these yesterday, but last night I also finished my super bright blanket. It's currently blocking outside, pinned to a large camping mat.

I'll be honest with you. I'm not sure how I feel about it. We hated each other for about a month. Much frogging happened. Stay tuned for that blog post soon!


The Red Haired Amazona


  1. I think they're amazing! And the name of your mitts is hilareous :-)
    Anxious to see that blanket!
    Take care, Sigrid

    1. Thanks Sigrid! I'll write up the post for the blanket soon xox

  2. I LOVE these. they are bright, fun and quirky all the things I love the most! You have named them perfectly.

  3. They are beautiful lovely and bright you are very clever

  4. These are much too pretty for that name - IMHO!
    I'd love to make some like this....will you be sharing the pattern with us? Because I've seen lots and lots of mitts, but these are terrific and I'd love to try making some for myself (and then possibly for my girls if they work out nicely.)
    Please tell me you will share this pattern, because I'd LOVE to make some!

  5. I think I'd call them Unicorn Dreams Mitts instead....the Unicorn Poop made me think they would be plain brown or something like that...
    These are much too pretty...Unicorn Dreams sounds more like what you are showing us...
    Not as 'fantastical', perhaps, but, IMHO, a bit more fitting.

  6. Love the colour and pattern channelling on those mitts, especially the extra bling of the gold. I have some gold thread similar to that in your photo but it has a scratchy texture. What is your gold thread like? I hope it is softer.
    It is nice to find other Aussies who love crochet and love to have fun with colour.

  7. These patterns are so amazing. !!! I really envy creative people and the art they create. Anyway, thank you for posting and sharing this with us.