Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Finding Space & the Crap we accumulate

I am quite unsettled at the moment.

But it's only for a little while longer I hope.

I am still trying to find space in this new house for things to go, and find space and time to get back into crochet and blogging and creating.

I have a lot of THINGS. Like books, yarn, and crap.

This isn't even half of it!

By Crap I mean all the things you accumulate as gifts and that you pick up yourself and don't want to get rid of right now because they bring joy and memories.

Charcoal walls. Don't even get me started on how much I dislike them.

To you, Crap is wonderful. You love the Crap. You don't call it Crap though, you call it 'nick-nacs' or 'memorabilia', 'bric a brac', 'momentos', or just simply 'my things'.  But let's face it. To many other people, it's just Crap.  In fact I'm fairly sure when I bite the dust, and my kids have to figure out what to do with my bits and pieces, they'll chuck the whole lot.

Our small front lounge. For now. I'm thinking that a repaint in a fresh light colour and bespoke shelving is in our future...

And that's totally ok because I'll be pushing up daisies, but for now I'm still holding onto and loving my Crap.

Yarn and books. My favourite idea of the week.

However finding places for my Crap is taking so long. And we didn't exactly move into a grand manor filled with millions of special shelves for Crap.

Colour coordinated book
 curating: thanks Pinterest!

So this weekend we are having a garage sale to get rid of some Crap while still finding places for our Special Crap which is staying.

All this is leaving very little time for creating, blogging, crocheting and spending scrumptious hours of sitting in comfy chairs doing those things with a cup of coffee.

Bijoux can claim my place for crocheting and the drinking of the coffee, for now.

Which leaves me feeling still unsettled. You know that feeling too, don't you?

So this morning after dropping Sonofagun No.2 at school in our old neighbourhood, I gave myself 15 minutes to wander around the area and find some small happy things.

Soft pink Azaleas

Like camellias. I bloody love Camellias. After perving and taking sneaky stalker photos of some in peoples front gardens, I decided I'm going to plant some at our place.

I gazed longingly at the park in front of the beach.  Today wasn't a nice day to go walking through it, so I took a quick snap of this immense Morton Bay Fig Tree.  It was cold, windy and rainy.

Then a lovely old man walked over to me and made a funny comment about the poor weather. He was a member of the local historical society. He started telling me how his family had lived in the area for decades and one of the local streets was named after his mum who had worked as a nurse in the original hospital.

It reminded me of how much I loved living in that area for it's strong sense of community and history. Not a long history, just 100 years or so, but for the ever expanding city of Melbourne, it's history.

Gum Blossoms in front of the local library

If I could find a big adult sized tutu that looked like this, I'd wear it!
We made time on the weekend to take the kids out to our local (Wahhhh! not local anymore) favourite old cinema in Yarraville to see Spiderman Homecoming.

The street in front of the cinema is permanently closed now. So they played some street Jenga.

Bear and I had Ciders while we waited for the most amazing burgers.

I did find some time last week on a Sunday afternoon for a little bit of creating. I started writing and replicating my Unicorn Poop Arm warmers. But after 1 row of star stitch, I decided I wanted to do a few more. Then they turned into slightly different arm warmers.

Theyre still a work in progress. I'm not sure if I should be making arm warmers in the round, or like above; a big rectangle thing which is sewn up the side. I've done it both ways and in combination. With the combination way, I start working in rows back and forth, then at about row 5 or 6, join the 2 sides and continue in the round. Once I've finished then last round, I go back to the first 5 rows and sew them together. I prefer the way these fit. What do you think?

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. I think your shelves look very organized and colorful.. good job! Wow, that Gum flower is aMAYzing! I don't think we have those here. Your crochet at the bottom is very pretty.. what a good designer you are! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. :-[ I hate missing a good yard sale!
    Anyhoo, great shelves. BTW, you should get more of those blue pullout bins to store your yarn since they fit perfectly. Meanwhile, I'm looking at your "STASH"-of-STUFF... I've just moved about that much from my stairway and hall TODAY to bring over to my new STORAGE LOCKER! - (think NYC apartment... the RENT is about the same!) - And, I've got about 10 times more to go! the rest of the hallway. ;->
    Whatever, actual CRAP crap has been going on here. So if you don't hear from me in a while, I've probably entombed myself with MY *STUFF*!

  3. Love the crap ;-) Your bookshelves look very cheerful to me :-)
    But I know the feeling.. Sometimes you just have to tidy up... sigh.
    Good luck with it!

  4. Love it that you've actually called it what it is... this sums my house up perfectly! I love your book shelves..... I want shelves like you now (All my yarn is hidden away in cupboards and draws). Beautiful flowers too! (And I'm sat reading your blog and drinking coffee rather than waking my children up for school!!!!!) Come back soon Louise I miss you

  5. In my house we call it 'stuff'. As a kid it was called junk, but it differed from junk junk because it was 'good' junk.

  6. Hi Louise, Love your "crap". I am doing a big clear out it's been going on for a few months now & I am sick of it. I owned the house with my husband & my eldest son who never married. Its Very big 2 story house . My husband passed away 7 years ago, then my son passed away in March this year,so I have had to accept help from friends to help clear out the place after 17 years. I don't call it crap though as my craft is my life & keeps me sane. But i will be so happy when I do get another place of my own & can unpack & set it up . Loved your pic's there is nothing like flowers to make your heart sing no matter how down you are feeling