Monday, 23 October 2017

I stopped to smell the roses...

It's been a week of roses.

I grabbed a bunch of white alstromeria and pink roses a few days ago whilst doing my grocery shop.

Then on Sunday afternoon I decided to duck out for a quick trip to the hardware shop.
But when I was nearly there, I decided I'd first make a little detour to the Werribee Park Mansion to see if the roses were flowering in the Victoria State Rose Garden which is on the grounds.
It was a little more than a small detour. About 15ish minutes past the hardware shop, but when a garden filled with roses calls, you must obey.
It's very Spring here in Kangarooland. I have been working hard in my baby garden planting seedlings, tubestock, perennials, annuals, vegetables, shrubs and trees. I've been mulching, fertilising and weeding!  It's been sooo good for the soul.
Papa Meilland
I took photographs of all my favourite roses which was actually every single thing with a flower on it. Would you like to take a walk with me?
More big beautiful tea cup flowers of the Belle of Berlin
Precious Michelle
Edith Holden trained on trellis.
Love In. How gorgeous!!
The Weeping Standard roses were not yet flowering...

Ebb Tide

Brass Band: I looooveeeed these delicious flowers!
Victoria Gold. Sounds like the name of a beer.
A row of Bridal Pink standards

Blueberry Hill

Young Lycidas

Minnie Watson
Many Minnies

Climbing rose Tiffany. With guest.
How beautiful are these Mme Greg. Staechlin?!?  A bit of a mouthful. I'll just remember it as 'Greg'.
Greg up close.
Memoire standards
Memoire up close and personal...
Fiona's Wish
Lots of Royal Danes!
This little climbing rose was one of my favourites: Fourth of July
Royal Dane

Tropical Sunset

Monica. I have this one in my garden but it's still a couple of weeks away from flowering.
Bloomfield Courage
Double Delight
Hot Cocoa
Perfume Perfection standards
Perfume Perfection smells so delicious!
Eyes for You. I'm lucky enough to have one of these in my garden too!
Paradise. Really!
La Sevillana
Named after one of the great racehorses Makybe Diva
Maria Callas
Frullingsmorgen. Gessundeit.

I fell in love with these roses called In Appreciation.
After my little ramble around the grounds, I left to go to the hardware shop as originally planned and found a potted In Appreciation which is now in my baby garden!


  1. Wow.. thanks for sharing the roses.. I was particularly pleased to see my 2 favorite roses in that garden, 4th of July and Double Delight!! Thanks so much for sharing! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Love the roses. Nice to know another crocheter and rose grower. Lots of the varieties you mentioned, I am not sure are available in the states. Sigh, too bad. They are gorgeous!

  3. Fabulous!! Too bad I can't keep them in my backyard as the soil is way too poor (almost pure sand). I tried to fertilise it, but it doesn't work. Luckily I can enjoy them on your pictures and in other gardens :-) Love to smell them too.
    Have a nice day,

  4. So. I have to ask... Whenever Bear does [IF He ever does] something that must be "rectified" with *ROSES*, does He do it with a Bouquet, or just take You over to the ROSE GARDEN..?? Or, BOTH..?!

    Anyhoo, nice FLORA! -- I've just got future-to-be-raked-leaves-from-the-tree-that-should-have-been-cut-down-by-now plastered over my pavement!
    And, we're supposed to get rain soon... WET LEAVES! yuck. -- Then again, the temps are still staying WARM, so no complaints there!
    Whatever. *ENJOY* the "pollen"!

  5. In Appreciation is my new favourite garden rose, I was gooling it and came across your blog. :)