Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Summer Holidays 2018

Hello lovelies!

I have been having a 'gentle' summer.

I haven't exactly been lazy but just trying to take it easy on myself. 

Almost immediately after Christmas, we followed the Parental Units 10 hours north to their little slice of heaven in Mollymook on the south coast of NSW.

 I took with me a beautiful skein of Manos del Uruguay Alegria grande which is a worsted weight yarn.

 The Motherships' evil/ adorably strange looking cat Tiki watched enviously as I wound the ball of yarn...

 I started making these circle popcorny things. I rather like them. But I'm really not sure what to use them for. My original thought was to make a small shoulder bag, the kind you sling around your neck, just big enough for my phone for when we went on jaunts to the beach. 

I know it's not cool to take phones to the beach because you're supposed to be enjoying the nature and stuff, but I love having it handy to take ALL OF THE PHOTOS!!!! 

You may or may not have noticed two refreshing glasses of cool liquid in both my yarn photos. This does not indicate Louise is being healthy and hydrating with a cool glass of water with a slice of lemon.

It means it's late afternoon and therefore Gin O'Clock and Louise has helped herself to a gin & elderflower cocktail....

The Parental Units love cooking. A gene I did not inherit. Here is the Fatherdom making pasta for the lasagne we had later that evening.

My Auntie Horse Whisperer has also now settled in town and expanded her collection of miniature ponies and horses to start a sweet pony party business called Wendy's Pony Parties.

I don't love horses. They can bite, kick, and generally when I ride a full sized horse or pony, I feel WAY too far away from solid land on a moving thing I can't control. 

But these ponies and mini horses were so freaking adorable!! And super friendly! They just wanted pats and cuddles!

We only had one week, then it was back in the car for the long drive home.

And it was time to get our party shoes on. One of Bears friends is in an 80s style metal band and does rock festival promotions. So when he proposed to his lovely lady a while back, they decided to have a Weekend Rock Festival Wedding...
We packed the campertrailer, slipped on our party dresses and hit the road...

Trying on my wedding outfit.  Do you see that lovely sparkly pendant? It was made for me by my lovely bloggy buddy Vicki from Off The Hook For You at one of her Makers Cabin classes!

Rocknroll Brides and Grooms get married on stage....
 It was a blistering 42 degrees celcius that day, until a cool change swept in at 6pm. The temperature dropped down to 25c straight away. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset, then listened to live bands and DJs till we stumbled back to our campertrailer (others had tents) to sleep.

I'm very lucky as I have been able to take the summer off work (with my long service leave) to spend time with my boys and try and continue to heal.

I have given myself a break from designing crochet patterns for a little while. This is hard because I always have ideas running through my head!  

A little while ago I started making granny squares with this beautiful yarn called Moda Vera Fayette which now I think is no longer stocked (insert sad face here). I made just enough for a wrap which I envisioned wearing when I want to pop out on a cool, but not cold evening. 

I finally finished the 80 something squares (in between lots of knitted sock making), and have now started sewing them together...
Apologies for the dark photo....

The yellow is a bit 'muddier' than I would have liked which I feel makes the overall colours a little duller but once it has been sewn and blocked, I'll take it out into the sunshine for a photo!
Thanks for visiting! 


The Red Haired Amazona


  1. Oh my.. that yarn you have that the cat watched you roll into a ball is visually stimulating to me! I went to that website but saw none for sale. Your wrap is going to be quite a work of wearable art! Can't wait to see you model it for us. I'm glad you had such a nice long off! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I found it by chance in a little yarn shop in Melbourne! I have also tried to find some more online, but alas no luck! hugs to you too Teresa! xox

  2. TIKI... Aptly named! ;-> [his fur looks like a punked up Cheshire]

    LOVE the PONY! - I can relate on the riding bit... Haven't been on a horse since I was 12! [Sidebar... Road an Elephant when I 10!] And even then, I really wasn't "riding" it, as it was going it's own way with me on! However, around then, we did own a few Standard-Bred Racing Horses. [They were housed at the Tracks] So, I have had "experience" in "shovelling". And, getting the odd foot trodden over! Meanwhile, my baby-brother who had even less encounters with Equines as a child, eventually ended up on his army Regiment's "RIDE"-unit [doing public events] for over a year! -- So, who knows, we might get YOU into a WESTERN, yet! ;-D

    ahh... beach...
    BTW, when you were rocking the PLUS-40, I was shaking the MINUS-40! weird how that works, eh?

    Anyhoo, Happy MOJITO-MONDAY!

    1. I'm half convinced Tiki is the devils spawn. Adopted by my brother 17 years ago, she is a strange elemental creature. Not entirely trustworthy and she has needle teeth and razor claws!
      Minus 40? No wonder you want to escape down under each Canadian winter, you poor squirrel- photographing popsicle!!

  3. That lasagne looked delicious! Glad you liked the pendant - matches your dress perfectly, although I don't envy you in 42 degree heat! I can't wait to see that wrap finished - Mollymook looks amazing every time I see it!

  4. Haha, Louise! You always make me smile with your blogposts. The way you describe everything lets me know that you're a very positive and strong person. And I adore Tiki!!!! And the small horses look indeed very adorable. Such a special wedding... Sadly we don't have that kind of wedding parties overhere in Belgium. I think weddings overhere are rather boring. :-)
    The yarn you're working with looks delicious and I'm sure you'll have fun wearing such a cheerful wrap.
    Take care!