Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Oh hey there Winter!

So far Winter has been kind of mild. Except for today but as we tip toe into June, the weekends have been mostly clear and sunny. Around 15c. Absolutely delightful!

Last weekend I decided to leave the boys at home and go on a little afternoon adventure with Luciano.

Luce (pronounced 'looch') is my Xtrail. I know it's a bit weird but when I go out driving on my own, I don't feel like I'm really alone because I'm with Luce. 

 He's a little worn, but handsome and reliable. A few months ago the Bear and I considered getting a newer car. We looked online and in a few car yards, but I couldn't find anything better than Luce. 
So the Bear went to the wreckers and found some newish black leather electric seats, and a better aircon, then replaced the old stuff.

When Luce and I are out driving together I talk to him, sing in him, complain about the other drivers to him. While waiting at school pick-ups I shove yarn in his steering wheel and crochet hooks in his aircon orifices (I think he ate my 4mm). He doesn't say much back, but when I need to put the pedal to the metal, he roars ahead and then happily lets me fill him with all the cool stuff I find along the way.

On our little adventure we decided to wander around the nearby town of Ballarat.
I went for a wander through the Botanical Gardens on Lake Wendouree.

I was last here over a year ago for the Begonia Festival. The garden beds were mostly dormant or newly filled with seedlings for Spring blooms.

There was still lots of lovely things flowering. Like these penstemon.

 I had to leave Luce in the carpark. He didn't mind. I wandered around looking at statuary and trees while breathing in lovely deep breaths of crisp country air and the smell of fallen leaves.

I love this glasshouse. The Gardens are about 100 or so years old I think. So there is alot of old style architecture. I love this modern style building thrown in the mix! It looks like a crazy caterpillar.

 Jonquils flowering right at the beginning of winter!

 There's a beautiful old tram that travels through the gardens. If I had more time, I would have taken a ride.

I spent another couple of hours in the Ballarat Mill Market.

This place is huge and filled with ALL OF THE THINGS!
This Moose jug came home with me. As did an old Steve Miller Band and Sonny & Cher album.

One of the main reasons for this little trip was to visit a shop I have been following on Instagram called The Crafty Squirrel!   Whenever the owner Morgan posts her latest finds from craft markets in Japan, I would promise myself a little shopping trip. And I finally did it! 

I bought an adorable bunny purse and pencil chocolates as a birthday present for the Divine Miss Emmas birthday, some cute little tin bird brooches, baby bird pins and Morgan even had some note pads and pens designed by Nathalie Lete whose designs I adore! I seriously could have bought everything in the shop especially as there are loads of adorable japanese cutesy haberdashery products.

Then it was time for Luce and I to head home.

Bear had the fireplace lit when I got there.

Whilst I was out swanning around the countryside, he was installing windows for our pergola.

He found them on ebay.  They're quite dirty here but after a spray with the pressure washer, they came up much nicer the next day.

Isn't he a handy, handsome fella!  More recently, we got to be grown ups and go out for drinkies for the Divine Miss Emmas birthday!

Another year older and most importantly our beloved Emma is 1 year cancer free.
If you recall from my last post, I mentioned I was in the middle of writing up the pattern for my Bunny Beanie. The pattern will also include a Pussy Cat Beanie!  This little beanie below just needs some pretty felt flowers and then I can take a few more photos for the free tutorial. Not long to go now!

Thanks for visiting! How has your winter/ summer been so far?

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. Debbie Kendall13 June 2018 at 11:52

    Just love your photos - I think I will put the Ballarat Gardens on my must see list for the Garden Club next year.

  2. Oooo... Lovin' that "market"! - Next time, if you see any rhinos, send me a pic! BTW, great moose jug. -- Third day in a row over at the thrift store earlier for me [various sales], got a cute Sheep cookie jar... [I'll send you a pic once I get it out of my trunk]

    LUCE! :-D Sweet looking ride! Love the colour! - Just the sort of nice boxy shape that I could use when hauling craft show crap. With "MYCAR", I really have to Jenga-Origami everything into it...

    BTW, those windows look super in that space. Although, you might need to crochet some nifty little screening to keep any nosy neighbours away...
    And, BEAR, definitely a "keeper"!

  3. Good for you to have an adventure on your own! Love the goodies you found. What a cute beanie design you came up with! I am enjoying my pink pussycat hat I made. I wore it this week as it got chilly and rainy. Have a super week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Sounds like a great adventure! Bet you slept well that night.

  5. Great post Louise. My family roots, Mum's side, are in Ballarat (a place I've never been) so it was of particular interest to me. That begonia festival looked amazing. Bet you could have gone mad in the Crafty Squirrel. Happy Birthday to your lovely Emma.