Thursday, 19 November 2020

Pink Flowers & Glow

November hasn't been all about Peony Watch 2020. Well yes, it's mostly been about Peony Watch 2020. 
I mentioned a couple of posts ago that my oldest peony (this one in the middle blue pot) had popped out some buds for the first time. This plant has been in this pot for 3 years. Apparently there's an old saying about Peonies: 1st year they sleep, 2nd year they creep, 3rd year they leap. My 3 pots below demonstrate this marvelously. Guess which one is the 1 year old, the 2 year old and the 3 year old?
I have been ridiculously obsessed. And it's been so long since I bought the plant that I had long since lost the label and couldn't remember what cultivar this one was. 

Every morning I would go out to check on my peonies. Particularly Mr Anonymous Bud Guy here.  

Every day I would make sure they weren't getting too much wind, I'd check whether they needed water with my little moisture meter, and every couple of weeks I'd give them a weak solution of Seasol.
The buds grew larger and started to do this.
From their size, I figured they wouldn't be big, fat extravagant double blooms. Maybe a single or semi double variety. I carefully staked their stems as they started to droop from the weight of the buds.
And then the first bud opened!

The perfume was delightful. Not strong and heady, but light and distinctly peony-like!

On this day it was predicted to be a hot day. I actually picked up that heavy ceramic pot and brought it into the house. I knew the hot weather would make these soft petals wilt and crumple.

They were so bright and beautiful. Do you know what variety this is? I haven't quite been able to figure it out.
And they shone in Peony Gorgeousness.
For about 3 days. 
November has notoriously fickle weather here.
After the hot day cooled and the wind dropped, the next day I took the plant back outside but still in the cooler pergola area next to a large potted Daphne that is protected from the elements.

But weather reared it's ugly head. We had another hot, windy blast which kicked in while I was out shopping a couple of days later.  

And despite being under the pergola, I came home to this...
I'm ok. Maybe I just kept my dignity, sighed and got over it. Maybe I had a wailing, ugly faced cry. No one will ever know except me and the tissue box.
I was definitely disappointed but I now know I can look forward to their blooms again next year. And hopefully the next younger sibling will leap as well!

I decided that 2020 has been such an asshat that I should give us a nice extended Chrismassy feeling.
So our tree went up on November 1st.
I know! SCANDALOUS!!!!

Elf on a shelf even made an early appearance by being extra friendly with our John McLane Christmas Tree angel...
Out came the Xmas lights. All the outside lights are solar powered.
You can tell that I kind of didn't realise one set was 'golden light' and the other set is 'white light'. But it still looks magical!

My latest addition is this ridiculously divine 'Uni-Llama'! I love her SOOOO MUCH!!

If you have any ideas on what variety my peony is, please let me know! I'd love to stick a name on it! 

Thanks for visiting!
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  1. OOhhhh.. I loved watching your Peony bloom.. so sorry it got baked! I have one Peony and I adore it.. I need more. I also loved that your tree is up.. apparently it's a thing.. lots of people putting them up early. I ordered a new slimmer tree that will come maybe next week and it's going right up too. I always waited until after Thanksgiving to do it but I'm with you.. bring on the pretty lights! Yours are wonderful!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)