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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ailments Autumn!

I've decided to declare that it's Ailments Autumn.

First Sonofagun No.2 was sick with a cold virus (he's much better now, k thx).

Then I was sick with the same thing. (I'm much better now, k thx ).

Then I was hobbling around with an infected blister on my right foot (still going, k thx).

Then yesterday as I was only very mildly limping across the road to catch a tram, I pushed off a bit too quickly on my other leg and felt an unpleasant and painful pop in my calf.

The tram driver who had seen me coming initially gave a nod as if to say, "Sure luv, I'll wait for you!"  

But as soon as he saw me stumble, cry out and start hopping, he sort of shrugged, gave a ting of his little bell and took off.  Which meant I then had to very painfully limp up to Southern Cross Station on foot.

I was in a hurry you see.

I was late leaving work and had only 6 minutes to make the train.  We had tickets to see Spandau Ballet at Rod Laver Arena and I had to be home quickly to pick up Sonofagun No.2 from after school care, race home to bath and help feed both Sonofaguns, then get dressed before the babysitter arrived.

I made the train, just.
I sat there trying not to be a Big Girls Blouse and kept slowly wiggling my foot gently up and down so the muscle didn't freeze whilst texting the Blonde Bombshell and the Bear about the unfolding dilemma....  how the Jimmy Fallon would I handle walking around, and up and down the stairs at a stadium?

By the time I finally made it home, I collapsed in a painful heap and realised that I wouldn't be able to go.  

Babysitter was cancelled. And we quickly found a friend who was not only available to go along with my ticket at 10 minutes notice, but is a massive Spandau Ballet fan and was absolutely Pee His Pants excited.  Apparently he knew the words to all the songs and sang along unashamedly like a 10 year old at a One Direction concert.  That made me feel really happy!  I am not a fan, not not a fan of the group so whilst it would have been nice to go, I wasn't devastated and I was just very pleased the ticket went to someone who enjoyed their brains out.

So my lovely Dr Leprecaun (who by the way, tells me in his adorable lilting Irish brogue that HE doesn't have an accent, I have the accent! Isn't he cute?) told me this morning that it may be a torn calf muscle and I get to have an ultrasound tomorrow. My first ever that won't end with the statement "It looks like you're expecting a boy..."

I always look on the bright side. I get to camp my luscious derriere on the couch this afternoon and watch Malificent on Netflix and do something with yarn.  Gosh I love injuries!

So there's an old project calling me.  A WIP left over from last winter.  Something special. 
Something DIFFERENT to my usual crochet projects.

I'm coming out of the closet and exploring my bistitchuality.  Yes Bistitchuality.  It's when, you know, you can do BOTH.

Crochet AND Knitting!  

Last night I finished my crocheted Scoodie.  Today I'm going to try and finish my Knitted scarf which I started last winter.  I feel so brazen! 

So the scarf in question.  I taught myself to knit on Youtube the winter before last.  I knitted a block of something random.  I practised knitting and purling in that block. I then tried throwing in a few different colours because I grew bored doing row after row of the same thing.  After maybe 50 rows, I decided to move on.

I made an Intarsia scarf.  It was kind of groovy with crappy tension.

I do apologise for the blurry photo. 

Anywho it's as thick as a python and too warm for Melbourne winters.

So last winter I started making a smaller narrower scarf.

Here it is! 

I know. It has bonking Reindeer. Sorry about that. They just cracked me up when I saw them on the Interwebs.

Now I have to finish it.

Being Intarsia there's a mess of threads on the back.  I'm trying to decide whether I sew on a strip of polar fleece, sew it together longways to form a tube, or knit a plain coloured backing and sew that on. 
What do you think?
If any of you are Intarsia knitting Geniuses, I would love to hear what you recommend!

I have heard of a type of double knitting style as well where you sew two sides of knitting at the same time on the 2 needles. I'm thinking about finding out more about that as well.

So I have finally finished my Rainbow Scoodie for my friends Little Mermaid in Queensland.


I was inspired by a pattern I found on Ravelry by Marken of the Hat & I but ended up making it quite differently.
The other pattern uses worsted weight wool with a 6mm hook. 
I used DK and a 3.5mm hook, therefore had loads more stitches etc

The differences are in the size, number of stitches, type of yarn, size of hook and edging. In addition I changed the design of the scarf. The original pattern crochets up the scarf in an infinity style. I have done it (as requested by the Little Mermaids mum) so the two scarf ends hang independently.  And also Little Mermaids mum didn't want any pompoms.

No, I am NOT a mermaid.  I have almost drowned on 3 separate occasions. Nor am I little.

I'm thinking of making another with Pockets on the ends of each scarf to keep little hands warm and possibly writing it up.  I just want to make another to test it!  You have no idea how much fudging around I did with this one. Plus the beginning chain (which is sewn up at the back to make the hood) is too tight and warped a little. I'd correct that with my new favourite crochet tip which you may or may not be aware of:

Don't forget my lovelies to come over and visit my Facebook page.  I totes love chatting with peeps on there and I love it even more when you show off your finished glorious creations!  

My favourite day is Handmade Monday!

The Red Haired Amazona

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Saturday Morning Yarn...

It's a cloudy Saturday morning here in Melbourne. 
I was tidying up the bedroom and looked at my baskets (yes plural!) of yarns and decided it was time to sort them out...

I have 3 projects in the works. I scanned my collection and came to one conclusionYou know what I'm thinking, don't you?

I need more yarn!
I have 2 more Cloche hats to finish, am planning on making something else scrummy with the cotton (in ombre colours!) and have to finish my scarf in the top left corner.
So off to the nearest craft shop I go. About 45-50 mins drive away.  Roadtrip! 

See you on the other side!


The Red Haired Amazona

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Zombeavers, Ringtail Possum & Budgerigars, Oh My!

It's been a busy and interesting week so far.

Every Saturday night BFF the Blonde Bombshell comes over for dinner and a movie.
If we aren't accompanied by PWP (people with penises aka our Significant Others) we watch gorgeous old classic musicals and comedies such as Singing in the Rain, Oklahoma, Calamity Jane or anything with the completely adorable Shirley Temple. Or the other old beauties such as An Affair to Remember or Rebel Without a Cause (OMG that was a great movie!).

The Blonde Bombshell and I grab a couch each after dinner and the kids have been put into bed, pull out our crochet, drink the wine, chomp on whatever new type of chocolate indulgence we have and drift into movie heaven.

TBB has also started up a new movie review blog (after being absent from movie blogness for a few years).  And I set her a challenge. A movie review challenge!

She was not happy with my choice. She bemoaned the lost 90 minutes of her life. She typed furiously on her laptop the whole time in between scoffing Chocolate Pods. She exclaimed several times throughout the movie, "Oh dear God! Are you kidding me?"

And what was the movie? I hear you ask!


Yes. Zombeavers. It's a long way from Xanadu.

Yes.  There are not only Zombeavers. There are also Zombeaver People, Zombeaver Bears, Zombeaver Dogs and Zombeaver Bees, some unnecessary boobs and a creepy old hunter.

For Miss Emma's review pop over here. But just in case you were thinking of watching it and don't want to know the ending, it's FULL of spoilers from start to finish! Hilarious reading though.

My favourite part was the song at the end credits. Think Tony Bennett style lounge music. But as a song about Zombeavers.

Later that night after the PWP went off to bed, the Blonde Bombshell and I went outside to sit by the fire with warming mugs of Irish Breakfast Tea, toast marshmallows and discuss the weeks events as we do. And we were joined some local wildlife....

Isnt he cute?  He's a little Ringtail Possum who sometimes visits but we rarely get the chance to see him.  He was later joined by another Ringtail, but he didn't want to share the pears.

I've also had fun trying to get my newly 6 year old Sonofagun No.2 to understand the concept of time.

Sonofagun No. 2: can I have ice cream?

Red Haired Amazona in mother mode: After you've finished your shower.

Sonofagun No. 2: Awww!   but how long will that take?

RHAIMM: 5 Minutes

Sonofagun No.2: how many minutes is 5 minutes?


Sonofagun No.2: No. I mean how many MINUTES??

RHAIMM: five minutes

Sonofagun No.2: No, you're not listening to me. HOW MANY MINUTES? ???

RHAIMM: 300 seconds.

Sonofagun No.2 WAILS: But that will take SO LONG!

Sadly my crochet has been put aside for a few days while I recover from some self inflicted arm business. ..

This was courtesy of the incredibly talented Miss Billie Fiction of Artisan Tattoo in Altona. It's waaay bigger than I planned. But I do like birds. I have a few little nicknacky type birds around. Ok, enough that's it's almost bordering on obsession.

But I kind of try to curate my collection so the house doesn't feel like that Hitchcock movie.

I do have one real live feathered companion. Axel is a gender confused budgerigar.  In this photo his cere (the bit above his beak) looks brown but actually it's the same light pink colour as baby budgies. The only thing is Axel is 5 years old.  

If anyone can shed light on why this is so, I'd love to hear it. We had kind of referred to Axel as He.  He/ she could be asexual and that's ok too. But from the way he/she sometimes expresses his/her budgie lurve for the other budgie in his/her mirror... well let's leave it at that. Sorry guys. Didn't mean to drag your minds down into the budgie gutter.

Axel does budgie face. I do duck face. Axel didn't understand why I couldn't do budgie face.

I'm currently at home today with a sick Sonofagun No.1 but after a bit of cleaning I'll probably be on Pinterest trying to get inspiration for my next project. I do have a knitted scarf that needs finishing but yarn stuff will have to wait a day or so until my arm feels less bruised.  

I'd love to say a huge hello and thank you to all the lovely visitors to my blog over the last month.  Over 40,000 of you from 109 countries have popped by to visit just since the end of February! 


40,213 up to this very minute to be precise!

I've had lots of lovely comments and wonderful photos sent to me.  I've met some amazing Blog Land people who have been inspiring and helpful particularly with a certain piece of crochet whom shall not be named but we know who you are hat thingo.

Alot of you have had issues with the brim of that hat. I totes understand. The first hat or two I did turned out beautifully and only needed to be smoothed out by hand, then sat nicely.  Then I was getting feedback from some people who've mentioned it comes out all wobbly.

The lovely and super talented Vicki from Off the Hook and I have been emailing each other about this across the continents and hopefully soon one of us or both of us will iron out the issues.  
The pattern I posted is as close to what I believe the original pattern can be.  I don't speak or read Russian.
The way I figured out the pattern relied heavily on the photographs but also when I wasn't sure what was happening (particularly with the brim) I studied the translated words and how they also looked in their original Russian form and compared with how they were used elsewhere.  That's kind of how I taught myself the Runes from The Hobbit when I was 13 years old!
We will let you know how we go hopefully soon!


The Red Haired Amazona

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Drizzly sunday, Pearl Jam and Wiggly ferals....

It's a drizzly Sunday morning and I've lost several hours of my life figuring out how to put a pretty background on the page of my new blog. A million things to say and opinions to spew, crochet and knit projects to proudly show off but now I am drained of computer and interwebs lurve.
I sit. I look at the screen and keyboard. The dreaded old keyboard with sticky keys from sonofagun no.1 dropping food scraps after school on it and I am wiped of words.

I'm not the most amazing mother in the world. I lurve my kids like a million Christmases with sherry soaked trifle. I give them yummy food, keep them clean and give them fresh clothes, lots of hugs and kisses and I love yous. I let sonofagun no.2 have floppy hair because he is a five year old who wants to be a rock star but look like Harry Stiles. Then I dry his hair after a shower and affectionately call him Harry Stiles and he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

I let the teenaged sonofagun no.1 play too much computer games and eat waaaaay too many packets of Indomie noodles than I should. But he still flops his lanky 14 year old body occasionally in my direction, wraps his arms around me in a half hug/ half flop and says in his deep teen age voice, "How's the weather down there Maaaa?" So I think maybe I'm not doing too badly.

 I did make vague mention in the description above about being a crochet queen. I didn't use capital letters because I am not The Crochet Queen. I'm one of many, many, many crochet queens who quietly sit on a saturday evening watching whatever movie or tv show takes their fancy and crochets. But I suspect I may have invented the term! Which is a gobsmackingly outrageous statement to make but there it is.

Oddly though, my current WIP (work in progress) and very first photo reveal is not a piece of crochet! I am teaching myself to knit. But because I always try to run before I can walk, I am almost at the end of a fairsisle/ scandi type scarf. The tension is pretty crappy but I'm kind of loving it! I was going to knit a long plain backing but after using the google to find out the best way, google told me to buy some polar fleece and stitch that on to hide all the messy bits at the back. So here's a sneak peek...

Pearl Jam???!?!?!?!

Why? Because I can. It doesn't get Eddie Vedder than that.

"What the Jiminy Cricket are those deer doing?" I hear you ask. Don't ask. Just accept I am a Knitting Debutante who isn't afraid to experiment.  The more seasoned knitter would immediately note my shocking tension. That's okay. Believe me, my foxes are worse...

Poor wiggly, orange little ferals :(

Any suggestions for my ridonkulous tension (yes, ridonkulous) are extremely welcome.

The Red Haired Amazona