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Sunday, 3 July 2016

It's funny how a trip to the market gives you a Virus... shawl.

After my little jaunt up north to the Handmade Market in Canberra, I had a hankering for more marketness.

The Google told me there was a local handmade market happening the following weekend locally in the cosy suburb of Seddon.

I found the aforemention market on the Instabrag and instantly started drooling over THINGS.

You know, the problem is, whenever I've got a case of the Spends, I spend. It doesn't really happen to me that often because I loathe and avoid shopping malls. But if there's a craft market, farmers market or similar, I go a bit nuts and spend dollars. Lots of them. I did it in Canberra. And I'm sad to say (for my bank balance) that I headed eagerly to this little market ready to do the same. Ssssh! Don't tell my bank account. It will start to cry again. Srsly.

This little Seddon market is a quarterly one called the Maribyrnong Makers Market. It is held in a cute little church yard on the corner of this street and another. Yes. That's a bit vague isn't it? I am still a Melbourne newbie after 5 years and I rely heavily on the Google Maps to tell me to go to that place in 300 metres, then I've reached my destination.

This has caused me some issues in the past when it has told me to turn the wrong way into one way streets and pissed off certain truck drivers who were driving the right way so we had a little bit of a Mexican standoff. Except a kind of vehicular standoff between a large delivery van and a blue Nissan X-Trail with a very apologetic, embarrassed Amazona muttering extremely bad words in her mind (for more confessions of my potty mouth, read here). Which she was accidentally saying out loud. To her captive 7 year old audience. Who would then remind her while she was trying to be the Stig, precision driving reverse down a narrow one way street in front of an irate truckie that Mum shouldn't say THAT word. The F word, the B word and the A word is rude and maybe Mum shouldn't have driven THIS way and WHY did she drive the wrong way? And the man in the truck is not an AW word because he's not the one letting the Google send him the wrong way up a one way street.

But I digress. Markets. It's on Gamon Street BTW where I discovered to my Saturday morning market delight, a coffee cart/ car/ truck thingo parked right out front. Because #coffee #morning #caffeineaddict #onlyhadtwobeforeicame .

And all of the wonderous market delights. Candles, terrarium thingos, an impressive, mustachioed hipster selling Tweed Tamoshanters, mulled cider (with many more mustachioed hipsters crowding around that stall)...

and then I found yarn.

Danielle from Raxor Yarns makes funky Octopi!
Yes. Yarn. Of course I did. I have a nose for these things without even realizing it.  A yarn stall with yarny delights filled with yarny things I never even dreamed existed in this life or the next!

Like yarn made from Charcoal AND Bamboo. Together! In long glorious hanks.

And YAK mixed with SILK!?!?!?!? If I knew how to spin and had a spinning wheel, I'd have a serious yarngasm right then and there. Like Meg Ryan in the café. I sort of did internally. I tried to keep it in but may have squeaked a little awkwardly.

And camel, Shetland & seacell (which is apparently seaweed or something). I'm telling you, if this lady had a hank of kangaroo & koala down, I'd be all like "Shut Up and TAKE MY MONEY!"

There was also this really interesting yarn called North, um, northumberdumbledorean, hang on. Here's the photo...

That's the one. North Ronaldweasley. I felt it. And said loudly like a total newb, "Ermagerd! It's so coarse!"

And a delightful lass sitting right there spinning merino at a spinning wheel told me it was because they only eat seaweed. Little dwarfy sheep eating seaweed in North Ronaldweasley with Scottish accents make this yarn!
And they look like this:

In Scottish accents: "Baaaaa. Taste like sushi without the rice. And fish. And Soy sauce. Baaaaaaa."
photo courtesy of
And the lovely lass spinning merino like a pro was Danielle, the stall holder of Raxor Yarns....

We chatted, became Instabrag buddies and I was a total yarn perve as I felt and fondled all her hanks and skeins.

I spent quite a bit of time drooling over and fondling the silks.....

Now, several weeks later, I still also want the soft pink, the mango and the green. And the lavender. And the peach.

And after all of the fondling and perving I said, "Shut up and take mah money!"

Actually no. I said, "Oh, this blue is just lovely. I think I'll buy this one. Thank you ever so much."

And then realized I had just spent dollars on silk, which is not cheap. Which meant I really, really should make SOMETHING with it.

Have you ever touched silk like this? It is sooooo soft! Like puppies and kittens soft.

So I went home and Pinterested with a cup of coffee or three and decided to make a Virus Shawl.

Ok so this photo kills a couple of birds with one stone, for you can also see some cute pom poms on a string AND some yummy Maple nougat which I also bought at the market!
And the beginnings of my Shawl!

 After a few days of Virusing, I used the whole 100gmish skein.

And I realized it wasn't big enough. So I Instabragged a message to Danielle and after a delightfully easy exchange of Paypal and Post I had another one within a couple of days!
So I kept going.

And today I finished!
With literally 10cm of silk left. How's that for awesome?

Sooooo my new Samsung phone has a wonderful thing in the camera which smooths out my wrinkles. But it seems I must have so many because while every thing else in the photo is in focus, my face looks slightly out of focus?

And while trying to take a selfie in the dining room, Sonofagun No.2 decided to try and photobomb...
This type of photo is more like us!

He has my eyes. So proud!

The silk scarfy shawl thing is so soft and warm. I love it. I do wish I could have found a pattern which could have done more justice to the yarn, but I can hardly wait to wear this out somewhere.

In a couple of weeks I've decided to take a trip up to Bendigo to check out the Australian Sheep & Wool Show. Apparently it's Christmas for crocheters and knitters and anyone who likes doing stuff with yarn or sheep. I better start apologizing to my bank account....
The Red Haired Amazona

Monday, 28 December 2015

Saturday Night Movies & Crochet 2015 Recap in Pictures!

If you follow my Facie page, you'd know that most Saturday nights (or Sunday nights), the Blonde Bombshell (aka BFF Emma) and my lovely Bear and I watch movies. And crochet. 

Now you and I both know that there's nothing more wonderful than curling up on the couch with a bit of tellie, or a movie and picking up yarn and hook. And drinking the tea and eating the munchies.

Sometimes we've had Ring Ins join us.  And without fail they have been all like, "So you really do crochet AND watch movies?!?" like it's the last bastion of crazy multitasking and it's as weird as if we told them AND demonstrated that we cooked a souffle AND fought off the vikings at the same time.

Most of the time I post a little Photo mosaic of whatever we're watching and both crocheting on Facie.  When the Bear joins us, he doesn't crochet. But I'm sure if he could give a car an oil change or tinker with solar panels in the loungeroom, he'd do that.

What he does do is help us unravel tangles, slowly unwind tricky yarn balls and sip his Scotch and regularly drops hints to the Blonde Bombshell to see if she'll finally succumb and watch Sharknado. He hasn't succeeded yet and probably won't after we watched Zombeavers.

So to wrap up our year in movies, I thought I'd indulge and give a recap of my photo mosaics from Facebook.  I started posting them in about mid April and unfortunately one or two are missing such as the night we watched Zombeavers...

bill murray
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: We love Bill Murray. And Wes Anderson movies. The Blonde Bombshell was making some coasters that night whilst I made a cloche hat for a friends little girl.
(18 April)
sun theatre yarraville
The Avengers Age of Ultron: We took our movie night to an actual cinema for family movie night. And we took our crochet! (25 April)

granny stripe blanket
Noah: Sorry for the funny fuzzy photo. I also had salted caramel chocolate treats. All to myself! (2 May)

kingsmen colin firth
Kingsman Secret Service: Who doesn't love Mr Darcy? Sexy monkey that he is. That's my Rainbow Scoodie nestled with a nice cuppa. (9 May)

mermaids movie bob hoskins
Mermaids: Shoop shoop shoop. Such a gorgeous classic movie! Remember how Cher only ever cooks entrees because she can't commit to cooking a whole meal? (16 May)

Eurovision 2015: No movie tonight. It was a huge magical Eurovision weekend. And what made it a huger deal was Australias invitation to participate. I was so excited I even took a dodgy photo of the tv screen. We're super equally excited that we've been invited back again for 2016! Squeeee! The Blonde Bombshell was working on the worlds heaviest and most labour intensive blanket whilst I was working on my Fan Dance Wrist Cuffs (24 May)

scandi knit scarf
From Here to Eternity: I really enjoyed this movie. Although it wasn't all about the sand pash. That scene left me with an uncomfortable empathetic feeling of sand up the clacker. Ugh. But Frank Sinatra and Burt Lancaster were delicious to watch. My project that night was my Intarsia Knitted Scarf. (30 May)

wrist cuff crochet
The Last Five Years: seemed to drag for blimmin' five years. Holy Oprah I would have rather watched 5 hours of infomercials! The BB was crocheting a gorgeous chunky cowl whilst I played around with more wrist cuffs! (13 June)

Thor The Dark World: That Saturday night I was solo and I think I was just happily sitting there enjoying Hemsworth muscles and sorting through my yarn stash. Drinking a massive cap and totally blissed out. (18 June)

netflix series
Daredevil: no, not the dumb ben affleck movie (gawd I hope he doesn't eff up batman). This was a bit of a Netflix tv show binge. The BB was absent, so Sonofagun No.1 and I tucked in. Why has he got a laptop? Because he was watching some other Avengers movie on the lappie AND Daredevil on the tellie. The teenaged version of multitasking. (20june)

cucumber sex toy
Swinging with the Finkels: have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee whizz! I wonder if Mandy Moore has ever used vegetables as a sex toy?" I haven't. But I found out anyway. I'm not sure that scene was relevant to the storyline.... I also was working on my Rainbow Granny Stripe designed by Lucy at Attic 24.(27 June)

sun theatre yarraville
Antman: Another trip out to our local Art deco cinema to soak up calorific Choc tops.  A tip for crocheting in dark places like the cinema is to take something with an easy, repetitive pattern that you don't need to look at too often.  (18 july)
granny rectangle crochet
Wives & Daughters (Netflix series): After smashing that Granny Stripe blanket in under a month, I moved on to my last blanket of the winter season which was a big granny rectangle in blue and white for love of my life, the Bear. (25 july)

sun theatre yarraville
Fantastic Four:  there's something about this movie where, no matter how many times they try to revamp the story, if never seems to launch. But it still made for cosy blanket making and a fun night out with the kids. (8 august)

square crochet basket
The Grand Budapest Hotel:  Another Wes Anderson indulgence. I think I was trying to figure out how to crochet a square basket in the round. By the end of the night I gave up and started playing with cottons! (1 August)

christopher meloni fridge
Wet Hot American Summer: If you haven't caught this bizarre gem of a movie yet, do yerself a fava and get on it! Then (as in 'afterwards', watch the prequel series on Netflix. I have never loved Christopher Meloni more than after I saw him humping a fridge... (15 August)

amigurumi bird
Zac & Miri make a porno: Well they tried. That night I finished one of my first little birdies. I call them 'chickadees' but still have not published the pattern.  (29 august)

Focus: Good old local soap opera star made good Margo Robbie and the fresh prince. Watch it. It's interesting. And tonight I finally finished Bears blankie. Crap that blanket took ages!  (5 Sept)

tunisian crochet
The X- Files Season 2:  Since they announced the new 6 episode special of the X-Files which is to be released in January, I have been catching up on ALL of my favourite ever tv show episodes. I also started working on a pattern I found in a magazine for a Tunisian Cardi. It's a beautiful cardigan and I'm sure the designer created it perfectly, but whatever was published in the magazine doesn't quite work out. I have already emailed them about one error, which they gave me the correction, but quickly found several other errors which ultimately decided I didn't have time to figure out or follow up on. Maybe in a few weeks I'll pick it up again :( (26 Sept)

stephen hawking
The Theory of Everything: This was kind of interesting. I actually started to read Stephen Hawkings book A Brief History of Time after this. Fascinating read! Well the first few pages were. I'm sure the rest is too if I ever get the chance to finish the book. I haven't yet figured out how to crochet AND read a book. It's the whole book holding, hook holding business. (10 Oct)

berry cheesecake
Jurassic World:  Look at that cute little bubba! My beautiful Sonofagun No. 1 turned 15, and as his party was held another night, we watched his movie of choice and the BB brought over the most delicious cheesecake! (24 October)

amigurumi fox
The Hunger Games: The BB decided it was time my HG cherry was popped. I also started working on a sweet amigurumi fox I found the pattern for in a crochet magazine.  (7 November)

crochet stars
The Hunger Games Catching Fire:  See those sweet little stars? This was my free pattern for Join As You Go Christmas Star Garland. (21 November)

egg nog
A Very Murray Christmas:  Every December we switch to Christmas movie mode, and kicked off in awesome fashion with this little gem of a special. I started working on my Axel cushion which is still a work in progress. (5 December)

Lethal Weapon: A classic Xmas movie. Just like Die Hard. I had put aside my Axel cushion to create a sweet little kawaii felt fairy doll for my Christmas tree which I found in a copy of Mollie Makes magazine. (12 dec)

elf on a shelf totoro
Bad Santa: I couldn't believe what I was watching! It was hilarious and depraved viewing. This was our Christmas dinner and I was able to give the BB her Totoro Amigurumi which I made from a free pattern I found on Ravelry by designer Lucy Collins. It was so quick and easy to make! I was also working on a cloche hat as a Chrissy prez for one of my nieces.
(20 dec)

budgie crochet
Hunger Games Mockingjay: With Xmas finally over, I was itching to get back into the Hunger Games movies. Only one more HG left in the series! My Axel Budgie cushion is coming along nicely. (26 dec)

There we are. The year in movies. And a year in crochet!

This has been a tradition at my place for the past 4 years and I wish I had catalogued the previous years. The previous year was an absolute pearler as we indulged in many old classics such as Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Temple movies, I think somewhere in there we also watch some classic James Dean. If you've got any suggestions for me for future movie viewing I'd love to hear them! Now we look forward to the next 12 months of Saturday Night Movies & Crochet (not a very catchy title, I know).

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Crochet Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf for Book Week

Harry potter crochet beginner crochet easy quick fast

Sonofagun No. 2's school celebrated Book Week the other day.

On Tuesday.

When did I find out about it?

On the Thursday before.

Then I was sick as a dog from Friday to Saturday night with tonsillitis.


But thank you Mr Antibiotics for inventing those. Because I quickly recovered.

It was at about 3am Sunday morning I sat bolt upright in bed and thought:

"Holy librarians! The frigging Book Week costume parade is in 2 days!"

When I woke up only 4 short hours later, I quizzed the little Grommit (remember Aussie kids are so affectionately named, and I am not referring to the very small plasticky things that are inserted into someone's ear when they have too much earwax) on what book character he'd like to go as.  

At 3am I had briefly entertained the idea of the super easy cop out of Where's Wally.

Sonofagun No. 2 (bless his nerdy little butt cheeks) chose a character close to both our hearts:
Harry Potter.

After realising I had nothing Potterish apart from the entire book collection, DVD collection, the Lego Playstation game and a few twigs in the pear tree outside to use as a wand I called the local costume shop.

They totally had a Harry Potter costume! In his size!!

We raced down. Great Whomping Willows! The 'costume' at a whopping $44.98, was a cloak.

Just a cloak!

Yes, I'm ashamed to say I coughed up the dough.

They also had an assortment of glasses. A local department store had white school type shirts and blackish (supposed to be grey) pants.

Then I found this photo on The Google:

Something to make this costume so much more very, very Hogwartsy.

And so began my quest to crochet a Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf.

Now there are a stack of Gryffindor scarf knit and crochet patterns on the interwebs.

I didn't use any of them but made up my own.  I have the wool, the hook and a thinking brain.  So I just put those things together, said Accio scarf and it happened.

By Monday night I had finished the scarf ready for my 6 year old Harry Potter.

Presenting Sonofagun No.2 suited up!

And I'll share this little 'pattern' with you.

If you've ever read my patterns, you'll know I use lots of photos and long descriptions.


This is super easy beginner level crochet here folks!

It is so straight forward and easy, I'm giving you the super speedy version.
Also it's because I just made it and released it's awesomeness into the world without any progress photos. Sorry about that.


100gm of Burgundy yarn

20gm of yellow yarn.

4.0 mm hook
3.5 mm hook.

American crochet terms used.

In Burgundy, get your 4.0 mm hook and chain 26.

Switch down to the 3.5 mm hook 

Row 1: DC in 3rd chain from the hook and in each Ch across.  Ch 2, turn.

Row 2-8: DC in each dc of the previous row. 

At the end of the 8th row, change colours to the yellow. Ch 2, turn.

Row 9: Repeat Row 2. At the end of the row, change to burgundy. Ch 2, turn.

Row 10: Repeat Row 2. At the end of the row, change to yellow. Ch 2, turn.

Row 11: Repeat Row 2. At the end of the row, change to burgundy. Ch 2, turn.

Continue to repeat in the colour sequence:

8 rows of burgundy,
1 row yellow,
1 row burgundy, 
1 row yellow.

Until you have 12 'sequences', or 132 rows.

Then complete with 8 more rows of burgundy, then finish off.

Gryffindor scarf

Then make tassels as long as you like ( I made mine about 6cm long) and add every 3 dcs at each end, giving 8 tassels on each end and VOILA!


Mischief Managed!

If you did enjoy my tutorial or any others you've found on my little blog.  Many of my tutorials are free for everyone, however if you'd like to make a little donation, it would be gratefully received and contribute towards future free tutorials!