Friday, 24 April 2015

Confessions of a Yarnoholic

My name is Red Haired Amazona. And I'm a yarnoholic.

It's 15 years since I bought my first ball.

At first, it was only a few. I had just learnt how to crochet from Auntie MarthaStewart.

I just wanted to make a little blanket for my first baby, little Sonofagun No.1.  It was in blues, lilac and yellow.  But when it was finished, I decided to make another. I thought it would be ok.  I was naive to the inherent dangers of yarn addiction.

"I'll just do one at a time." I told myself.  "Just buy enough wool to make this one. Then I'll stop!"

But I didn't. I was soon out of control.

I hid my stash from my family, so they couldn't see the true extent of my addiction.

I'd wait till late at night when everyone was asleep, sneak stuff out and start hooking.

Oh God, I love hooking! The steady even rhythm of easing the yarn over the hook, the building up of the rows. Or squares, circles, oh God! The need is overtaking me again!

Today I was tidying up a little and every time I found a bag or basket with some forgotten WIP, yarn or other haberdashery thingo, I'd pop in on the bed. Soon the bed was almost covered in my finds!
I didn't realise HOW MUCH there was!

I found a box of fabrics and toy filler from bag inserts, crocheted teddies and blanket backings...

I didn't quite realise how much yarn I had stashed in various hidey holes...

Kazillions of granny squares, circles, hexagons and stars...

I don't often knit. So how did I get so many of these? The super fat needles were for an attempt at Broomstick lace crochet.

 Grannies look so pretty when you stack them up!

Here's a real treasure. A bag of Patons Azalea, a very small ply merino yarn which my great grandmother bought maybe in the 70s? A whole bag with all their little labels on!

I did throw away some stuff. But mainly rubbishy leftover labels and WIPs that never progressed past 5 rows.
I've still got 6 WIPs!

Everything was stacked and sorted.

I know what you're thinking.

I haven't tackled my addiction. Truth is, I dont think I want to!
There may even be some of you thinking, "Pfft! Is that all she's got?"

So I've told myself that I don't need anymore yarn until I finish those 5 WIPs.
I'm going to stick to it this time...


The Red Haired Amazona


  1. Brilliant as always! My stash is getting a tad out of control too...... do we need to Yarnaholics anonymous online together??

    1. I think we do. But instead of sitting around talking about the struggle and anguish, we'd be showing off our stash and talking about what we want to buy next!

  2. always good to have a sort out! i have a small drawers stuffed full of yarn- but yet i run out of a colour i want to use ;) good luck with the WIPS i have a few on the go too- look forward to seeing them

    1. I was the same! Yarn in small drawers, random baskets and bags at the back of the cupboard. I'm still working through those WIPs and will update in the coming weeks and months :)

  3. I have the wire mesh units I am able to fill with YARN...this is 44 cubes 15 skeins per cube. I have problem as I still have half a room of totes to sort.