Super Easy Peasy Placemats

She's conquering the world one stitch at a time! Laying waste to yarn everywhere. 

(In a wee baby wool ball voice) "No, not the Red Haired Amazona?!?" 
(In a deeper daddy wool ball voice) "Yes my wee baby wool ball, run, hide in the cellar! She's got a hook and she's not afraid to use it to make stuff she could just as easily buy at the shops!"
"Will she ever stop Papa?"
"I don't know son, but God help us if she doesn't. God help us all!!!!"

'Rock My Boat Placemat '

It's a crazy claim. 
But I'm making it. These placemats are Super Easy Peasy.  Totes beginner level!

So easy I took them along with me to crochet when I took Sonofagun No.2 to what could easily have been the most horrendous thing I've ever seen.  The new SpongeBob Squarepants movie.  Antonio Banderas you should hang your head in shame!

Hook and yarn poised and posed in our local retro Cinema waiting for what is so far my least favourite movie of 2015. And that is taking into account that I saw Zombeavers two weeks ago.

The best part is you can make them to colour coordinate with your decor.
Or do what I did. I found colour inspiration around me.

I've made 6 placemats in different colourways using both Patons and Panda 8 ply Cotton Blend.

Each placemat measures 41cm x 30.5cm.

Would you like some time stats?  Each row took just under 5 minutes. At 45 rows, each placemat takes approximately 4 hours including time to tie in the ends, add new colours etc. Isn't the interwebs full of fascinatingly, useless information?  I'm so proud to contribute!  

Want to give them a go?

Alrighty lovers, let's get your crochet on!

The tools:
2.5mm hook
A yarn needle.

Easy Peasy Banded Placemat 

A selection of 8ply cotton blend yarns in your favourite colours.
Each band of colour uses just over half a 50gm ball.
5 colour bands for each placemat.

Chain: Ch
Double crochet: DC ( otherwise known as trebles for The Poms and Aussies)

Row 1: Ch 66
Row 2: DC in the 4th Ch from the hook. DC in each chain to the end. Ch2, turn.
Row 3- 9: DC in each DC of the previous row across. Ch2, turn.
At the end of Row 9 before you chain 2, finish off your 1st colour and tie on your next chosen colour.  Then Ch 2 and turn.

Continue in pattern as above and change to a new colour every 9 rows.

Continue until you have 45 rows in total.

After your 45 rows of DCs, finish off, weave in the ends and you're finished!

This one was inspired by my favourite scarf...

Mixed Berry Jam Placemat

Patons Cotton Blend 8 ply in the following colours:
Colour A: Cream
Colour B: Flamingo
Colour C: Orchid
Colour D: Denim
Colour E: Coral
Colour F: Natural
Colour G: Cloud
Colour H: Aqua

Start with Colour A.  Ch 66

Row 1 in Colour A: DC in the 4th Ch from the hook. DC in each chain across the the end. 

Row 2-3 in Colour B: Ch 2, DC in each DC of the previous row to the end.

All the remaining rows are crocheted in DC. Just repeat Row 3.

Row 4 in Colour C

Row 5-6 in Colour D

Row 7 in Colour E

Row 8-9 in Colour F

Row 10 in Colour G

Row 11 in Colour H.

Repeat the above sequence until you have finished 45 Rows, then finish off, sew in your ends and voila!

These are just two of the designs. As you can see from the photos below, the colour combinations are only limited by your imagination.  It would be so easy to make up a jumbled set like mine, or a set to go with your decor.  

What about an Easter or Xmas themed set? Or Spring, Autumn or Winter? 

This one is called 'Nachos anyone?'
"Nachos anyone?' was freestyled all in DC as shown in the pattern above. The initial inspiration came from this lovely picture I found on my favourite waste of time Pinterest.  
But as you can see, the effect I was looking for didn't quite come out as expected. Funky nonetheless....

This one is called 'Louise's Favourite Scarf Placemat ' 
And this one is called 'Running Out of Dark Blue Placemat '
 I hope you did enjoy my tutorial or any others you've found on my little blog.  Many of my tutorials are free for everyone, however if you'd like to make a little donation, it would be gratefully received and contribute towards future free tutorials!


  1. Love them all! Think my favourite has to be the Mixed Berry Jam! So many delicious colours!

    1. Mine too! When I was making it I kept getting cravings for jam toast!

  2. Loving the colour combinations, I like the running out of dark blue best

    1. Thank you! I'm a bit addicted to making these now because of all the lovely colours!

  3. Oooh these are so gorgeous! I can imagine them being quite addictive to make :) Well done on the multi tasking cinema trip! x

    1. Thanks! I don't think I would have coped at the cinema for this movie if I hadn't taken my crochet along!

  4. They are beautiful, I can't crochet but I wonder if I can find a knitting pattern for something similar.

  5. These are great, I love how you've styled your photo's and your names are brilliant :)

    1. Thank you! I like to have a bit of fun with my crochet names :)

  6. I need to make some of these! No white though, my kids are messy eaters.
    How did you see alright in the cinema? I've thought of taking something to do but I worry I won't be able to see!

    1. I found it ok in the cinema. It was a small theatre so i was relatively close to the screen which gave some light. But because it's easy to fall into a simple rhythm with the double crochet stitches, I didn't really need to look at it much. If i needed to change colours I'd pause a few moments until the movie scene brightened. We're all off to see the new Avengers movie this Saturday night but i dare say i don't think i will be able to crochet then. It'll be too busy and too exciting!

  7. they are great fun, I have yet to make master crochet, never mind in the semidark of the cinem!! Must admit I agree re the film :)!


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