Saturday, 8 August 2015

My Favourite Cosy Things

I have 3 favourite things.

I have lots of favourite things but these are kind of my 3 favourites things all in one.

Not the birds. Although I have alot of birds and they are also one of my favourite things.

Like these guys...

We're just talking material things, right?

My ultimate favourite things are the Sonofaguns and the Bear but let's be self indulgent for a few moments.

We love our bedrooms, don't we?  A haven of sleep and comfort!

These three favourite things make my bedroom feel super cosy, comfortable and make it my favourite place to retreat to with a cup of tea and a stack of crochet or home decor magazines.

They're blankets.  Yes, blankets. Actually a Quilt, an Afghan and a Coverlet.

I tried to style them up a little because I have guests over (you!) but I didn't iron my pillow cases as you'll see. 
I don't iron.

I'm not a stylist and I don't have glitsy things. Just stuff I like. I hope you like them too!

The Quilt

This Quilt is super special.

The Mothership made it for me for the 11th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday.

She sourced vintage fabrics as well as new ones.  

She sewed them all together.

It took her months!  

I had bought a quilt book for her birthday.  What I didn't realise was that she had decided she wasn't going to make anymore quilts for a while. She'd gone into semi- quilt-tirement!  

So she decided to make a quilt from one of the patterns in the book for me.

I love this quilt.  Even though she gave it to me for the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday, I felt like a little girl being given a very special lifelong heirloom.

The Afghan

Here's a classic example of how I don't iron. Especially pillowcases.

A couple of weeks ago Sonofagun No.2 saw the iron in the cupboard and asked what is was. He had never seen one, nor seen me use one in all his 6 years.

This is my White Hexagon Afghan.

I made it myself.

It took a bloody long time. 18 months I think.

When I started it, I was married to my ex- husband.

I just started making these little circles imagining the white hexagony shape around them. I loved thinking about the end result.

My ex- husband occasionally used to see me working on these little circles and say potential ex-husband statements like, "What are you doing that again for? Is it going to earn you money? No! Always knitting knitting!" 

I started to think to myself, "Knitting?!?! By the time I finish this blanket, you'll be long gone Douchebag." 

It was a comforting, happy feeling.  
I finally finished it about 6 months after I become a happily liberated woman.

Now I have a Bear who loves that I crochet and has asked me to make him his own blanket.
He even slowly unravels my yarn whilst I crochet if we're watching tv together. 

He's a keeper.

The Coverlet

The last one is a coverlet.

There's no special story with this one.
I bought it for $25 in Aldi.
Yes, Aldi!

It also came with two sham pillow cases but even though they are made from the same beautiful fabric, shams are dumb.

They make the bedroom feel like a cheap hotel room where you have to check the sheets for stains.

As you can tell, I'm also not really a matchy- matchy type person.

Birds and teacups and flowers.  All of my favourite other things on a piece on fabric!

Thanks for letting me show you my 3 favourite, cosy bedroom things. 
Now I'm going there with a cup of tea and that stack of crochet mags for a quiet hour or two.

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. Oh my dear, you make me laugh. I am so pleased you think of my quilt as one of your special things. I also love your crochet afghan, such beautiful work, and your Aldi coverlet, they are all beautiful and so you.

  2. I knew there was something about you that I liked! - I haven't touched an iron in about a DECADE! When I was last on "vacation"... [I *never* iron "before" packing, as it's a guaranteed waste of time!] - But, Hotel-room irons, gotta love them. Ours is in cupboard that can't be gotten into because of the stuff in front of it - not that it matters, seeing as there's no place to set up the ironing board any way!

    Anyhoo, LOVE the HEX-[the-Ex] QUILT! -- seriously, don'tcha just want to SLIPKNOT People who can't tell the difference between Knitting & Crochet..?!!

  3. So many pretty things to treasure

  4. What is this mysterious object called an "iron" never heard of that here ;) I love the quilt your mum made for you - its stunning.

    1. It is isnt it! Thank you Vicky! I'll pass on yoir compliments to her!

  5. Beautiful quilt your mum has made you. As a quilter I know how much effort that took. I am making one for my daughter's first anniversary of her 29th birthday too. She is only 28 so you can tell how long I take to do things! ��

    1. That's part of what I love about it. The time and Effort put in to it!

  6. See - we are in tune.... those Iron things you talk of are a mystery to me....... where does one get one from?