'Why is Violet blushing?' Crochet Wrist Cuffs Pattern

“Goodness me! Why is Violet blushing?”

“I couldn’t quite say.  But if you ask me, I’d say I happened to glance over towards the 

pianola and noticed a certain son of Lord Lipplesbottom glancing for more than a thrice of a 

second at her ankles!”

“Ooooh! How brazen!”

I love wrist cuffs. You've probably all gathered this by now since this is my third pattern for them!

This pair is perfect for when the weather is still fresh and cool in Spring or as it cools down in Autumn.

Made from washable cotton blend yarn, you can pick whatever colour takes your fancy.

I love the old worldy steampunkness to them.

My first pair of Do the Fan Dance Wrist Cuffs and the second pair 'Kiss Me Mr Darcy' are both free patterns available on this blog.

My third pair 'Why is Violet blushing?' is available for purchase as a pdf from my brand spanking new Ravelry shop and also from my brand spanking new Etsy shop.
So what do you get?
Lots of photos of course. And a clearly written professional PDF pattern with the instructions, list of yarn and tools. Plus you unlimited support from me. Just email me at balibelibear@gmail.com or msg me via Facie.
You can purchase it using the Ravelry button below or click on the Etsy button on the right sidebar to purchase via that forum.

The Red Haired Amazona


  1. I'm sure this will be a popular pattern in your store. I love this design you have created. And, the colors you used are my favorite! Have a great week. Pat xx

  2. So pretty and am sure that pattern will fly. The edging is so perfect

  3. A gorgeous design, I hope it sells well for you. Yet again I am reminded how beautiful crochet is and my intention to learn!

  4. What a fun idea! They look really cute :) x

  5. I hope Violet's ankles are safe from further impertinence - maybe a set of crocheted ankle cuffs might protect her in the future? Super design and I'm going to look at your Etsy shop later!

  6. hmm.. Is that a lovely dark AMETHYST Nail Polish you're wearing..?

    The weather is still wicked here! That first heatwave was actually reasonable compared to the second! There were a few days inbetween that were "normal", but the next round was brutal with the humidity! Actual mean-temps weren't as high as before, but the humidex difference was double. We've a day or so reprieve, but I think it might start to creep up again...

    There was "more" going on throughout, but I'll elaborate late...

  7. I loev the colours, they really stand out well.


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