Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Summer- the good, the bad and the tomatoes.

I'll be honest.

This summer.

It's been great. And it's been shit.

The shit part? Well that's kind of obvious. 
We have not been directly in the line of any bushfires, but Melbourne has had days choked with smoke from the fires in the Gippsland region to the east of our city. 
The view over Docklands in the Melbourne CBD. My camera has tried to clear the image so it doesn't truly show how horribly smoky it was.

On those days I keep my asthmatic Sonofagun No.1 indoors.  
And you know what? I don't complain about these days. Because the smoke we experienced in Melbourne was no where near as bad as the bushfire zones and no where near as bad as the capital city Canberra. I come from Canberra. It normally has crystal clear alpine air.
But for weeks it had the highest air pollution rate in the world due to smoke from the Sydney fires in the north and the South Coast fires to the east all blowing into the city, then not blowing out.

Everyday I was obsessed with watching the NSW Rural Fire Service app as the fires raced towards my parents town of Mollymook.

 Several times over last few weeks all roads in and out of the area were closed due to fire activity.
Fortunately Mollymook and Ulladulla is safe for now. But the Mothership and Fatherdom have been volunteering for the Red Cross at the local evacuation centre where they helped many people who have lost everything.
It's ridiculously heartbreaking to see the devastation to our countryside. To hear of the deaths of civilians, local firefighters and most recently 3 wonderful firefighters from the USA. And most particularly to our animals. A billion animals.
I have for a little while stopped watching tv.  Our politicians are too bloody stupid (particularly Scotty from marketing #notmyprimeminister) and the news is too sad.
So I've been making nests for wildlife carers.
 Crocheters can't pump out nests or pouches as quickly as the seamstresses but we are still all doing our part!
So the great part of summer? 
The Bear and I are starting to reap the rewards of all our work in the garden.
The indoor plants under the pergola are thriving...
One day whilst walking Chuck Norris, we found this cane coffee table base that was left on the side of the road.
We brought it home and the next day found a stone water bowl at a local shop that was the right size.
We added washed stones and pond plants.
 And a few days later we added fish!
 The water bowl also now has a little pump with a water spout.

The blackberries feed us and the birds. We just get enough for a snack while we're out harvesting tomatoes, yellow squash and herbs.
 The tomatoes are ripening more and more each day. Will it be pasta sauce or salad tonight?
 I love yellow button squash!
 I planted an artichoke plant for fun.
 Mini Lebanese cucumbers. We haven't harvested yet but they'll be ready soon!
This garden bed has Rapunzle and mini Black Russian tomatoes growing up the arch trellis, a new lemon tree in the centre, and borage and basil in the middle. Then 2 mini cucumber plants growing around the fencing on the edge. We had to put the edging in to keep Chuck from getting in there.
 I love putting Borage flowers in salads!
It will be pesto making time soon!

How has your summer or winter been?
Red Haired Amazona

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  1. I'm so sorry for your country for the bush fires, loss of life and all those poor darling animals. We mourn with you. I'm so glad your parents' home survived and how wonderful they are to help others who lost everything. I do love your new pond, it's beautiful and you will so enjoy the fish in there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)