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Pucker Up Lips cushion cover- Crochet Now Issue 51

Photo courtesy of Practical Publishing International Ltd
My Best Bloggy Buddy Vicki from Off the Hook for you in the UK had been nagging me to put in a submission for a pattern in a crochet magazine. Last June I finally lodged a submission to UK magazine Crochet Now. The call was for crochet pieces inspired by music. Soft romantic music.

I don't do soft, romantic music. I am very much a rock chick.
So I was sitting around trying to think of soft romantic songs and how that would inspire crochet. And then I'd vomit in the back of my throat a little bit. So I'd listen to some Led Zeppelin to help my universe recentre.
Rinse and repeat.

I then decided if I'm going to submit something, it still needs to come from my inspiration. What music inspires me?

In that moment I was listening to my favourite playlist on Spotify and a Blondie song came on "One Way or Another".
It's a real funky, driving song. Sadly it's a song Debbie Harry wrote after being stalked by an ex-boyfriend. But what a way to own it! So in a moment of inspiration I started googling Debbie. And found this iconic image.

 I whipped up a little sample of crocheted lips, wrote up a submission and emailed it off.
The next day I received an email from the editor Jenny asking if I could make that into a cushion cover.
Yes. Of course! And a week later she offered to commission my pattern!

It was a fun and challenging process. The magazine peeps including the editor Jenny and the tech editors I liaised with were all super lovely and supportive. Like really, really amazing! Quick to answer any questions and patient with this magazine submission newbie.  

And after making the cushion cover, writing the pattern, emailing back and forth with tech editors etc my cushion is in the magazine! Crochet Now Issue 51.

I love how they posed the cushion with a retro record player and vinyls.
This cushion cover is made in 4 pieces. The front, 2 pieces for the back to create an envelope opening to pop in the insert, and the Pucker Up Lips applique which is sewn onto the front. You then add tassels on each corner to finish it off.

It was made using this super soft squishy Scheepjes Colour Crafter acrylic yarn. It was so lovely to work with.

Unfortunately down here in Oz we get all UK crochet magazines a few months after they are released. But we gobble them up as there are no dedicated crochet magazines in Australia.

The Crochet Now peeps were kind enough to send me a copy which arrived in the post a few days ago. 

If you can get your mitts on a copy, check it out as there are some gorgeous patterns in this issue.
Crochet Now 51 is on sale from 9th January in shops across the UK. To find your nearest stockist, visit - or order online from (US and Australia readers can order online at MoreMags, or wait for exported copies around 6 weeks after the UK date).

You can also purchase a digital edition of the magazine via the PocketMags app.

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  1. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* for getting published in a big crochet magazine!!! How cool is that? I'm very impressed!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)