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Monday, 30 November 2015

Feather Babies, Crochet WIPs & a Magnificient View

On Melbourne Cup Day, just a couple of days before I published my Stevie Bird pattern, I lost my best buddy. 

Axel the crap bombing, grumpy, chocolate powder licking Axis of Evil flew the coop.
It was my fault. I put his cage outside to hang under the lemon tree as it was such a beautiful sunny day but didn't even notice I had left his door open. How could I be so dumb? Unbelievable! 
He actually stayed in there for a good couple of hours until I went outside to hang out some washing. I saw him in there. Said my normal cheery, "hello gorgeous!" to my yellow feathered friend (still not seeing the open cage door) and made a mental note to pick him some grass seed once I'd finish hanging my parachutes (bras and undies) on the line.
Then I heard a flutter and looked down to the horrific realisation Axel was OUTSIDE ON THE GRASS!

I took a tentative quiet step towards him saying "Axel buddy!" hoping he'd hop on my finger.
Instead he took one cocky-assed look at me.

I know what he said. We had been together long enough.

His beady black eyes and arrogant head tilt said as clear as day: 

"See ya biatches! I'm gettin' the flock outta here! "

And off he flew up into the air, down the driveway, then swooped off into the big blue yonder.
I looked in all the street trees, talked to neighbours, called all the vets in a 20km radius and left his cage outside for weeks. Weeks! 

But knew he wouldnt be back. It was a sad day in the Amazona household.
I missed budgie chirps and whenever I saw the cage would automatically go to say some cheery greeting or whistle to the empty space.

So yesterday I started cleaning out his cage to store away in the garage. 
I realised I didn't want to do that so I went to the pet shop.
And adopted a new featherbaby.

I'm in love with him already.
I let Sonofagun No.2 name him. I vetoed 'bingbong', 'cutie', 'stinky' and 'Bouche Dag'.

Then he decided on Sunny. And even though control freak Mama Amazona had a few preferable choices in her head (Davo, Gary, Hank), she thought Sunny was cute.

On his very first day he has already eaten some grass seed from my hand, and briefly sat on my finger!

On the crochet side of life, I am experimenting!

I guess you may be able to tell this is an Axel inspired piece of work.

I started it last week after being inspired by popart style pictures and the neon yarns in my cabinet.

I'm not sure if it's going to work but I'm thinking of designing a collection of 3 different sized cushion and bolster covers.

I have also been making a little Yoda from my latest Star Wars Crochet book that I purchased the other week...

And I've also almost finished a cloche hat in an interesting variegated cotton yarn...

I also joined the Bear for his work Xmas party.
It was held in Melbournes highest building, the Eureka Tower on the very top floor at Eureka89.

Eureka Tower. Look all the way up to the tippy top. We were up there!
There are Golden Bees outside the entrance
 Not sure why but they look gorgeous.

The view was magnificent. 
Looking down on Flinders St Station, Federation Square and the Yarra River
The wait and bar staff were very friendly and there was loads of yummy canapes, fresh oysters and wine. Mmmm wine.
The view west over Docklands towards Williamstown.
Sorry about the glarey pic. It's hard to get a decent photo through glass.
The view on the east side down to all the biggies: The Arts Centre, Myer Music Bowl, Rod Laver Tennis Centre, AAMI Park and the MCG

Same general direction 2 hours later.
Me and Bear. Looking swish.

In a swishy bar...
And after the festivities, we took a short walk around Southbank and took swishy photos. My man looks super swell in a vest...

How has your week been?  


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Spring days and Crochet Tits (er, Birds)

Spring melbourne
It's Spring! Prepare for a few gratuitous flower photos...

We've had a funny kind of Spring down here in Kangaroo Land.

Love love love Apple Blossom! 
Spring can be cool, warm, windy, then cool again.
I literally inhale the perfume of sweet peas!
This year the temperatures are swinging so rapidly and widely some times I'm not sure if it's the Godzilla El Nino the meteorologists are threatening us with or if I'm going through early menopause.
The Pear blossoms were falling like snow last week.
Last week we had a 35 degree day. That's celcius people! That's hot summer, yuck, 'where's the bloody air-con' hot!
Native violets growing in my Lime tree pot.

Then the very next day it was 18 degrees.  Yes. 18 degrees celcius.

So in practice it works like this:

Oh holy Oprah it's friggin hot!

I bring the guinea pigs inside to live in the bathtub for the day so I don't come home after work to find their little smelly carcasses dead in their hutch.  Axels cage is plonked on the cool of the tiled kitchen floor.
When we're home, the 1980s aircon blows constant Antarctic chill into the loungeroom at the noise level of a Boeing 747 and there are no less than 4 fans and 2 portable evaporative coolers going so the whole house sounds we're testing the latest Holden Monaro for aerodynamics in a wind tunnel.

After tossing and turning in the wind tunnel until 3am when we finally drift off to sleep, the cool change blows in and we wake again at about 5am when the temp drops to 11 degrees.

All windy, cooly blowy things are switched off and we cosy up under doonas.

Waking up bleary eyed at 6.30am after the crappest night sleep, it's time for ALL OF THE LAYERS as I dress the kids and myself to set out for a miserable cold day.

The guinea pigs go back outside, I de-stinkify the bathroom from their fetid piggy- pee smells and actually Thank Yoda I live in crazy weather Melbourne where the heat waves never last too long.

It's crazy weather times, but except for inwardly freaking out at this possible End Of The World example of Global Warming, I don't mind it!

I have had some lovely Spring flower joy so far.
Sonofagun No.2 was disappointed that they didn't look like real dragons. 

I haven't planted too much this year, but just enough to fill a vase or two.

I've also been working on a few little things.

I have finished creating this sweet little bird. 

My friend Vicki from off The Hook called him a Tit. 

I was thinking of making a whole bunch of them, taking a photo to post on Facie and asking people if they like my Tits.

I've just read that last sentence back a few times. Perhaps it's not the best idea.

We don't really have THOSE kinds of Tits in Australia. There's a Crested Shrike- tit. But I think Australian Ornithologists realised if they called birds in Australia 'Tits', and had to talk about them at lectures to other Australian Ornithologists, the whole audience would be snickering and chuckling like a bunch of teenagers.
It would be worse if it was their main focus of study. At dinner parties, sorry, it's Australia: at BBQs someone would ask,

"Oi mate, whaddya do for a crust?"

"I study tits!"

"Crikey! I tried doin' that at the beach the other day and they called the coppas! And you do it legit? You're a bloody legend Mate!"

One of my Facebook page followers Margaret suggested I call it Steve.  I liked it, but thought as I'm headed to see Fleetwood Mac in concert soon I'd call her Stevie instead. Hope you don't mind Margaret!

I'm also trying to work out how to make a kingfisher.  Kookaburras are members of the kingfisher family.  I'd love to make a Kookaburra. It's in the works but their bodies are a bit stockier than other kingfishers. And they have longer tails.

I've also had lots of questions lately about the Cloche Hat pattern.

Little girls cloche hat

The main questions people ask are about how to alter the pattern to suit children of different ages.

So I'm working on it!  There is a brief description in the original Russian pattern which mentions reducing the number of double crochets worked into the 1st row, but I'm experimenting on a few different options.  I've also been revisiting some of the different methods that put single crochets in different places etc.  Just to kind of get a sense of what looks best. 

I've also had another cotton yarn splurge.  I really totally, honestly intended to only buy 1 ball!  But every colour just made me think of different types of birds I could make!

OK. I've blabbed enough for today.  Have a nice weekend!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Amigurumi Birds

Facie followers will have seen all my little progress photos of my little attempts at Amigurumi birds.

I had never really attempted Amigurumi before when I decided I was going to design a bird.

I heart birdies so much I have a Pinterest board just about birds.

One of my best friends is a bird.

Actually it's possibly a stretch to call Axel a 'friend'.  He doesn't really like us. He never wants to leave his cage unless I kind of trick him into it, which he then rewards me by leaving me adorable little gifts around the house. Birdie 'gifts'.

Ok, poo 'gifts'.

Yes, alright poo. He craps all over the place.

He flaps around the house diving bombing bird crap everywhere screeching, "Take me out of my nice sweet cage, will ya?" (he is an Aussie bogan budgie)

"This'll teach ya to yank me outta my safe haven ya great orange haired behemoth!"

He then flies over to the top of the coffee machine, licks the chocolate powder off the sides of the shaker, then petulantly flies back into his cage where he stays for the rest of the day despite his door staying open.

Axel feeds his cocoa addiction

Sooo really he's not so much of a friend as a grumpy little bastard who craps in my house and bites me.
I love him anyway.

Back to the Amigurumi...

I had spent hours on The Pinterest and The Google but couldn't find any birds that really caught my interest. They were usually too cutesy.

And Cutesy is definitely cute, but I wanted to make a Cute bird that had a kind of realistic body shape. 
Most of the birds I found were kind of round shaped like all the variations of Angry Birds etc.

Sonofagun No.2 convinced me to make him this little penguin he found on the Pinterest.

Here's the original which I found via Pinterest here:

And here's my attempt.  Not that great, but the Sonofagun LOVES him, named him 'Fluff the Fluff' and he joined the ranks of all Sonofaguns other penguins (most of whom are called Baby Penguin and one called Dit).

I wanted to try something original so came up with this:

How NOT to make a crocheted flamingo...
I didn't intend on it looking like a duck.

In a classic example of setting the cart before the horse, I decided I wanted to design them before I'd even tried making one.

So it was back to the drawing board. I did a tutorial or two on amigurumi basics and started again.  Here's my second attempt:

amigurumi crochet bird

Now I was happy with the basic shape, I started playing around with stitches and rows as well as searching the Pinterest for my favourite real life birdies to try and get a more realistic bird shape until I created birdie number 3 & 4:

crochet hummingbird

crochet hummingbird

Then birdie number 4, 5, 6 & 7 enjoying some spring sunshine:

And now my latest favourite is my little Hummingbird!

amigurumi bird pattern

I just adore him. 

I'm not sure if these are classified as real amigurumi or just crocheted birds.  I'm happy to be knowledgified by a real life Knower of All Amigurumi Things.

I'm currently writing and testing the patterns for 2 types of birds, the Hummingbird and for my other little bird style which I hope to publish for purchase as a PDF in my Etsy store and on Ravelry within a month.

I've also stitched the little darlings onto alligator clips so they can happily perch on branches and hair and Juicy Moosey (who's really a deer). Can you imagine these on a Christmas tree? Or one with some flowers on one of those sweet little cloche hats?

What do you think?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hat Frenzy!

Have you ever noticed that when you've REALLY got THINGS that need to be done and deadlines to do them by, that life makes it just that little bit more tricky?

Don't worry. I'm not one of those FML people. I tend to take such things good naturedly and with a bit of humour after the fact. Whilst it's happening, I just put my head down and focus on the endgame.

The last 2 weeks I've been trying to complete 2 Cloche Hats for my friends adorable little girls who both shared a birthday party yesterday. 

I had put aside my current project of the Rainbow Hoodie while I finished the hats.  I had actually started them a couple of months ago to be ready as birthday gifts, then picked up the hoodie and then with 2 weeks to go realised that hoodie must wait, and once again worked on the Cloche hats.

And when the heat is on, when the DEADLINE looms, when the PRESSURE BUILDS,
what happens?

Sonofagun No.2 gets sick with the dreaded lurgy.

And then I get sick with the dreaded lurgy. 


No reason! Just because!

But truth will out.  Nope, wrong adage. Manners maketh man.  No, not that one either....

Onwards and upwards!

That'll do.

I soldiered on (with Codral of course....  Aussies will know what I'm talking about).  Drugs and copious cups of tea and honey and All of The Things helped me suck it up and perservere!

For those of you who've made these, you'll know the hat part is pretty quick and easy. The time consuming part is the decorating.  But this is also what I really enjoy.

I found a very pretty leaf pattern on Lakeview Cottage Kids.  The pattern includes a little leaf stem, however I left it out as it wasn't necessary for the hats.

I expanded on a flower idea originally designed by me ol' mate Vicki from Off The Hook for her wavy flower.

I added an extra row of flowery-ness inside to create a fat Can-can dress effect.

And as you can see from the picture above, I also LOOOOOOOOVE crocheting green viney twirls all over the hats.  It's so addictive!

I also found the most adorable and super fast little swirly rosebud pattern thanks to the Pinterest aka 'Where did the last 5 hours of my life go?'

The pattern can be found on the Pink Milk blog site.  They are not only super fast, but super easy to whip up!

Sonofagun No. 2 is such a great sport.  He happily modelled the finished product so I could show it off to you guys!

They are a little bit big for him as you be able to see from the fact the top looks a bit saggy, but they'll fit and last ages for the new owners.  

This sweet little Cloche hat can be found in it's original format in Russian here (and poorly translated english).

BUT for the English language written pattern, you can go here!!! 

AND don't forget that Vicki and I have also created a series of video tutorials for this sweet little hat as well.....

Now back to that hoodie!

My favourite day is Monday because I get to check out all the lovely blogs of craft minx's who join in Handmade Monday! Click on the big square thing below to visit and be inspired!

The Red Haired Amazona

Friday, 1 May 2015

Russian Little Girls Cloche Hat : The Movie!!!

Yes folks, it's true!

Vicki from Off The Hook and I have been working furiously this week to pop our YouTube cherries to bring you a video tutorial for the Russian Little Girls Cloche Hat.

They're not big budget productions by any means and this is my first go at this sort of thing so I hope you'll be kind!

We had received a stack of requests for a video tutorial for this pattern so decided to bite the bullet.

Any helpful feedback will be much appreciated. 

We've had to deliver it in 3 parts due to the length and size of the video.
So without further ado, here are the links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

It's been such a wonderful experience collaborating with Vicki over in jolly old England!  We're great mates now.  We've even managed to have face to face chats on the Skype!  Don't you love the interwebs?! 

So grab yourself a cup of tea, a hook and some yarn and make a hat with us!

I hope you did enjoy my tutorial or any others you've found on my little blog.  Many of my tutorials are free for everyone, however if you'd like to make a little donation, it would be gratefully received and contribute towards future free tutorials!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Some lovely Cloche hats from around the world

I've received some lovely photos from crochet queens around the world who've made some amazing cloche hats and I'd like to share a few with you!  

Here is an exquisite creation by the ever-so-clever Vicki from Off The Hook.


I love the buttons she popped into the flowers, and the watermelon pink!!  

Vicki sent me some very valuable feedback in relation to the workings of the brim which I included as an update in the pattern for this hat so a big thank you for that Vicki!

I also received a lovely email from Max who has a Facebook page All Kinds of Luv 'n' Stuff . Max had actually figured out the pattern herself from the original website and posted in her Facebook page.  

With all those flowers, it's totally adorable!  She has lots of pictures of her other beautiful creations on her page for you to drool over too!

Theres in Switzerland completed this gorgeous little hat for her granddaughter.  

That little flower on top is just lovely, especially how it's made in the same yarn colour as the edging on the brim. Your granddaughter will love it Theres!

This photo was sent in by Sarah. Check out this gorgeous little cherub with her beautiful yellow & white hat.  Isn't she (and the hat) absolutely adorable?


And my latest photo of this beautiful white hat has just been sent in by Sandra. Sandra says she's taught herself to crochet less than a year ago!  She used the updated brim section provided by Vicki from Off The Hook to combat that wobbly brim issue!

Thank you to Sarah, Vicki, Theres, Sandra and Max for taking the time to send your photos in. 
Not only do I get the chance to show off your beautiful work, it gives everyone else some inspiration & ideas from the colourways and variety of embellishments you've used.  The possibilities are endless!

I'd love to see more your work, so feel free to send me an email of your creations (nothing crochetingly naughty!) and I'll add them to the Red Haired Amazona Crochets Facebook album for everyone to enjoy!   It can be a piece created from one of my patterns or anything you'd like to show off!

I've been busily working on Kevins new camera case.  In case you're new to my blog, Kevin is my new camera.

You know, the problem with the south western area of Melbourne is its sad, sad lack of anything remotely resembling a craft or yarn shop!


There is a large homewares/ craft shop called Spotlight in Werribee but that's ages away. If I want a nice range of yarn I actually leave Melbourne and drive 40 minutes west to Geelong where there's a Lincraft store on the northern outskirts of the town.

So instead I'm relying on a department store at the moment. Big W. You know, it's actually got a few yarny- haberdashery things which is great in a pinch, but there's nothing more soul satisying than wandering the aisles of a good craft store.

If anyone knows of any in the area, I'd love to hear about it!
So I zipped into Big W this morning to see if they had any fat quarters for the insert for Kevins case.

They had heaps.  Juicy, yummy colours and patterns.

I looked a little weird to other customers as I sneakily took this photo. They probably thought I was a fabric pervert. 

I thought this one looked the nicest!
A little retro/ japanesey-ish?

I'm having issues with some of the workings of the crochet part of the case, so as soon as I've ironed them out I'll put up the pattern. Can you see how it's a little wonky in places?  I must admit to the cardinal sin of crochet: I didn't block it!!   That is probably my problem.

Heres Kevin trying it on with the insert.

Totes off topic are the next 2 pictures. Sunset last night was luminous.  I could not do it justice, but hope you don't mind if I self-indulgently share...

Thank you for all your lovely comments, questions and helpful feedback over the last few weeks.  I've had correspondence from many lovely readers and bloggers who've shared their experiences making THAT tricky hat.

By the way I'm joining in my very first Handmade Monday!  So pop on over and check out some lovely blogs!


The Red Haired Amazona