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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Crochet, crochet everywhere... in my house

I'm having one of those explosions of creativity.

And the house is a bloody mess.

All actions of domesticity have been abandoned, except for a brain fart I had yesterday when I found myself accidentally cleaning the oven.

People who know me will find this dreadfully out of character.

I've got three or four potential projects on the go which means if I don't rein myself in, none of them will get finished!
In the process I have created a crochet nest.

I read this interesting article in Simply Crochet magazine recently where Kat Goldin (in her regular column) describes the special nest she has created where she crochets on the couch. I have one of these. There is a spot in the corner that is ample ass sized, surrounded by all of the things to suggest a large, yarny Bower bird lives there.

Firstly I have been making mandalas.  Or doilies. How about Mandala Doilies? Mandoilies! They are mandala-ish but being used as doilies.
Here's some of what I've made so far.

I am loving making them.

I'm using bright coloured cotton yarns and they whip up so fast. I can make at least one in an evening in front of the telly, then start on another before I drag my exhausted body off to bed at ridonkulous hours.

I must admit it's not the crochet keeping me up, it's the bloody addictive binge tv on the Netflix! I've powered through 3 and a bit seasons of Arrow, halfway through season 2 of Daredevil and my personal collection of the X-Files.

I have been trying to perfect the stitch counts so they are regular, and easy to understand for when I publish the pattern.  I also really really want to make them into Youtube tutorials too. But it takes a while to make a good Youtube vid. So when I start to think about writing the patterns up, editing them into printable PDFs, writing a video tutorial plan, filming and editing, I feel a little overwhelmed and pick up another project!

Which has been my Stevie Bird pattern...
I thought that because Stevie Bird is such a popular little pattern, that I would also make a Youtube tutorial for it!

But I hadn't made any Stevies since last year, so I printed my PDF out and started making one.

Then I discovered a few ridiculous errors! How did I ever publish this with such glaringly bad mistakes???

I've made 2 Stevies in the past couple of days (whilst also making Mandoilies) and am currently updating the webpage pattern and the PDFs. Then hope to make a video tutorial for them.

My personal "veg out" project which I'm also making is a cardigan which I found on Ravelry.

It's called the Turnberry Cardigan which was designed by Drew Emborsky and is available for free.

I have a bag full of purple merino Superwash which I purchased for another project which I decided not to complete. Hopefully this one will turn out ok.

Do you have a Yarny Bower Bird Nest?

Monday, 14 March 2016

Neon Pop! Gingham Cushion Cover

Phew! What a long pattern name that is!

A couple of months ago I had some old, dirty, daggy cushion covers on my cushions.

I won't show you what they looked like. Just too embarrassing!

I saw a picture of a funky tea towel on the Instagram of one of my favourite Grammers (Insta-ers?) called Colorfulsparkle. It was just one colourful object on her kitchen bench with lots of other gorgeous, colourful objects. It is green and white gingham, with hot pink writing screenprinted on it. I think it says 'laugh'. There might be other words but you can't really see them properly.

I happened to be sitting on my couch cruising the Instagram when I saw this pretty thing. Then I glanced over at my manky old cushion covers and a light bulb went off.

The first cushion cover I made is one I introduced to you a little while back. My Neon Budgie Cusion cover. I drew inspiration from a bit of Warhol and the neon colours in the tea towel.


I decided at the time that it was a bit too tricky and dodgily made to write up as a pattern for the moment. But the next 2 which are more tea towel inspired, are finally finished!

#crochetaddict #gingham #neon #budgie


What do you think? Do you feel like making a little statement in neon?

Sure you do!

Cushion cover red haired amazona
It's a super cheap pattern available in my Etsy, and Ravelry shops.

The pattern tells you in 6 pages how to set about making your own bespoke gingham style cushion cover in granny stripes. I have also included written and stitch graph instructions to crochet the letters 'G', 'L', 'M' which also doubles as 'W', 'O', 'P' and an exclamation mark (!).

So you can write those all too familiar interwebs abbreviations and catchy words such as:

or my personal favorite: GLOWMP!

or just: !!!!!!!!!!!!!