Pearly the Hummingbird Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

You all know I love my birds.
I told you guys about it a few weeks ago.

I also mentioned back then about my attempts at making an amigurumi hummingbird and even flashed you a sneaky pic! 

Well the wait is over!

Let me introduce you to sweet little Pearly.

crochet hummingbird bird quick project xmas

I adore her.  And her blue alternative Blue Barry, aka the Bazza.

And I've finally finished writing up the pattern so you can make your own little Pearly Hummingbird. Then you can love her and hug her and kiss her and call her George (Looney Tunes reference for you folks).

The cool thing is that whilst I have included the colourways for Pearly in the pattern, you can of course choose your own colours!  I have not included the colours for Bazza, as I've merely included a pic of him to show you that you can mix it up a little with your own colour choices.

She is about 10.5 cm long and is made using Yarnart Begonia mercerized cotton (like THOSE cloche hats!) which is available in the most delicious colours! 

So what do you get in the pattern?

A quality 7 page PDF document which includes a full list of all notions and abbreviations, stitch charts for the wings, full instructions accompanied by photos so you can be sure of making a lovely Pearly.

I've included a teeny tiny pic of a sample of a couple of the pages here:

And if you get stuck or have a crazy question along the way, you can always email me on!

Two extra helpers:

Once or twice I recommend you use a Magic Ring!  I have a free tutorial for this here.

And also the wonderful Invisible Decrease, for which you can view a full video AND photo tutorial here.

christmas decoration crochet
Pearly bird and Sweet Peas: a match made in heaven!

You'll also need a 2mm crochet hook, polyester stuffing, safety eyes, a darning needle and most importantly for the bits worked in the round, a stitch marker!

Blue Bazza!

I hope you try making your own Pearly Hummingbird.
I'm looking forward to making a few more in time for Christmas as I have a collection of birdies for my Chrissy tree and I think a few Amigurumi Hummingbirds will look rather spesh!

You can purchase the pattern for Pearly from my Red Haired Amazona page here on Ravelry or in my Etsy Store.

Also available is the pattern to my new Amazona Parrot! Available in Etsy now!


  1. What a pretty little bird. Love the picture of the one with the sweet peas. Very cute. xox

  2. I've 2 birdies too - looking very similar to yours!!!! Thank you for letting me pattern test..... I can't wait to make more!

    1. Ah Vicki! You were such a huge help my darling! Thank you so much for testing it out for me. Your help was so valuable! xox

  3. So sweet, what a lovely gift idea for just the right person. I'm pinning this for my "one day" list.

  4. Your little hummingbirds are so cute. Love the photographs, which are very clever. Although I can see the stick in some, in the others the birds do seem as if they are really flying.

  5. Freaking **AWESOME** GIRL!!

    BTW, better keep AXEL away from them... It's "SPRING", strange things could happen...

  6. Beautiful, love them and like you I love birds as my crochet is only up to a chain mine have to be sewn. Have a good week

  7. These are beautiful!! I bet they'd make wonderful Christmas gifts!

  8. What a sweet little hummingbird! Great job.

  9. Such cute little birdies, I'm sure your pattern will be popular.

  10. Oh my goodness, super cute:) Wishing you every success with the pattern:)

  11. So beautiful I was thinking of getting it because my grandma collected them, but just as I clicked the link all I thought was " if it's $5 I won't buy it". Yup $5.00 :/

  12. I like these birds,and would like to make them

  13. Love this hummingbird and your baby books!

  14. Bonjour, Très très beau, j'adore. Marie34


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