Sunday, 29 March 2020

My Summer Obsession: Macrame!

Over summer I found a new hobby.

I became kind of obsessed with macrame.

I watched a couple of Youtube videos to get an idea of the basics and smashed out these 2 wobbly beauties!
I then got a little bit fancy and started using coloured cotton cord. 
I found a clever Macrame lady called Jo with the Instabrag page Retro Craft Revival . She has amazing macrame items in her feed and was kind enough to email some tutorials to me including this lovely plaited style one.
 It's difficult to photograph the whole hanger in one photo as it is quite long.
I wanted to do something a bit MORE for my next hanger. This one was a birthday present for the Mothership.
I first made a basic hanger for this terracotta pot.

I then crocheted a range of flowers. Check out these adorable pansies! Sure I made them but the pattern was written by Little Monkey Crochet. They are so beautiful and this is such an easy, delightful pattern that I really wish I designed it myself. But I didn't. Pop over and check out this pattern and make some. You could make so many colour combinations!
I experimented with making some lily type flowers. I didn't end up using them on this hanger. I crocheted a whole lot of leaves and some random pink 5 petalled flowers, and a length of green chain.
 And voila!

My most recent hanger was a more modest, smaller one I made by following a Youtube video by Gray Wonders. I sewed on some leftover leaves and flowers made earlier.

I really loved this one with the different sections of knots!

 It wouldn't be a stretch of the truth to say there's a growing collection of hangers under the pergola now!
I'm thinking of trying to make one of those 70s style macrame owls next! 
Thanks for visiting!

Red Haired Amazona


  1. I just *LOVE* all your macrame! It's such a blast to the past for me! I was majorly into it in my 20s and made lots of plant hangers too. Dayle even made a macrame purse for me, I wish I knew where that was. You really need to make yourself a bag.. and one for your mother too. :-) We are staying safe, here too. The CV is a frightening thing. Take care, my friend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)